Wounded Hearts

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Everyone has a story behind them. Looking at their physical appearance, you could never tell what someone has been through behind the mask that hides their true reality. Some people try to run away from it, while others try to forget it, and some are forced to live it. 



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Kim Namjoon: "I was left all alone in this cold cruel world."



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Jung Hoseok: "I would rather feel the pain on my skin than in my heart."



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Kim Taehyung: "As I try to run away my past continues to chase me."



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Min Yoongi: "The best way to forget about this pain is to put your self in danger."



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Kim Seokjin: "My life consisted of nothing but beatings, nothing hurts anymore."



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Park Jimin: "My joy is seeing your heart break."



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Jeon Jungkook: "No one was there to guide me, I found it all on my own."










Lee Minhee: "You might get lost in the darkness, but eventually there will be an escape."



Lee Jungmee: "There is no way we can forget but there is a way to find beauty in life."




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K_kyutie 0 points #1
Chapter 46: Words cannot describe how angry and sad I am right now. I just need my girl Minhee to not get hurt anymore....I love her being with Jimin, but I just wish people would stop trying to flunk up their relationship all the time. Like can they not love each other in peace???? It's almost as if her being with Jimin is some kind of damn crime. I wish she could have less rocky of a relationship like her sister Jungmee ;(
Also, I need Ivy to just die too. Urrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
But thank you for the update authorssssss, ya'll are doing fantasticoooooooo!!!!
JimmieJammie #2
Chapter 45: Why does it seem like everyone is trying to tear Minhee and Jimin apart? *insert angry face* leave them alone T_T and why do I smell a storm coming with that Ivy girl? She pushes my buttons.
I really hope Taehyung tells Jungmee before she has to hear from someone else!
Thanks for the update!! I’m so happy this story is so long! Lol I love it!
Chapter 44: Oh my freaking- Authorrrrrsssss why you play with my feelings like disss? I literally do not know who I ship more....ughhhhh.
I literally ship Taehyung and Jungmee so much, but Jungmee is right, she should stay faithful to Jin....
And then my heart aches for Jungkook because he just doesn't want to be alone anymore....but Minhee is already with Jimin and I love them being together T-T I am deeply conflicted...looool
Thank you for the wonderful update!
Chapter 43: my heart is aching when I read taehyung's part :'( but its not the green light for Jungmee to cheated on Jin. If she want Taehyung, go for it. Dont being a two timer girl ! She already accepted Jin's ring! thats not fair. she just being greedy I think ?
but I really hope Jungmee endup with Jin.
Chapter 31: This is a touching chapter. I love this.

btw, authors-nim.. thank you alot for updating ♥ I knew it this fanfics is worth to wait to be updated.
K_kyutie #6
Chapter 43: Damn man...Jimin and Minhee seriously have my heart ;; why are they so frigging cute? ;;
But my poor kookie!! Please don’t do it, we need you here! T_T thank you for the update authors! <3
JimJung #7
Chapter 41: Poor jimin, it made me sad to read that he couldn’t afford to go to prom ;;
And I hope ivy dies -_- she’s so annoying! Like girl get over yourself, jimin don’t want you!!
K_kyutie #8
Chapter 40: Okay I think Jungmee should get with Taehyung...I mean I know she’s with Jin, but for some reason I just feel like her and Taehyung have so much more of a personal connection. Like true they don’t have as many moments as Jungmee and Jin do, but....I just feel so much more love coming from Taehyung and Jungmee ;_; my hearteuuuuuu!
Thank you for the update author-nims!
K_kyutie #9
Chapter 39: Okay shoot, Jimin and Minhee are too cute ;; it’s been a wait for them to finally kiss, but it was well worth it! Ugh I ship I ship! Also Ivy...guuuuurl you better act like you got some sense! So annoying ugh lol
And Jungmee and Taehyung are just too Uber cute ;;
Ughhhh this story is just Uber cute! Lol
Thank you authors!! We love you!
Chapter 39: I exploded reading about Jimin and Minhee...I have long awaited for this moment!!! Kyahhhh!
Alsoooo....I ship Jungmee with Taehyung so much more, so this was very pleasing to my JungmeexTaehyung heart Loooool but my heart also melted when Jin gave her that promise ring....but but....my heart still yearns for Jungmee to be with Taehyung....
But anyways, fantastic job authors! It's so good to have both of you back again and updating regularly! thank youuuuu!