Din-Ah's Flashback

Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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“So you must be Jongin?” Ae said looking at him

“It says in the note that you’re here very often, well I’m Ae. I’m guessing I’m also your babysitter. Nice to meet you.” Ae said while offering Kai a handshake.

Kai gave her a look before shaking her hand. The look in his eyes told me that he didn't like or trust her. Sanghee was a bit catious as well. I wasn't sure why they were wary, she seemed like a nice person. 

“Ok, I’ll go make you guys a sandwich. Why don’t you guys go watch TV?”

“Hey Kai, can I ask you something?” I asked him

“What is it?”

“Do you like Ae? It seems like you don’t”

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t know. But I don’t want you to hate her. She's a nice girl. Give her a chance, please?” I begged him

“I don’t know?” he responded with a concerned look on his face.

“I understand if you don’t like me,” Ae interupted as she placed the sandwiches in front of us. 

“It's not what I mean, it’s just th-“

“It’s ok. I understand why.” Ae said interrupting Kai.

“Kai, I understand why you don’t like me. I know it’s very hard for you. Living without your parents being around. It’s hard. I understand that. When I was little my parents died. It was hard for me to trust anyone that promised to care for me. I thought they would leave me like how my parents did. It took a long time for me to trust anyone. I understand if it's hard for you. But just know one thing. I won’t leave you. I’m here for you Kai. So can you give me a chance?”

I looked at Kai.

Tears were falling from his eyes as he hugged Ae.

“You promise you’ll be there for me?” he asked.

“I promise, I promise to be there for all of you guys.” 



“Ae which ride do you want to go on next?” Sanghee asked.

“Hmm, Dinah which one do you want to go on?”


Ae comes up to me and waves her hand in front of me.

“Hey, Dinah!”

“Uh-uh, yes?” I asked startled.

“Hmm, interested in that Hello Kitty stuffed animal?” she asked chuckling.

I nod my head.

She grabs my hand and took me to the game booth. Sanghee and Kai followed.

She played the game and won the stuffed toy for me. I jump around and hug her.

“THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!” I squelaed as I higged her tight.


*Years Later*

“Unnie look, I got an A on my test!” I exclaimed.

She just glanced and went back talking on her phone.


“What’s up with Ae?” I asked.

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