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- Han Seohyun's POV -

It was Saturday morning and today was the day of the service project at the park. Since I finished all my work I decided that I would spend the day going out and participate in the service project. Seohee and Jihoon went together with their group of friends and Jisung were going to go right after soccer practice with his teammates. Their coach was forcing them to go so that they could give back to the community. 

My friends were going to meet me at the park, so I decided to go with Seoah. We were waiting for Johnny to come over so that we could all go together. "It's such a nice day today," Seoah said grabbing a bottle of water. I looked out the window and nodded my head. Even though it was fall, the weather was pretty good. "Where is he?" Seoah said grabbing her phone. Before she could call him our doorbell rang. "Just in time," I said walking over to the door. 

"Hey Seohyun, are you guys ready?" Johnny asked as soon as I opened the door. Seoah came by my side and place her hand on my shoulder, "We've been ready!" she said. 

We left the house and walked to the park together. It wasn't a far walk from the park since it was about five minutes away from where we lived. As we made our way to the park we noticed it was packed. There were many people today and I guess that was a good thing. We went to the front table to sign in and get our shirts. 

"Oh, it's Seohee and Woojin," Seoah said as we walked to the front table. Once we signed in I parted ways with them so that I could find my friends. I walked around looking for them but they were nowhere to be found. I decided to give them a call to see where they were. I called Haechan since he was one of the recent people that I called. "Where are you guys?" I asked as soon as he picked up. 

"Look behind you," he said. I turned around and found the boys waving at me. I hung up the phone and walked over to them. "I was looking all over for you guys!" I told them. 

We walked over to an empty table waiting for instructions to be given, so in the meantime, we chatted about our week. "Oh, look whos here," Haechan said in a flirtatious tone. I turned to where he was pointing and found Jisung with his friends. I knew exactly who he was pointing to. I turned around and saw the boys with a cheeky look on their faces. I shook my head and rolled my heads.

After everyone came and settled in, two boys, who I assumed were in charge of the event, started giving directions. They assigned groups of people to work on a certain part of the park. We got assigned to clean the farther end part of the park. We had to pick of trash that was left behind and rake any fallen leaves.


It was around 12 and every group completed their assigned task. Since it was the afternoon the organizers of the event decided to have a lunch break. We got our lunches and sat down at an empty table. "That was a lot of work," Chenle said biting into his sandwich. I took a sip of water and nodded my head. Despite the cool breeze, I was a bit sweaty for the work we had to do.   

Once we finished our lunches we waited for them to tell us what we needed to do next. "The park actually looks a lot nicer now that it's cleaned," Renjun said scanning the park. I scanned the park as well and nodded my head, "It really does."

When everyone was done eating the two boys gave instructions on what we needed to do next. While they were talking I had the sudden urge to pee. I drank lots of water today and I didn't even use the bathroom once.

"Daehwi, I have to use the bathroom. Tell me what I miss okay," I told him. He just nodded his head and gave me an okay signal with his hand. I rushed to a nearby store to use the bathroom since I didn't want to use the porta potties that was set up in the park. When I returned to the park people were being grouped off. I scanned the park and it looked like almost everyone was in a group. I looked around the park hoping that my friends weren't already grouped off. I noticed them near the far end of the park and sighed, I was too late. 

"Oh, Seohyun!" one of the boys in charge called my name. I walked over to him since I didn't know what to do.

"You're Seoah and Seohee's younger sister right?" he asked. His nametag had the name Jaehyun and I remember hearing that name before. I nodded my head in response to his question.

"Do you mind working with them?" he asked me pointing to my brother and his group of friends. I really didn't want to work with them but I didn't want to seem rude.

"If you're uncomfortable working with them-"

"It's fine, I know them. It's my brother and his group of friends." I said cutting him off

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