Chen Day

Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Dinah's POV*

"Yah Din-Ah, do you have to work today?" Micha whined as I was cleaning one of the tables. Recently I got a job at a cafe. It's just something to take my mind away with all this Chen-Ae drama that's going on.

"Sorry. But hey, 5 more minutes till my 30-minute break."


I came out of the changing room with my normal clothes on. It's been a while since I hung out with Micha.

"Ok, let's go." 

She got from her seat and we headed out the cafe. We wondered somewhere downtown.

"So hows life bestie?" 

"Hmmm.....good. Working at the Mini Heart Cafe can be a hassle but I survive."

"Ok then, but you better not forget me and be too obsessed with your job."

"I promise." I chuckled at her silly-ness. Like working at the cafe would make me forget her, I see her every day. It's almost to impossible to forget her. We went to some stores to look at things that caught our eyes.

"Hey, you know Chen's birthday is coming up. It's in a week...."

Chen's birthday? That's the 21st of September? Is it already September? And I have a week to prepare...

"Aissh, I forgot. What am I gonna do?"

"Don't worry, when you come home I'll help you plan."


It seemed like forever, but it was finally 9:00 pm and I could go home. I changed and headed home. In the streets, it was quite and empty. Only a few cars passed by, so it didn't seem to scary to walk home. "Aissh it's getting cold. I should have gotten a sweater."

I passed by the park and then a few stores. The house was about 7 minutes away but I couldn't help but feel a little scared. I had this feeling someone was following me. I turned behind to check but no one was there. "I'm right here," someone said in my right ear. I screamed in terror.

"Dinah it's just me," Chen said.

"Stupid, don't scare me like that. I almost had a heart attack."

"Well sorry. You shouldn't be walking alone in the dark. It's dangerous."

"You're worried?"

"Why wouldn't I? You're a girl and it's dark and you're walking alone," he chuckled.


We arrived home and I searched for Micha. I went downstairs and found her with Kai and Tao.

"Hey, you're back home!"


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