Do You Remember Me?

Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Hei Ryung's POV*

I noticed Sehun sitting by window by himself. Was I the only one that noticed? Ever since I saw him, i kept on wondering if I was the only one that still remembered him? Or does Hyo remember too? Does he remember? My mind was filled with questions and it was driving me crazy. I wanted to ask him and Hyo, but I was too overwhelmed. We juts came and I didn't want to start something.

I managed to build up the courage to walk up to him. He was lonely after all, so i thought i would keep him some company. "Um......Sehun." I strated off as I walked up to him. 

"Yeah," he said while turning to face me. He raised his brows in response, it seemed like he wasn't expecting me. He intensively stared at me, whch made me feel a bit umcomfortable. I got startled and moved my head back. "Uh....  sorry.....I...." I stuttered. I just shook my head and was going to go back, "Wait!" he called out. "Where are you going?" he asked. 

"Oh, I didn't want to bother I just thought I'd just go...." I  explained. He shook his head and scooted over to make some space for me to sit.  "No, you can stay. I don't mind," he responded as he patted the empty space beside him.




*Sehun's POV*

"Oh, well it is beautiful out." Hei Ryung said as she sat beside me. "Yeah it sure is," I responded looking out the window. I was glad she came over here. I had many questions running through my mind. Did she remember me? What about Hyo? Does Hei hate me? Hyo? It was driving me crazy. I had so many questions that needed answers, yet I didn't have the guts to ask her. At least not now, I didn't want to stress her out after all.

"Hey, Dinah how come there's no candy!!" Sanghee complained, obviously drunk. "Because we didn;t get any!" Dinah spatted back in annoyance. "Please get some," Sanghee begged. "NO," Din-Ah responded back. "Come ON!!"

"I'll go and get it." Hei suggested. "You're the best! Don't go alone though," Eunmi slurred back. At that moment she got up. "I'll go with you," I told her. 

We wore something warm so we wouldn't be too cold out. We went to a near by candy shop, hoping there'd be somethign we could get. I glanced over to Heii, who was right beside me. She was shievering from the cold breeze "Are you cold?" I asked despite knowing the obvious. "Um, kind of," she responded back. What should I do? I didn't want to just leave it

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