Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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5 YEARS LATER (2018)


*Chen's POV*

It was the day when it would have been our 6th year anniversary. 5 years past and no luck of finding her. It was officially 5 years and a day when she left. She left notes to everyone but me. I had nothing left of her, except the look she gave that day. 

The cops tired to help with finding her, but it was no use. They couldn't find her as well. They said since she was old enough to go, they didn't search for that long. Everything pointed to her intentionally leaving, so there wasn't a lot they could do. Ae and Yoon were finally captured. They tired to run away, but were caught. But instead of getting answers, they took their lives while in police custody. We were left with pain for a long time. No answers and no Dinah

I was in her room. It was what would have been our six year anniversary, so being there gave me some peace of mind. Everything was left untouced. It was the last trace of her. 


*No One's POV*

Chen was sitting down on her bed while everyone else was downstairs. "He's upstairs, in her room to be exact! What should we do?" Micha whispered to everyone. "Why don't each of us go up one by one and go cheer him up," Xiumin suggested. "Good idea. Micha you go up first. And to make it quicker Kai go with her." 

Both of them went upstairs and headed to Dinah former room. There they saw Chen just sitting on the bed, doing nothing but staring at the ground. "What in the world is he doing?" Kai whispered to Micha and she shrugged her shoulders. They walked up to the boy.

"Hey Chen, whats up?" Kai stated. "Nothing really," he responded back. "How are you feeling? I know that today......is uh...kinda a tough day." Micha asked. "Alright, I guess."

"Ok, I'm gonna cut to the chase. Chen, I know she left and you're sad. You can't be stuck in the past. You need continue to the present and hope for the best. You have to move on. I'm not saying to forget her but just start all over. There are other girls out there. If I were you, I would have started a new way long ago. I would have......wait....I didn't mean that." Kai said while Micha was glaring at him.

"Oh really now, you would have forgotten about me like I was nothing and just move on. I see." Mi Cha complained and stormed off. She was obviously joking. She knew they couldn't stay there long and had to drag them out. "Wait, Micha, I didn't mean it in that way." Kai hollered chasing after her. Chen chuckled at them.

A few minutes later Chanyeol entered the room with Hyo. "Ayooo what up Chenn~" 

"Nothin much," Chen replied. "Happy virus here to heal you!" Chanyeol said and sat down next to him. Chen just nodded and stayed quiet. "Yah Chen, you're making me a sad virus now! Don't be sad," he said and nudged him. "Chanyeol, this sin't about you!" Hyo siad while lightly nudging CHanyeol. Chanyeol got up and left, "This isn't going to work!", he mumbled. 

"Sorry about that Chen," Hyo said as she followed Chanyeol out the room.

DO entered the room. "Chen, are you hungry?" he asked. Chen was getting a little irritated now. Why did they keep coming? He had a feeling they were trying to cheer him up but it wasn't working. He just wanted to be alone.

"No...," he told D.O. "You sure?" DO asked. Chen gave him a glare. "Ok, ok. If you want anything I'll be downstairs," he said and left the room. Chen let out a sigh hoping no one else would come in.

Soon Hei Ryung and Sehun came in the room. "Oppa are you ok?" Hei asked. Chen nodded. "Hyung don't feel down...." Sehun told the older boy. "Wait, how come you never called me Oppa?" Sehun asked. "Not now, we have a job to do," Hei told him trying to switch the topic back to Chen. "That can wait," Sehun said and dragged her out the room. Chen looked that the two leave the room 

Tao entered the room. "Oh come on," Chen said. Tao sat next to him. "I came to cheer you up!"

"Oh really now, are you?" Chen asked, annoyed. Tao nodded his head. "I'll give y

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