Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Mi Cha's POV*

We found a few empty picnic tables outside and pushed them together to create one large table. The two teams sat across from one another and decided to end the game when the Din-Ah, Chen, and Chnayeol came back. 

We decided to name our team Kiokio (Kai, Micha, Tao, Baekhyun, Xiumin, Do= Kiokio), while the other team named themselves Kahan (Kris, Lay, Suho, Luhan, Sehun= Kahan)

"Who's going to go first?" Kai asked. Kris motioned at us to start off. "Okay, I'll start off easy. Kris, I dare you to go towards that crowd of people and scream 'I LOVR PINK FLUFFY BUNNIES!' while jumping up and down," Tao said. 

"What! No way," Kris contested. 

"Fine, I guess......." I started off, but Kris suddenly stood up and mumbled headed towards the crowd. 

"I LOVE PINK FLUFFY BUNNIES!!" Kris exclaimed while jumping. Some people looked at him weirdly while some just laughed. Kris marched back to the table a few shades pinker. 
We were cracking up as Kris took his seat, "I did it. So 5 points for us. It's my turn now. Tao, you have to the chorus of T-ara's Bo Beep Bo Beep in the middle of that crowd," Kris commanded while glaring at Tao. 

Tao got up and walked over to the crowd. "Some play Bo Beep Bo Beep for me," Tao asked. Once the song was playing Tao instantly started dancing to the song. The crowd was cheering him on, with some people joining him. One minute into the song, he stopped dancing and started bowing to the crowd, "Thank you. thank you." 
He walked back towards us with a sassy smirk on his face, "Done!" 

It was Baekhyun's turn. "Suho, I dare you to write 'Baekhyun's the best' with black permanent marker on Kris's forehead."

"NO," Kris said but Suho grabbed a permanent marker and was about to write it. "NO, you're not gonna write it," Kris argued. "Come on Kris let me write it," Suho argued back. They started to bicker at one another other, with Kris eventually giving up. 

"Xiumin, go hug a random guy," Suho dared Xiumin. Xiumin got up and hugged the first guy he saw walking by. 

"W- what the heck, why did you do that." The guy asked, looking extremely confused. "You looked depressed, and don't worry I don't like you," Xiumin said. "Okay...?" the guy responded still looking confused as ever. Xiumin walked back to the table like it was nothing,  "10 points for us," he said. 

It was Xiumin's turn to give out a dare. "Sehun kiss Luhan-" Before he could finish Sehun instantly interrupted, "NO!" 

"You didn't let me finish, I was about to say kiss Luhan on the cheek," Xiumin said. "Okay, fine" Sehun said with a displeased look on his face. He walked over to Luhan and gave him a quick peek on the cheek. "That's 20 points for us!"

Lay was up to give a dare. "Kai dance to Lee Hyori U-Go-Girl". "Okay, fine" Kai said as he walked over to the crowd. "I didn't tell him to go there though.....," Lay said. We all shrugged our shoulders as we watched him effortlessly dance in front of the crowd of people. "Idiot" Kris blurted out. ( | he danced at 3:07 - 3:48) 

He came back to the table smiling. "Idiot I didn't say in front of the crowd."

It was Luhan's turn. He didn't say anything from some time. "Okay, so I couldn't think of anything, so Baekhyun, sit on Xiumin for five minutes." Baekhyun and Xiumin looked at each other and shrugged their shoulder, "Okay......" they both said in unison. 

"Well, then Sehun you do the same thing with Suho," Kai said as Baekhyun sat on Xiumin's lap. Sehun just let us a long sigh as he walked over to Suho. 

"Fine! But I dare Micha to sit on Kai's lap until the other three return," Sehun spatted out. 

I tilted my head and looked at Sehun. "Wait, what?" I was caught off guard since I wasn't expecting something like that. I was going to refuse the dare, but before I could say anything I felt Kai's arms wrap around my waist as he pulled me over on his lap. 

"It's your turn to give a dare," Tao said to me. "Hmm..... Sehun, the floor," I said with a  smirk. I wanted a little revenge for his little dare. "WHAT! NO" Sehun said. "Fine, I guess the points go to us then?" I teased. "Fine have it," he mumbled. 

It was Kris' turn. "Micha go over to the crowd and dance to Secret's Madonna by." 

I didn't like dancing when so many people would be watching, but I didn't want to give away any points. I trudged my way towards the crowd. I managed to get someone to play the song starting from the chorus. My face was turning red with every second that passed by. Once the chorus was over I rushed back to the table. I was going to sit back to my seat when Suho cleared his throat. "Your seat is over there," he said as he pointed at Kai. 

"That was pretty good," Kris said as I sat down on Kai's lap. "Yeah, you can really move," Kai added on. I could feel my face getting redder than it already was. The game went on as we continued to wait for the three to return. As the game went on, we started giving dares to embarrass each other. 

"Okay, Kris. Ask that kid for his baseball bat for a quick moment and throw that empty soda can on the floor as far as you can," KaI suggested. "But what if the guy won't give me his bat?" Kris asked. 

"Oh don't worry, I can ask for you. I know that guys," I told him in response. Kai, Kris, and I walked over to the guy to ask for his bat. Since we were good friends we gladly let us use it for a quick moment. The three of us walked over to were it was empty so that we wouldn't hit anybody.

Kris threw the empty bottle up in the air and swung the bat with a whole lot of force. The bottle flew pretty far distance with hig

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