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Just like any average school, love is always in the air. Han Seohee is like any other girl, head over heels for this certain boy, but is too afraid to do anything. But what if one day she finally has the guts to do something and her world starts crumbling down. She's now stuck with a problem to deal with, and for some reason, she managed to get herself dealing with other problems too. Unlike any other story, this isn't your typical cliche story, is it? 

I, Han Seohee, like him but I think he likes her and I hate her and her hates me but he actually likes him and him like me but her likes him. Wait, What?

I'm A. A likes B. A thought B likes D, but B really does. A doesn't like D, but A really does too. B actually likes C but C likes A. And in reality, D likes C. And so now B hates A. D never liked A. B and C are close, but C doesn't know a thing. Really confusing right? It'll all make sense later trust me. A promises.... I promise.

!! There are a lot of characters in this story, so please don't be confused ^o^ !!
And the main character, Han Seohee, is an OC (not to be confused by that trainee girl in TOP's scandal....)

Main Characters:

Han Seohee | 18 | 1st-year student at the University 
She's your typical, average girl. She won't speak to you unless you start the conversation. She's a bit awkward, but that's one of her charming points! Despite being shy, people know who she is. She is very smart and overall friendly to everyone, making everyone think she's an optimistic person. Once she's passionate about something, she won't give up. Her friends and siblings mean the world to her and would do anything to make them happy. 

Park Woojin | 18 | 1st-year student at the University 
He is a 100% Seoul person. Just kidding, this boy comes from Busan, pure Busan! He is also kind of awkward and shy, but once you get to know him his 4D charms show. He might not be the best at expressing his feelings, but he tries to make those around him understand what he feels. He knew Seohee ever since they were 5 years old and is very protective of her. He would make sure that nothing will hurt her or ever upset her.

Jung Jaehyun | 20 | 3rd-year student at the University 
He is an angel sent from above. You'd be blessed if you ever saw him in person. He is one of the nicest guys at the university, and everyone loves him! No joke, you can't even find one person that bad mouths him.

Bae Aeri | 19 | 1st-year student at the University
Aeri has an aura of an 'Ice Princess'. She doesn't have a filter on , well at least not a very good filter. She has a sharp tongue and will tell you things as it is. She and Seohee aren't the best of friends. They knew each other from high school. Aeri considers Seohee as her rival, in academics. She has a younger brother named Jinyoung.


Side Characters | Seohee's relations:

Park Mirae | 18 | 1st-year student at the University
Seohee's best friend. She is a bubbly person and can be very energetic at times. She likes being spontaneous and nothing holds her back. She can be a bit blunt and sassy at times, but that's one of her reversal charms! Has a crush on a 2nd-year student named Donghyun

Mark Lee | 18 | 1st-year student at the University
One of Seohee's close friend. He's kind of a dork, but that's okay! Has a girlfriend named Herin

Seo Herin  | 18 | 1st-year student at the University

Another one of Seohee's close friend. She's very smart and outgoing and is dating Mark.

Han Seoah | 21 | 4th-year student at the University
Seohee's older sister. She has an easy going personality, but the moment one of her siblings are in danger she'll go full on devil mode. Has a boyfriend named Johnny 

Han Seohyun | 16 | 3rd-year student at the high school
Seohee's younger sister. Very playful but also very well-mannered. Friends with Haechan, Renjun, Chenle, and Daehwi. She has a crush on a certain boy

Park Jihoon | 18 | 1st-year student at the University
Seohee's stepbrother. They have a good connection, almost like a twin connection. He can be quite playful at times. 

Park Jisung | 15 | 2nd-year student at the high school
Jihoon's younger brother and Seohee's stepbrother. He is very sassy and witty. Has a crew of friends that consist of Guanlin, Seonho, Jeno, and Jaemin. 


Side Characters | Woojin's relations:

Ahn Hyungseob | 18 | 1st-year student at the University
Woojin's best friend. A very cheery and confident person

Park Youngmin | 22 | University Graduate 
(A/N changed his last name to Park, original: Lim)
Woojin's older brother. He is close friends with Seoah.

Kang Daniel | 21 | 
4th-year student at the University
Woojin's cousin. He is very nice and has two sides to him; cute and adorable, and y. He is very caring and acts like an older brother to Woojin. He has a special relationship with a guy named Ong Seongwu

Lee Jiyeon | 18 | 1st-year student at the University
Woojin's ex-girlfriend. She never liked Seohee, always thought Seohee was a noisy little brat. 



If you are someone that gets triggered by concepts dealing with uality, then don't read this story. I don't intend to offend anyone with strong opinions about ual orientation. This story has no intention (and it doesn't) to make fun of or mock concepts dealing with ual orientation! And if you are someone that is ignorant and arrogant towards ual orientation and cannot respect others orientation, then don't read the story. I don't tolerate things like that.

I am back with a new story!!! I finally finished all my previous stories and wanted to write a new one. I had this plot written a long time ago, about five years ago to be exact. After thinking over it a lot, I decided to publish it :D.
I don't own anything except for the story plot and the OCs I created, so please don't plagiarize my storyline or distribute it on another website :D Anyways, thank you for clicking my story and decided that it was worth your time reading. Feel free you write comments or even DM me, I love hearing your comments/opinion.
Oh, and I don't hate any members of NCT or Wanna One, so if I make them into a jerk/not have a likable personality it's not because I dislike them. It's for the story :D (so please don't hate me for it ToT)

I hope you enjoy this story!!!!

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