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 According to Dazai’s plan, he was supposed to head back to Kyoto after spending one day and one night on this side of the country. However, things change when he found out about the ball, thus he vows to stay for a week.

On the same day after we went shopping, later that night, during dinner; Dazai openly announced that I have an Autumn Ball to attend in 4 days.

Everyone in the dining hall, froze, for a while, before running around like a chicken without a head, screaming and ordering whether they need to get me a dress or not.

They all know that I’m a college student, well, let’s just say they know everything there is to know about me (except for the mate to a werewolf part, hopefully). They even went all the way to have a bodyguard following me around on my first day of school. They just don’t bother me now because I threatened them.

“Stop,” I spoke calmly as I placed my chopsticks down beside my bowl of rice.

Everyone listens to my command and became still again.

“I already have the dress and the shoes.” I exhale sharply, “I don’t need anyone in my business.” It was brief, but I managed to shot my cousin the dirtiest glare I could muster. “I can take care of myself.” I wanted to strangle the life out of him.

The dinner returned to its normal-calm state afterward, and no one uttered another word. My grandfather doesn’t care about all that, and likewise, I didn’t bother myself to care about his opinion.

Fast forward to the day of the Autumn Ball, my grandmother was far more excited for the ball than I was, and even more ecstatic to see me wearing the dress and pair of heels.

Do you know who’s been teaching me to wear heels for the past 3 days? No, not my grandmother! It was Dazai himself, yes, him. And throughout the process, I even surprised myself at how good I was holding everything back and try to endure every bit of it. Despite me almost throwing a heel over his head, of course!

“What time does the ball starts?” Dazai questioned.

I jutted my bottom lip out while shrugging my shoulders; I can say that I almost look like a spoiled child.

“I’m not going to let you waste my teaching session for nothing. You are going to get up, go freshen up, get ready, and whether you like or not I’m gonna be your chauffeur for tonight.” He pulled me away from my futon and pushed me out of my own bedroom to one of the house’s helper he called earlier.

I took the longest shower that I could ever take, probably an hour long. Oh yeah! Obviously, I did it on purposely only to prolong the situation and annoy the hell out of my cousin. I know it worked because the minute I got back to my room, I find Mr. Grumpy standing by the door, scowling at me.

It was only half-past three in the evening, why is he getting anxious about a mere ball.

“Miyu texted that the ball starts at 6,”

I was annoyed that he went through my phone, but didn’t worry much because there’s nothing worth threatening over in that device. Yawning, “Okay, there’s like three hours left,” I sit myself down on the tatami mat “Let me just take a nap.”

The perks of times like this are when Dazai asked the old man to leave me alone, well, not like that. It’s more like “Ojichan, since you know Ri is having a ball at her school – which I’m sure she hasn’t been to one – can she at least have this week off from any training and chores…” Oh yeah, after that, the old man just lets us be.

“No. In those three hours, we’re going to glam you up!” Dazai smirks.

Paling at the word “– glam you up,” I held a finger out “Pause!” Taking a quick short breath “What do you mean glam me up?”

The guy had the nerve to laugh in my presence, “We’re going to do your hair, makeup, and all that glam stuff.”

Hair – Makeup – Glam stuff!? That sounds like a torture.

In a blink of an eye, I was on my feet heading towards the door. Unfortunately, grandmother was standing before it with the most devilish grin I’ve seen on her.

“That sounds like a dream.” The lady claps her hands and pushes me back in the room.

Save me! Anyone!? Sigh.

For two and a half exhausting hours, I sat before these people and let them pull my hair; tweak my brows, polished and colored my nails, waxed my legs, and all those torturous methods they said they’re trying to glam me up.

Someone squealed excitedly, “Done!”

Finally! I let out an obvious breath of relief, which earned me a glare from the old lady. Oh, did I tell you that they covered the mirror in my room? Yeah. They wanted to make it feel like one of those makeover shows. My grandmother watches those for a living.

“You look beautiful, Rei.” The lady complimented, there were hearts in her eyes – if that’s even possible.

Dazai nodded his head “As a man, I would say you look hot. But as a cousin, I’d say you look pretty.”

I shot him a look “Just don’t say anything.”

“She’s being mean again, Obachan!” He said before sticking his tongue out. You see, he’s 25, the same age as Miura, but were born two months after that Lucifer’s son. And yet, he acts like he’s 10.

Let’s take a moment and let me have a quick family introduction. My grandparents have 5 children, and my father, Akatsu Kawaguchi is the fifth or the youngest child in the family. The first child of the Kawaguchi is Miura’s father, Uncle Haruma; second being Dazai’s mother, Aunt Yuki; third is Aunt Maki, who has three children; the fourth one is my Uncle Daichi, who has two children; lastly, the fifth, my father, and I’m his only child. With that said, all my cousins are either one-two-three years older than me.

Okay. Let’s get back to the present.

“Unveil the mirror,” My grandmother said to the helpers.

Once the sheet on the mirror was pulled down, my grandmother turns me around to face the mirror. I have to say I don’t know who this is standing before me. Did the helper really take off the sheet off the mirror? This girl in the reflection looks nothing like me. This girl looks beautiful, so no way that’s me.

“That’s you, Rei.” My grandmother assured while holding my hand.

I turn back to the mirror and saw how we’re moving at the same time, the same pace, and the same posture. This girl in front of me is me, but how? My long red hair was pulled back into this messy bun style with two tendrils of hair on each side of my face. And my face, did I have some kind of face-off crap?

“That, my little cousin, is the power of makeup!” Dazai smirks, “Amazing, right?”

I sighed silently “Please, don’t ruin the moment.”

As one of the helpers handed my grandmother the camera, I literally groan, “Picture time!” The woman squealed after glaring at me.

“No, please.” I groaned.

“Rei Shin Kawaguchi,” The lady had both her arms on her hips, “Days like these don’t come by often, now shush, and let me take a picture.”

I huffed “Yes, ma’am.”

The lady looked satisfied with all the pictures she took of me and some with Dazai.

“All right, it’s time to go or you’re gonna be late.” Dazai clapped his hands excitedly. It’s only 6:10, why is he fussing a lot as if this was his dance to attend?

“Have fun!” My grandmother cheered gleefully.

I guess she has the right to be that cheerful; after all, this is the first school event I decided to go – despite being against it at first.

Dazai drove us until the school’s entrance; he even gave me a small pep talk, which I was sure I didn’t need. His pep talk was indirectly dirty, but even stupid people would understand what he means. “Use protection when you have to.”

I exited the car as fast as I can and find my way to the campus’s gymnasium. Some people would probably be snotty about why the school doesn’t go all out for The Ball, but what for? The gymnasium is pretty big, and it saves the school a whole lot budget to spend.

“I’m not early, am I?” I glance at the time on my wrist; it was only 6:35. Should I call Miyu? No? I groaned – whatever.

The entrance was nicely decorated with balloons and flowers (in an archway kind of style). Cool, I thought. The second I passed that entrance, it seems everyone had stopped talking to each other and had gone silent. I looked up to find eyes staring into my direction. Glancing behind me to see if anyone was there, but it was only me.

So why was everyone staring at me? I thought.

“Reiiii!!!” A breath of relief left my mouth once I heard Miyu’s voice. She looks beautiful, as always. Once she reaches me, Miyu pulled me into a hug “You look gorgeous!”

I waved my hand, denying the compliment “You’re the one that looks gorgeous,”

“You don’t take compliments well, do you?” The girl shakes her head disapprovingly while dragging me towards a table.

Shrugging my shoulders, “I take them well, but disagreement is the correct term for me.”

“You need to stop disagreeing with the compliments and accept them as it is because it’s true. You look super pretty!”


I turn my attention to the table before me; there I see the boys, and him – staring at me, whereas, someone’s girl was busy burning holes on my face.

“Wow! You look amazing.” Bambam smiled. I glanced at Miyu and saw her nodding at me “accept them as it is”

I said nothing but returned the smile to the young lad. Jackson

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Rereading this and I finally finished! Thank you for the story!!
Loved it as well!
angeliesyy_ #2
I love Rei's characters she's badass--the girl who can stand by her own feet, the strong one. Thank you for not giving up on your life Rei!
Ugh Mark, sometimes I hate the way you talked and did to Rei. What was wrong with you? I still don't understand about what Hana had to do with Mark and why Mark thought that he had to make Hana "win" that night when Hana-Rei's battle after Rei found out that Hana is a witch
I think there are a lot of secrets that being untold in this book and I can't wait to start reading the second one
The ending scene, ohmyyy:((( it is soooo heart-broken. I mean, I trully wish for Rei and her grandfather to have that granddaughter-grandfather moment(s) but I guess it'll never happen?:")
Anyway, thanks for the good story!
Chapter 50: Back to reading this story again ever since this story ended and I still love it!
Macire #4
Chapter 50: Ahhh so good! This is such a cliff hanger to leave the story on!
Thank you fate for bringing me here and makes me alive again XXXDDD
Btw, I'm not a fan of Got7 (but I don't hate them either. I like seeing them on tv shows ^^). This is the 2nd time I found a very great story starring Mark XD
Chapter 50: OMG this story is such a gem! I'm glad I found it
Good job!
Chapter 50: I totally LOVE her character!!! I really like how independent she is and the decisions she take, i love this story
Justinediamonds #10
Omg it’s been so long since I read your story!!! I remember reading it and I loved it so much! It’s not a typical werewolf au which I really liked and I can’t believe there’s a sequel I have to read it lol!!