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You have your eyes on the goal.

But it's too far away and it seems like you can't make it. Obstacles in the way and it's something beyond your control. People around you, shouting and cheering. But the pressure is too much. Too much for you to handle and you mess up. Now all you can think of is all the people you let down. 

And most importantly, you let yourself down. 

Han Seohyun, she's your average girl. A plain jane, a wallflower. She lives life as it is and tries her best to get out of any trouble. She has a unique family, two older sisters by blood and two step-brothers. And her friends, well she's the only girl within her group of friends. She's an awkward girl. A smart one as well. She has a pure heart and tries her best to make people happy. And shocker! She never dated before, let alone have 'feelings' for anyone. But don't worry, that all changes.

What happens when she strikes the heart of someone(s) and they get defensive when it comes to her? What are the penalties for something so complicated?


Main Characters:

Han Seohyun |17|

Na Jaemin |18|

Lee Jeno |18|


Side Characters: 


Haechan |18|

Chenle |17|

Renjun |18|

Daehwi |17|


Jisung: |16| younger step-brother

Jihoon: |19| older step-brother

Seohee: |19| older sister

Seoah: |22| older sister



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