About Me



 » hello and how are you«
     Intro. Hi! My name is Ara, I allowed you to call me that. I would like to watch the snow falls with my biases, especially Lee Juyeon. I would like to watch the sakura falls with them too! But all I want for christmas is him. Along the others you shine the most, you're not flashy but you shine softly, like the moon in the night, like the flowers in the field. You're my playground.
 » and do you want some tea«
    Words. I like kpop since I saw Super Junior's No Other, and fell in love at first sight with uri evil maknae. Then I also checked other groups, and now I like many of them. Wanna One, Weki Meki, ASTRO, NCT, Monsta X, APink, BTS, Red Velvet, Seventeen and many more, especially trainees from Produce 101 Season 2. From following PD101S2, now I'm stanning The Boyz.


 » do you know the biases of my heart? «

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