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I didn’t bother to pack any of my belongings, except for a few clothes; I did say I want to leave everything I have of this place and this country behind, so I can move forward without any hesitation.

Before leaving for the airport at noon, I dropped by the college to fill in the form of leaving school at the administration office. They were shocked to see me leaving abruptly uninformed, especially when the graduation is less than a week away, but then again they don’t need to know why or what caused me to drop out.

I did feel slightly bad for letting go all of these because I did work hard for it. Once the process was done and I was officially no longer a student at this college, I left with my head feeling clearer.

As I exit the building, in the middle of the stairs, my steps halted as I met with Mark and Hana walking side by side. I glanced at them with an uninterested look.

Mark looked pale and was about to say something while Hana looked frightened at the sight of me. I gave them one last look before I left for good. For a moment there, at the sight of Hana growing pale at my presence, the fear in her eyes excites me, greatly.


My grandmother was already waiting for me at the VIP lounge room sipping on her tea.

“Obachan,” I greeted her with a smile which she returned the gesture more graceful and beautiful than my own.

She scanned me from head to toe “Where’s your bag, luggage, stuff?”

I shrugged "Leaving it all behind, all of that stuff exists in Kyoto as well, so what’s the point in bringing old baggage around.” I know she understood in what I meant.

She’s the type of person to over-analyze anything anyone says and pinpoint the hidden lingering meaning. She didn’t marry the Yakuza’s leader for no reason, all right! She’s pretty badass herself for a woman her age.

I sat on the couch in front of her. She looks at me sadly “Are you sure about this, Rei?”

“Positive, there’s no turning back on my words. Plus, it’ll be a change of scenery and people.”

My grandmother must be contemplating whether she should ask me why or not, due to her long pause. The call above on the speaker reeled her back to present time.

I got up and followed her towards the boarding gate. Once I was on the plane, seated by the window in the business class. This is it! There's no turning back now.


A week after my grandparents and I had settled in. Everyone (by everyone I mean, my uncles, aunts, and the people working under the Kawaguchi family) couldn’t sit still and was too eager to watch me have a spar session. And today, their wishes came true as the old man was excited to show me off.

Briefly closing my eyes as I feel the soft leather hilt of the Katana in my grip; I need to end this once and for all, or he’ll continue to think that he can beat me when the truth is, he can’t. I let my ears pick up the sounds of his footsteps that are charging at me with speed. I’m enjoying myself as I let him think that he’s going to win this time.

Big mistake, cuz!

Why do people always think that it’s best to attack from above?

He swung his Katana from the top of his head while I have other plans. I slide on my knees against the floor and attack him from behind.

“You move one inch – I’ll plunge this Katana through your kidney.” I threatened.

As always, he huffed in annoyance as he admits his defeat. Miura’s father, my uncle looks at me with disgust clear in his eyes.

I discreetly claim my victory in front of the elders, and while I was at it, I took note of each of their expressions. What a sight! I smirked secretly.

They must’ve thought so lowly of me because our grandparents have done nothing but stay by my side. And they thought that I was rotten spoiled with wealth and easy life by Ojichan and Obachan that I can’t fight for my life. Or perhaps they wanted to see how strong I was on the field as the rumor of being the future Oyabun spread like wildfire.

Someone forgot to mention what happened 5 months ago? I thought while mentally cursing Miura right now.

Well, I’m going to prove all of their stuck up asses wrong, including my uncles and aunts. It’s going to be a long day. So, the deal is I have to spar with all of my cousins to decide who’ll have the upper hand to pick dinner for a month.

I honestly don’t care about it; I can lose to them if I want to. But I can’t because if I do, the old man will have my head for dinner instead. (Cannibal much) Anyway, back to the spar. The fight wasn’t in order, it’s just whoever was ready, come forth and battle it out.

Choice of weapons, it’s versatile since they even put the effort in setting a table full of weapon to choose from. I chose to remain with the Katana I picked earlier.

My spar with Miura just ended, and he never learns a thing. He’s going to get himself killed one day for being stubborn at the wrong time. There’s a break after each spar, only 5 minutes were given. My second opponent was one of Aunt Maki’s children, her eldest child.

Kira, her name; she’s 24. I’m not particularly close to her or any of my cousins, but just like

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Rereading this and I finally finished! Thank you for the story!!
Loved it as well!
angeliesyy_ #2
I love Rei's characters she's badass--the girl who can stand by her own feet, the strong one. Thank you for not giving up on your life Rei!
Ugh Mark, sometimes I hate the way you talked and did to Rei. What was wrong with you? I still don't understand about what Hana had to do with Mark and why Mark thought that he had to make Hana "win" that night when Hana-Rei's battle after Rei found out that Hana is a witch
I think there are a lot of secrets that being untold in this book and I can't wait to start reading the second one
The ending scene, ohmyyy:((( it is soooo heart-broken. I mean, I trully wish for Rei and her grandfather to have that granddaughter-grandfather moment(s) but I guess it'll never happen?:")
Anyway, thanks for the good story!
Chapter 50: Back to reading this story again ever since this story ended and I still love it!
Macire #4
Chapter 50: Ahhh so good! This is such a cliff hanger to leave the story on!
Thank you fate for bringing me here and makes me alive again XXXDDD
Btw, I'm not a fan of Got7 (but I don't hate them either. I like seeing them on tv shows ^^). This is the 2nd time I found a very great story starring Mark XD
Chapter 50: OMG this story is such a gem! I'm glad I found it
Good job!
Chapter 50: I totally LOVE her character!!! I really like how independent she is and the decisions she take, i love this story
Justinediamonds #10
Omg it’s been so long since I read your story!!! I remember reading it and I loved it so much! It’s not a typical werewolf au which I really liked and I can’t believe there’s a sequel I have to read it lol!!