Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Din-Ah POV*

I had some time before my next class. Micha was busy and Kai was resting home today. I didn't want to eat by myself so i decided to call Chen. Lately he's been busy, so i was hoping I'd be able to spend some time with him today. The call went straight to voicemail.

"Hmm, strange. Did he just reject the call? Maybe he's in a class doing something."


I was done all my classes and walked over to the small fruit stand, where Chen always waits for me. Like this past week, he wasn't there. I waited for a couple of minutes just in case he was running late. I decided to give him a call, but with no luck I wasn't able to reach him. 

"Maybe he already went home?"


I came home with an empty house, so it seemed. I entered the lving room and saw Chen on the couch. "Hey, Chen, where were you-"

Chen got up before I could finish my sentence and went upstairs to his room. 

"Okay.......... maybe he had a bad day??" 


For the past few days, I was eating lunch alone and was walking home alone. And it seemed like Chen was ignoring me and rejecting all my texts and calls.

It was a Saturday morning and I was eating breakfast.

"Some one seems upset, what happened?" Sanghee asked. 

"Oh, nothing really. Didn't have goods night sleep." I said.

"You don't look well, maybe you have a fever. You should go back to bed and rest."


I finished breakfast and went to my room. I was going up the stairs and I see Chen coming down. I look at him as he iouckly glanced away from me. 

"Hmm, maybe he had a bad week?"


It's been almost two weeks since he's been acting like this. At first i didn't think too much of it. Maybe be was havingn a bad day or was just too overwhlemed. He was distancing himself from kai and Tao for a while. But that didn't last long. After some time, it was obivous that

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