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Groaning, I sat up only to be pushed back onto the mattress. “I’m fine.” I retorted which only earned me a smacked on my forehead.

“Ow! What was that for?” I massaged the affected area as I burn a hole in the ceiling.

“You could’ve called us!” My grandmother stated. The worry in her voice didn’t go unnoticed. But what surprises me most was that they’re not ranting about how careless I was or the fact that the old man was not in the same room as I am, scowling and lecturing me. This feels nice.

I sighed, “I would… If I had the time and all the phones in the world,” My response was received only to be smack, again, this time on my arm, “Are you trying to kill me too?”

The room was quiet for a while until “You had us, especially me, worried to death. I don’t know what to do if you come back lifeless. I’ve lost too much; I can’t lose my granddaughter as well.”

I’ve never heard her speak in this light, but this is refreshing because anyone in mafia-Yakuza related business, everyone has a problem with being upfront about how they really feel. “I’m still here. And I’m fine now. Don’t worry.” I patted the top of her hand. I didn’t have to look at her, but I could hear sniffling coming from my left, I knew then, that my grandmother was crying.

“Don’t worry?” Her voice sharp “You got shot in the shoulder, thigh, a couple of fractured ribs, and a messed up face. Now, where else could that bullet go if that night was your last one?”

Sighing, yet again, “Obachan, I’m fine and I’m starving. Can I eat now?” I forced myself up again only to gasps as I feel the stabbing pain on the broken ribs.

“What’s wrong?” My grandmother asks, obviously worried.

I pointed at the injured area, “It hurts.”

“And you said you were fine,” The lady eyed me judgingly with an obvious smirk on her lips.

Damn, she’s cold.


A week has passed since my near death experience. And, I have to say, it wasn’t that pleasant of a journey. I mean, what did I expect, a self-build fort and toy guns? Pfft, this ain’t some child’s game. This is the real world, the cold harsh reality. I scolded myself.

I was getting fed up of staying at home, especially with Miura still around. Oh yeah, he’s still around, a few days left until he leaves. Despite that, I noticed that he’s been avoiding me lately, I wonder why – not that I’m complaining. But he’s probably afraid of seeing me because let’s face it; I can be the reincarnation of Lucifer myself and mess up your life when I’m in pain. Not a good company to be around.

And the old man hasn’t been hovering over my personal space like he used to, which feels amazing – again, I’m not complaining.

Grabbing a couple of important things before leaving the house; my laptop, phone, money, and the house’s key; I shoved them all into my bag.

Both sides of my middle still hurt, but all I do was either take pain killers or sleep it off. Though sometimes when the pain feels unbearable, I’ll luckily pass out in my own room, and not make a big deal out of it.

Exiting my room, I passed by the dining hall, only to be stopped by my grandmother. “Where do you think you’re going, young lady?”

“School,” I look at her, confused, “Where else would I be if not there and here?” I’m graduating in 4 months from now, there’s a lot to prepare and I’m missing a lot of classes – that’s not good.

She looked as if she was about to laugh, “Have you forgotten that you’re on house lockdown?” That, for us, is like being grounded.

Oh! Crap. I grunted silently.

“Obachan, please, I know that I haven’t been a good example of granddaughter to you guys, but –”

My grandmother cut me off, “I’m not going to make you do things you don’t like, Rei.” She sighed heavily “Go,” She nodded her head

I only beamed at my grandmother’s consent, “Thank you!”

The lady chuckled “Learn something!”

“You know I always do,” I said as I walked out of the dining hall and left the house without anyone on my tail.


By the time lunch rolls in, I had wished that I hadn’t left home this morning because, now, I was desperate to get home. The agonizing pain was numbing my entire body, I couldn’t think straight, but my class doesn’t end until 2 in the afternoon and it was only 12:15 pm.

“Hey,” A deep yet gentle voice surrounded me.

If I’m going to die now, please don’t let him become my personal grim reaper! Please!

Grumbling silently, I don’t need this right now. He approaches me just as I was leaving the Computer Science building. I slowly breathe out any sign of pain or irritation. “What?” I asked as softly as I could.

After where I became his momentary savior, or the fact that he had comforted me during my downfall, where later Miyu and I ended up sleeping over, or the part where he saved me (I still don’t know how that even happened. Remind me to ask him soon or Bambam, whoever crosses my path first.)

“Are you okay?”

Why does he care? I glared at him before closing my eyes for a brief second, trying not to curse like a sailor. Why does he look pale? I huffed out the frustration. Whatever!

I ignored both him and my scrambled mess of a mind and continue heading towards the library. Taking a deep breath, with a lot of mental strength, I pushed the thought of the pain to the farthest back of my mind, so I can focus on my studies because we have exams to take within two weeks and a half from now.

And as much as I try to avoid him, he keeps following me around. Can’t he tell that I don’t want to talk to him or look at him? God! He’s so dense.

“I never get the chance to –” He stammered. Him! Stammering? This cocky bastard is stammering. Wow! That’s something new. “To apologize to you, sincerely,” He said, “For everything.”

I rolled my eyes. As much as I want to watch him beg for forgiveness and all, I really can’t, especially in this condition without snapping at him “Okay, done. Case close! Now, leave me alone.” I changed my mind about staying and study because I was starting to feel faint. It’s one of those moments where I would pass out because of the excruciating pain my body was enduring.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

The pain had completely taken over my mind and body, making me see double. I had to shake my head once or twice to actually understand what was written on the book or to even hear him. Suddenly, I feel like the walls of the library closing in on me, mentally suffocating me.

I need to get out. And I did just that.

Taking a breather was just impossible when someone keeps hovering over my personal space. “Does your rib still hurt? Have you been resting?” Why is he all over me suddenly? Oh my God! Doesn’t he have any classes to attend?

Grunting, both in annoyance and pain, “Just, leave me alone, please.” I stress each word tiredly, I didn’t know where else to go without him following me. Bathroom! It’s so far away. Now, I feel like screaming at his face.

The fact that he could pin-point that I was still in pain and I wasn’t resting well pisses me off. Like how does he know all of these?

“You look pale,”

I huffed “So what?”

“So, I know that you’re in pain.”

Cold sweat was starting to form on my forehead, making the situation a whole lot obvious. Damn you, body!

Leaning tiredly against the wall, trying to hold myself together and not pass out. “I can take care of myself,” I panted between words. So not convincing, Rei!

“Yeah, I can see that.” His sarcasm slightly provokes me to punch him.

He grabbed my bag, throwing it over his shoulder as he tries to help me on my feet “Come on, I’ll take you to my pack healer.”

I swat his hand away from my forehead; at the same time, I try to get a hold of my belongings back, “I’m fine. Just, leave me alone.” I took a lung full of deep breaths “Go back to your girlfriend or whatever you were doing before.”

He ignored my pl

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Rereading this and I finally finished! Thank you for the story!!
Loved it as well!
angeliesyy_ #2
I love Rei's characters she's badass--the girl who can stand by her own feet, the strong one. Thank you for not giving up on your life Rei!
Ugh Mark, sometimes I hate the way you talked and did to Rei. What was wrong with you? I still don't understand about what Hana had to do with Mark and why Mark thought that he had to make Hana "win" that night when Hana-Rei's battle after Rei found out that Hana is a witch
I think there are a lot of secrets that being untold in this book and I can't wait to start reading the second one
The ending scene, ohmyyy:((( it is soooo heart-broken. I mean, I trully wish for Rei and her grandfather to have that granddaughter-grandfather moment(s) but I guess it'll never happen?:")
Anyway, thanks for the good story!
Chapter 50: Back to reading this story again ever since this story ended and I still love it!
Macire #4
Chapter 50: Ahhh so good! This is such a cliff hanger to leave the story on!
Thank you fate for bringing me here and makes me alive again XXXDDD
Btw, I'm not a fan of Got7 (but I don't hate them either. I like seeing them on tv shows ^^). This is the 2nd time I found a very great story starring Mark XD
Chapter 50: OMG this story is such a gem! I'm glad I found it
Good job!
Chapter 50: I totally LOVE her character!!! I really like how independent she is and the decisions she take, i love this story
Justinediamonds #10
Omg it’s been so long since I read your story!!! I remember reading it and I loved it so much! It’s not a typical werewolf au which I really liked and I can’t believe there’s a sequel I have to read it lol!!