Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Dinah's POV*

"Hey, do you need anyhelp with that?" Chen asked from behind. I was trying to reach a book from my shelf, but it was pretty hugh up. Before I could respond, he came up closer and grabbed the book for me. The closeness between us made my heart race. It's a couple of weeks since they've been living with us. The boy's rooms were all set, so he longer bunked here with me. Most of the boys shared a room, including Chen. He got paired up with Kai. "Thanks," I responded as I grabbed the book from him. 

"We should head down for lunch bfore Sanghee comes for you," he joked. I laughed in response as we both left my room for the kitchen. "Hey, do you think the Kai likes Micha?" Chen asked as we made our way to the dinning table. It was just the two of us for a moment "What do you mean by like? Do you mean like as a crush?" I said. "Yeah" he responded. 

"I don't know," I answered back honestly. I wondered if Chen likes Micha as well. Lately he seemed interested between the two of them and often wondered what they were feeling. There were times where we would ask me on Micha's feeling.



"I was wondering, do you li-" Before I could countine you on i was cut off by Sanghee and some of the boys. "I'm so hungry!" DO announced as he entered the kitchen. As the others were settling in Chen turned to me, "what were you saying?" he asked. I shook my hea din response, "It was nothing. I'll ask you later."


"Hyo and Hei are coming soon. So we have to get ready for that," Sanghee mentioned. "Are they sharing a room?" Micha asked. "Nope," Eunmi answered back. "We should throw a little surprise for them!" I added on. It's been a while since we threw a party. "Who is Hyo and Hei?" Baekhyun asked.

"Oh, they're our friends! They are moving in with here with us. They lost there parents a while back and have been lving with some relatives that were orignally from the States. They don't have the best relationship with them, so they're moving in with us," Sanghee explained to the boys. We were about to disperse and part ways when Kris called out to everyone. "Where do you think you guys are going? It's Punishment day!" 


"So here we are! Guys you have to swim for an hour." Kris commanded. I kind of felt bad for them since the weather was colder than usual. One by one they jumped in the pool, groaning once the cold water hit their skin. "I don't want to go in," Micha whinned. "You have to." I said. She wasn't the best swimmer, but I'm sure she'd be just fine. "No," she continued to whined. 

I gently pushed Micha in the pool. I didn't worry too much since Kai was already swimming towards her. "What the hell Dinah I could have died," Micha said, obviously irritated. "But you didn't!" I respond back with a smirk. 

As they were swimming around, I was sitting on a bench observing them "Looks like Micha and Kai are clinging on to each other," Chen mentioned as he sat down next to me. "Yeah. I guess you'r

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