Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Din-Ah's POV*

Micha and I finally finished our last class. We were more tired than usual, so we decided to head straight home. Micha also needed to get settled in since she was finally moving in with me and my sister. When we entered the house we noticed more boxes then we expected. "This isn't all mines, is it? I don't remember having this many things...." Micha asked as she looked around. 

"Nope, some of it is Heu and Hyo's stuff. Even though they'll be moving in within a few weeks, we decided that we'd just bring their stuff ahead of time," Eunmi responded as she entered the living room."Yeah, but isn't this way too many boxes for them as well?" I asked looking around a semi-spacious living room. 

"We'll be having more guests staying with us," Sanghee responded."More?" Micha and I asked simultaneously. Sanghee nodded her head in response, "Why don't you guys take Micha's stuff to her room," she suggested. 

We came downstairs once we finished touching up Micha's room. You guys hungry?" Eunmi asked. We nodded our head in response. "I'll go and whip up something quick for you guys to eat."

"I'll come and help!" Micha exclaimed as she followed Eunmi into the room. The doorbell suddenly rang so I got up to see who it was. Before I knew it Sanghee was already at the door. 

"Oh, you here!" she said as she opened the door. I went up next to her to get a better view of the visitor. I raised my brows in surprise. I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, or if this was reality. "It must be them!" Eunmi exclaimed from the distance.  "Who is it?" Micha asked as the two girls left the kitchen and entered the living room.

"Dinah?" Kris said in shock. 

"You know my sister?" Sanghee asked. "You know Kris?" I asked Sanghee. "Kris?" Micha muttered as she came up to the door. 
"Wait, are we saying at their house?" Kai asked on top of all the question s that were being asked. 


Once the boys got settled in, everything was finally explained. Kris and Sanghee were friends for a while and she offered him and the boys a place to stay. Since they were new here she offered them a place at our house. 

"Ah, I see. So you guys met at school?" Sanghee asked. We all nodded our heads in unison. After getting things cleared up the boys introduced themselves to Sanghee and Eunmi. 

"I'm Kai."

"Jongin?" Sanghee suddenly asked as she looked at him. 

"How do you know my re-.......wait so you were the right Sanghee I was thinking of!" Kai exclaimed. 

"Wait, what?" I asked. My mind was going blank right now. "Dinah, you don't remember Jongin?" Sanghee asked. "No, I do....but Kai......" I mumbled. I looked over at Kai and stared at him for a while. And that's when it hit me, "Kkamjong?" 


"Wait wait wait, what is going on?" Micha intervened. "Yeah, I'm extremely confused," Chen and Kris said in unison. "We were friends when we were little. Kkamjong and Didi were stupid names we called each when we're little," I explained. "No wonder why you looked so familiar when we met earlier," Kai said as she looked at me.

"What's with the name Kai?" I asked. "It's just nickname I go by now. Most of our names are just nicknames," he responded. 

We ended up helping the boys get their things in their rooms. Due to the available space, some of them had to share rooms. After getting sorted out we ended up in the living room. Eunmi and Sanghee were in the kitchen preparing dinner.  

"Do you live here too?" Xiumin asked Micha. She nodded her head in response, "Yeah. I actually just moved in today. Sanghee and Dinah were kind enough to let me stay. It's the same with Eunmi."

"I never knew you guys had such a huge house when we were little," Kai said as he looked around the place. "We didn't. A few years ago this distant relative died and it ended up in our hands. I guess life wasn't too cruel to us after all," I responded. Kai sheepishly laughed in

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