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An Alpha and A Yakuza [COMPLETE] ✔
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School has been hectic with extra assignments and s, and I’ve been busy. Exams are nearing, presentations need to be present, and there were a lot of final projects to be done with so little time.

Did I tell you that my fractured ribs, bullet wounds, and the scars that the jackass imprinted has completely healed? I don’t know what the healer did, he or she must’ve been some miracle worker, and I need to thank them. Remind me to talk to Bambam soon.

It was a casual Friday evening, which means no training, no chores, just me minding my own business in my room. Only studying and preparing for the exams actually. When all of a sudden I heard the old man’s stern voice talking as he walks by the hallway in front of my room “Rei, pack up!”

Frowning, confused at the man pacing about in front of the room. Just what is this old man up to? Breaking my attention away from the book, I forced myself to step out of the room and inquire more.

The old man returned, raising his eyebrow “Did you not hear what I said?” He paused “Pack up,”


He took a sharp inhale for a start, “We’re leaving the country for a week, or more.”

Leaving? A week or more! But, I’ve got exams to face. I can’t fail all the classes I take, I want to graduate – plus, I’ve missed too much of the classes.

I was about to protest and all, but he quickly beats me to it. “Please don’t question me anymore or protest. Just do as I say, and we’re leaving sun down tomorrow.”

Talk about ruining a plan. God dammit! I guess I have to pull an all-nighter and pray that all of my professors will let me do the exams first as a special case.

Curse you, Ojichan!


Morning came too soon for my liking. I’ve packed my clothes last night, now; I’m just pacing around feeling agitated because of the exams.

I was already up before the light even peeks out of the horizon; in the meantime, I wasted my time on the roof of the house stargazing. But as soon as the hand of the clock struck 8 sharp in the morning, I leaped off the roof, gracefully landing on the ground on my two feet.

“Rei-san, breakfast is ready!” One of the house helpers yelped when I ran pass her.

“No time, bye!”

Why did I decide to use the front gate today out of all days? I thought, as I saw two big burly men standing guard by it. The scowls on their faces didn’t go unnoticed.

“Where are you going, Rei-san?” One of them questioned.

I groaned silently, I’m betting the old man put these guys here to prevent me from going to school today. And I seriously don’t have time for this, I dash forward and literally hit a couple of nerves on their body for them to collapse on the ground, unconscious.

“Sorry, boys, this is a matter of life and death.” I said and left the house.

I almost got hit by a car on my way to school. Guess who was driving?

That motherer – Mark Tuan! Excuse my French in this early morning. He almost ran me over with his glorious black colored Mustang. Oh, the urge of wanting to kill him was tempting.

His passenger only smirk at me, it’s that psycho girlfriend he got clinging around him, Hana. Now, I understand why everyone hates her.

Pretty face, ugly heart – they say.

I almost flip the bird at him, but since I don’t have time, I just ran pass them and head into the Art building.

For most of the day, I ran in and out of the class. Fortunately, all of the professors to my classes listened to my pleading and reasons why I had to take the exams earlier than plan. I was done with all of the exams, except one, Advanced programming Math.

And despite my internal cries, the heavens must’ve hated me that day because I got a big Art project that’s due next week, and my partner is the dog sent from hell.

I would have taken my lunch and study at the same time, if I had the space and time. But because of one irritating species that continues to bother me, I had to take a rain check on the nice lunch and my study session drowned along with the delicious meal I had in mind.

“Why do you hate me?”

I chuckled bitterly “Get out of my face, Tuan.”

He stood still, “Not until you tell me why.”

I groaned “Because you’re an , and you almost ran over me.”

“That’s it?”

I rolled my eyes “Yes! By the way, that’s some nice ride you got. How much does it cost?”

His smile wavered, “Why?” He sounded worried all of a sudden.

I slyly smiled at him, “Oh, nothing, just checking!”

“Aww, don’t be like that. It was an honest mistake; I didn’t see you.” He winked. This dog is winking at me? Oh, my fist is getting itchy. “I can taste your hatred in my mouth,” He whispered close to my ear.

I glared at him, “Good! How does it taste like, wolf boy?”

“Sweet,” He mocked and continues to follow me. He took the seat across from mine. We were assigned a project together by Professor Kim for our Fine Arts course.

The project was given this morning and he’s been bothering me ever since, which led me to avoid him and led him to follow me around. And this dimwit here had chosen a thematic drawing and guess what he had picked out of all the little slip in the fruit bowl?

Wolf! Oh, the world is testing me.

“Why won’t you leave me alone?” I pressed. I couldn’t take any more of the stares from him. Yes! He’s staring at me, nonstop, without blinking.

“You know why,” He said simply.

I huffed “It’s not due until next week. I

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Rereading this and I finally finished! Thank you for the story!!
Loved it as well!
angeliesyy_ #2
I love Rei's characters she's badass--the girl who can stand by her own feet, the strong one. Thank you for not giving up on your life Rei!
Ugh Mark, sometimes I hate the way you talked and did to Rei. What was wrong with you? I still don't understand about what Hana had to do with Mark and why Mark thought that he had to make Hana "win" that night when Hana-Rei's battle after Rei found out that Hana is a witch
I think there are a lot of secrets that being untold in this book and I can't wait to start reading the second one
The ending scene, ohmyyy:((( it is soooo heart-broken. I mean, I trully wish for Rei and her grandfather to have that granddaughter-grandfather moment(s) but I guess it'll never happen?:")
Anyway, thanks for the good story!
Chapter 50: Back to reading this story again ever since this story ended and I still love it!
Macire #4
Chapter 50: Ahhh so good! This is such a cliff hanger to leave the story on!
Thank you fate for bringing me here and makes me alive again XXXDDD
Btw, I'm not a fan of Got7 (but I don't hate them either. I like seeing them on tv shows ^^). This is the 2nd time I found a very great story starring Mark XD
Chapter 50: OMG this story is such a gem! I'm glad I found it
Good job!
Chapter 50: I totally LOVE her character!!! I really like how independent she is and the decisions she take, i love this story
Justinediamonds #10
Omg it’s been so long since I read your story!!! I remember reading it and I loved it so much! It’s not a typical werewolf au which I really liked and I can’t believe there’s a sequel I have to read it lol!!