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[description is a mashup of altered lyrics --so that they can somewhat flow-- from the songs in lorde's melodrama album]


Thought you said that you would always be in love. But you're not in love no more. 
I gave you my best side, told you all my best lines. But you played it so nonchalant.

It's time we dance with the truth. Our rules, our dreams, we were blind. 

A rush at the beginning. I get caught up,
Let's give us a minute before we admit that we're through. 

It was all just a supercut of us.

I understand, I'm a liablity. 
We're just living in a loveless generation. 

I love it here, since I've stopped needing you.
You're not what you thought you were. 

I told you this was melodrama,
So what the are perfect places anyways?



Green Light [OC x V] BTS

Sober [OC x B.I]

Homemade Dynamite [OC x Johnny] NCT

The Louvre [OC x Mino] WINNER

Liability [OC x Aron] NU'EST

Hard Feelings/Loveless

Sober II (Melodrama) [OC x B.I]

Writer in the Dark [OC x I.M] MONSTA X

Supercut [OC x Yongguk]

Liability (Reprise) [OC x Aron] NU'EST ft. DPR LIVE

Perfect Places [OC x Wonwoo] SEVENTEEN


Wassup, I'm back with another story. Unlike my other stories, this is a oneshot collection. I have another oneshot collection that I'm working on simultaneously, the pains of growing, so feel free to check that out too! This collection is based off of Lorde's Melodrama album. If you never listened to the album, I suggest you do ^^. Each chapter of this collection is based on each song on the album.


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