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Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Dinah's POV*

"HYO! HEI! ARE YOU OK?" Eunmi exclaimed as she got out of the pool, running towards them. "Oh god, we're so sorry," Sanghee said, following Eunmi. They grabbed the closest towels and wrapped it around them. "We are so sorry. I had no idea you guys would be here," Sanghee said as she helped dry them out.

"It's ok," Hyo responded with a laugh. "Hyo, Hei!" Micha and I exclaimed running towards them. We gave them a hug despite them being semi-wet. "We missed you guys."

Kris got out of the pool and walked towards the, "I'm so sorry we got you wet. I'm Kris."

Hei nodded her head in response. They had a confused look on their faces, I'm assuming because of all the unfamiliar faces surrounding them. Once we got them dried up we explained the current situtation. After getting things cleared up they introduced themselves to each other.

"And I'm Hei Ryung," she said as she was the last one to be introduced. I noticed that she looked uncomfortable and was avoided looking at a certain direction. Following the line of vision she was avodiing, I npooiced Sehun was also seemed to be at discomfort. He seemed extremely fidgety.

"Hey, why don't we all go home now," Eunmi suggested. It was getting colder by the minute, and how that Hyo and Hei were back we could actually celebrate. 

The others were drying up and chnaging into warmer clothes. Chen, Kai, Micha and I were waiting around the benches. Sehun was keeping some distance between the rest of us. He was sitting across from Hei Ryung and Hyo. "Hey, what's up with him?" I whispered to Chen. He shrugged his shoulder. I asked the other two the samething. "Maybe t

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