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Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Dinah's POV*

I learned that Ae and Yoon both died. Even though it was kind of wrong for me to be a little happy that they died, my heart was at ease. I wanted to know way Ae did that to us. Why she went out of her way to personally make me miserable. I could never get those answers now, but I could live with that. I could livve on knowing that I could get my life back without having her shadow me over and controlling me. 

"Make sure to have a safe trip back to Korea," Krystal told us. "Don't worry we will. And when we arrive Korea I'll give you a call." We bid our farwell and boarded the plane.

"So, how are you feeling?" Chen asked me. "Nervous. I didn't see them for a while. And Sanghee............. What if she's mad and doesn't want to see me?" 
Chen poked my cheek. "No need to worry, they'll be happy to see you. They don't even know we're coming, so they'll be happy and surprised to see you. And Micha...... that girl is going to go head over heals to see you again." Chen reassured me as he placed his hands over mines. 


*Chen's POV*

We were about to land soon. I looked over to Dinah, who was peacefully sleeping next to me. 

Kai- when you guys coming back?

Chen- soon, the paln is still on, right?'

Kai- duhhh!

Chen- okay, we'll see you soon


*Dinah's POV* 

We enetered the home and found everyone waiting for us. "Yah, why are you crying?" Sanghee asked as she came over to hug me. "I missed you so much," I told her and hugged her back. "I missed you too little sis, just don't ever run away from me ever again."

Chen and I were unpacking while everyone was downstairs. "Do you want to rest?" he asked me. I looked at him and shook my head. "No way, I want to soak all the time I could." I told him as we went donwstairs together.

As we came down, somethings didn't look right. Tao's arm was over Micha's shoulder, and Eunmi and Sehun were really close with each other.

"Wait!!! Sehun, why are you with

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