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Everyone has a story behind them. Looking at their physical appearance, you could never tell what someone has been through behind the mask that hides their true reality. Some people try to run away from it, while others try to forget it, and some are forced to live it. 



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Kim Namjoon: "I was left all alone in this cold cruel world."



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Jung Hoseok: "I would rather feel the pain on my skin than in my heart."



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Kim Taehyung: "As I try to run away my past continues to chase me."



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Min Yoongi: "The best way to forget about this pain is to put your self in danger."



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Kim Seokjin: "My life consisted of nothing but beatings, nothing hurts anymore."



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Park Jimin: "My joy is seeing your heart break."



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Jeon Jungkook: "No one was there to guide me, I found it all on my own."










Lee Minhee: "You might get lost in the darkness, but eventually there will be an escape."



Lee Jungmee: "There is no way we can forget but there is a way to find beauty in life."


SUMMARY: A horrible accident breaks the hearts and minds of twin sisters Lee Minhee and Jungmee. They move to South Korea only to find out a few years later their father announces his second marriage. They meet their two step-brothers; one who loves them and one that loathes them. Along the way they meet five other boys who have dark and horrible pasts that continue to chase them along the road. Slowly they learn what each hides and how broken they truly are inside. 




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WARNING: This story deals with bullying, depression, suicide, gangs, self-harm and death. Some of these topics might be sensitive to AFF users. Discretion is advised. Thank you. 

Rated: PG-13


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