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An Alpha and A Yakuza [COMPLETE] ✔
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A month – to say the least, since I’ve been avoiding Mark (Yes, I’m avoiding him) because of what happened when he came over to my house, supposedly for help, but instead, he used me.

The English class was about to start, but one more student rushed in – an awfully familiar student whose name goes by Bambam.

I couldn’t help it, but narrow my eyes at him from the second he steps into the room until he took the seat beside me.

The professor had his back facing us, and that gives me the chance to interrogate him quickly.

“Did he make you do this?”

Bambam smiled sheepishly but covered it up with an innocent look “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I take this English class all the time.”

I gave him the are-you-ting-me look “Bam, this is an Advanced English class.”

“I’m a quick learner?”

My eyes never leaving him, my suspicion of this boy were  on point “Why do you question yourself?”

“No, I’m not.” His voice suddenly turned pitchy.

I chuckled lightly “Oh yeah, you are.” I smirked, “Fess up, Bam!”

The boy heaved a defeated sighed.

The class went by smoothly, which somehow gave me the chance to sweep this opportunity.

Both Bambam and I remained in the classroom to talk. I turned my attention to the boy sitting beside me “Okay, I’m probably sure that Mark told you not to ruin this plan, but smart me, I figured it out without you even trying.” I smirked, “So, in return for me not to blow your cover, I need you to tell me something.”

The boy’s eyes shone with both relief and excitement. He nodded his head “What is it?”

“Remember when Mark took me to your pack, for the first time ever?” Not sure if that made sense, but whatever. He nodded. Okay, so I was on their territory. “Yeah, who was that lady sitting on my left side of the bed?”

He smiled “Oh, that’s my mother. She’s the healer of the pack. And that was our house you were in.,” Healer. That sounds like the occupation of my Southern grandparents’.

“Your house?”

He shook his head “I mean, it is, but it’s my mother’s.”

A light bulb ping on top of my head “Can I see her?”

He beamed “Sure, but why?”

“I just need to ask her something,” I shrug, praying that he won’t ask any more question.

He nodded his head once more “When would you like to see her?”

I jutted my bottom lip, unsure, “Whenever she’s free?”

“Is this afternoon okay? She’s usually free at that hour.” He asked.

I smiled “Yeah, sure. Where?”

“Our house,”

“If that means me bumping into Mark or his girlfriend, then, no thank you,”

He chuckled “No, I mean my mother’s house. We don’t always stay at the Pack-house.”

“Oh, okay. Cool. I’ll see you after lunch then?”

He beamed “Okay.”

I turn to go but spun back around “Hey Bam, keep this between us. No one else has to know I’m meeting your mom, okay?”

“Okay, your secret is safe.” He smiled.


Lunch hour surprisingly came quick, I texted Bambam that I’d wait for him by the front gate of the campus. But our location was soon changed when he texted me to meet him at the oak tree where I punched Tuna-boy for the first time.

Bambam then shifted into this beautiful brown wolf, the height of his wolf towered over me, and his eyes were glowing with honey like color. It looks beautiful, his wolf is beautiful. And the more I look at it, I just wonder how the rest might look like…

The wolf carefully approaches me, afraid that I might scream. He voluntarily placed his snout beneath my hand, waiting for me to caress him.

“You look awesome right now. But, how are we going to get to your pack village?”

He turns his head slightly, signaling to get on his back. I stare at him as if he’s got another head growing. “You want me to climb on your back?”

His wolf nodded his head as a response.

“Won’t I hurt you?”

He shook his head.

I sighed as I get on his back, wrapping my hands around his fur. “I’m sorry if this hurts,”

He continues to shake his head. And without wasting any more time, he sped through the woods, and about 30 minutes later, we finally reached his pack’s territory.

Bambam nodded his head at one of the Pack members before he crossed the land and accelerates more, heading towards his house, I supposed.

In front of the house, stood a lady in her 40’s, smiling at both Bambam and I. I got off the boy as fast as I could, trying not to hurt him anymore.

He then, went off somewhere, leaving me alone with this familiar looking lady. She only smiled at me. Not a moment later, Bambam returned with a new pair of pants and shirt.

“Mama, this is Luna Rei.” Bambam introduced me.

I furrowed “No, my name is Rei.”

His mother chuckled, “Poor child, come in” She smiled gently as she invited me into her home. “Luna for us werewolves is like a queen to humans.”

“Well, in that case, I’m not a Luna. I’m just Rei.” I corrected.

Bambam frowned “But you’re Mark’s mate, and that makes you our Luna.”

“Whoa, time out!” I held both of my hands out, defensively “I’m sorry to say this, but we’re not meant to be.”

Bambam looked mortified “The Goddess fated both of you together for a reason.”

I sighed “Whoever that is – yes, maybe there’s a reason. But, your Goddess got the wrong person to match with that self-centered prick.”

“Kun, leave us. Whatever you heard here is never to be spoken outside, understand?” His mother gave him almost a warning.

Bambam only nodded his head, exiting the house with a heavy sigh.

“Come, I know you come over to get some answers.” She led me to the kitchen area.

I narrowed my eyes at her “How would you know? I might’ve come over to have tea with you.”

The lady laughs “You’re funny, but jokes aside, I can read you the second you got here. Plus, you’re not the type to have tea and biscuits to waste the evening with.”

My face fell, I was ready to leave, but the next word convinced me to stay for a little while.

“I can read you, yes, but not entirely. Usually, it’s easy, doesn’t matter whom, even Alpha Mark himself, I can read them like an open book. But you, my dear, are the hardest one. All I’m getting is your aura – it’s dark, brooding, curious, angry, and most of all cold.” She pulled me to take a seat by the window.

One of the things I hate in life is when people try to read me, but I’ll let this one slide because she’s Bambam’s mother.

“Can we skip the whole ‘I can help you and all that bull’?”

She chuckled “I’m not wrong after all,” She nodded her head afterward “Tell me, what you need to know?”

I sighed, for once I think I like this lady. “I need you to tell me everything.”

“I can’t answer you if you don’t tell me what everything is.” She quoted the air.

I took a deep breath for a start. “Okay, is it true, in order to reject someone, one has to cut their heart out right after they pronounced the rejection?”

She chuckled, shaking her head “No, silly child. Whoever told you that was just messing with you.” Then she goes on explaining “Though rejecting someone is f

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Rereading this and I finally finished! Thank you for the story!!
Loved it as well!
angeliesyy_ #2
I love Rei's characters she's badass--the girl who can stand by her own feet, the strong one. Thank you for not giving up on your life Rei!
Ugh Mark, sometimes I hate the way you talked and did to Rei. What was wrong with you? I still don't understand about what Hana had to do with Mark and why Mark thought that he had to make Hana "win" that night when Hana-Rei's battle after Rei found out that Hana is a witch
I think there are a lot of secrets that being untold in this book and I can't wait to start reading the second one
The ending scene, ohmyyy:((( it is soooo heart-broken. I mean, I trully wish for Rei and her grandfather to have that granddaughter-grandfather moment(s) but I guess it'll never happen?:")
Anyway, thanks for the good story!
Chapter 50: Back to reading this story again ever since this story ended and I still love it!
Macire #4
Chapter 50: Ahhh so good! This is such a cliff hanger to leave the story on!
Thank you fate for bringing me here and makes me alive again XXXDDD
Btw, I'm not a fan of Got7 (but I don't hate them either. I like seeing them on tv shows ^^). This is the 2nd time I found a very great story starring Mark XD
Chapter 50: OMG this story is such a gem! I'm glad I found it
Good job!
Chapter 50: I totally LOVE her character!!! I really like how independent she is and the decisions she take, i love this story
Justinediamonds #10
Omg it’s been so long since I read your story!!! I remember reading it and I loved it so much! It’s not a typical werewolf au which I really liked and I can’t believe there’s a sequel I have to read it lol!!