Dinah Day

Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Chen's POV*

It's been two days after my birthday and Dinah's was coming up in a week. Since she planned something nice for me, I wanted to do something nice for her too. The obvious idea was to plan a surprise party at home, but I want to do more than that.

I wenr downstairs and turned the TV on, hoping it will give me at least some inspiration. I flipped through the channels. MusicBank was airing on right now and Roy Kim singing his latest song 'Love Love Love'.  Then the idea hit me.

I go upstairs my room. "Yo, Kai!"


"Where's my guitar?"

"Hmm...I don't know. I haven't seen it in a while. Let's go ask Dinah.."



"A surprise."

"For Dinah?"

"No, for Micha," I said sarcastically.

"WHAT, why?"

"Idiot, it's for Dinah."

"You're going to give her a guitar? Didn't you buy her one for Chirstmas last year?"

Is this kid dumb or something?

"No, I'm going to write her a song for her birthday."

"For Dinah, right?"

I rolled my eyes, I didn't have time for his little game. "Ok ok, it's for Dinah, I get it! Let's ask Sanghee."

We went downstairs to the kitchen and found Sanghee chopping some peppers and Eunmi cooking something on the stove. "Hey, noona do you know where a guitar is?" Kai asked. "A guitar?"

"Yeah, I brought it with me when we were moving and it's not in my room," I said.

"Check in the attic."

"We have an attic?" we said in unison.

"Yeah. It's by the closet upstairs. There is a little string dangling from the ceiling. Just pull it and stairs will come out." Eunmi said.

We wenr upstairs and found the string dangling from the ceiling. We pulled the string and stairs appeared. We went up the stairs and entered the attic. "Ok, let's look for your gu-"

"Found it," I said cutting Kai off.

"Well, that was quick....."

"Yup now let's go get out of here."

"But Chen, you shouldn't let Dinah see the guitar..."

"Kai, I already told you I'm not going to give Dinah the guitar."

"I know that, but if she sees it she might question you. It's better if she doesn't see the guitar."

"Hmm......you might be right, but she's taking a shower so no need to worry."

As we headed down the stairs we heard the bathroom door open. "There's nothing to worry about," Kai said mocking me. 

"Go back upstairs," Kai said. "What?" 

"Just do it," he said pushing me back up.



"Hey Kai, what are you doing standing in front of the closet?"

"Oh, uh nothing really. Are you going anywhere?"

"Yeah, I have to go back to the bakery to drop something off. But it's raining. Maybe if I ask Chen, he can drive me there?"

"Maybe, but he's sleeping. I'll drive you. And maybe we can hang out after that? It's been a while since we hung out together."



*Chen's POV*

It's been 3 hours and I was still in the attic. There was no way to open the attic door from the inside, so I wasn't able to get out. For the time being I was brainstorming for the song. But as it hit three hours, I couldn't stand being in the cramped, hot place. I texted Kai since he wasn't responding to my calls.

          Chen- Where the hell are you? >:|

          Kai- Oh, well Dinah and I are hanging out.... ^^

          Chen- Why..... 

          Kai- Idk, cause we haven't hung out for a while and we were childhood besties.....But don't worry I have my own girl remember Mi Cha ;)

          Chen- Ok whatever, just get me out!!

          Kai- Out of where, you mother's womb

          Chen- Very funny Kai haha, and out the FREAKING ATTIC!!!!  >:|

          Kai- The attic?!

Kai- OH . My bad bro, I'll get you out. sorry 

          Chen-  -___-



I was still working on the song. I spent most of my attention perfecting the lyrics and melody. "Hey, Chen Chen what's up?"

"You need anything, Kai?"

"No, just wanted to say hi. What, I can't say hi to my friend?"

"Hi Kai....."

"Did you finish her song yet?"

"No, I'm kind of stuck. I don't think I can finish on time for her birthday."

"Well, you have to think of something fast."

"What should I do....??"

"Ooh, I got something!"

"What is it?!?


Kai explained his plan to me and I thought it was a good plan. "So what do I do with what I created?" I asked. "Ummm.......keep it. Don't lose it. You might need it later on. Just don't trash it."


*Dinah's POV*

I tried to get work off on my birthday, but I couldn't. I didn't want to spend my day working, but apparently we were low on staff that day. Since that day was my birthday, the manager allowed me to come in a bit later than usal. "So you seriously can't get a day off that day?" Micha whined to me.

"I can't. It but oh well, at least I can go to work later."

"Still, that !"

For that whole week, Chen's been playing guitar. He would be in his room and play the guitar. Even if we had school he would sometimes bring it to school. And sometimes at night, I could hear him play the guitar and sing something. I couldn't recognize the song he was singing but it sounded nice.

It was about 3 more day till my birthday. We were in school and since I had some free time I decided I would go to the music room. The room was very huge, and almost everything was white inside. There was a black piano by the huge windows and there were white transparent curtains hanging from the windows. There were couples of benches and music stands in the room.

I entered the room and saw Chen with his guitar. He was facing the window and was playing his guitar. I wanted to surprise but I also didn't want to bother him. So I sat down on the floor and listened to him play. It seemed like he was having a hard time but it still sounded nice. What he was playing sounded familiar but I couldn't figure out what song he was playing. It sounded different from what I heard him play last time



It was a tiring week but it was finally my birthday! I was wakened up by Micha, Hei and Hyo, and was severed a delicious breakfast made by Sanghee and Eunmi. 

"So what should we do today?" Hei asked. "I don't know, but I just want to hang with you guys before I go to work, ok!"

We spend most of our day shopping and at the park, a place that seemed like a second home to me. It was gettin

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