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Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*No One's POV*

After encountering an old friend, Kystal rushed back home. She left her keys, so she had to ring the door bell. "Hey Krystal, back already?" Dinah asked as she opened the door and let her in.

"I need to tell you something." Dinah looked at Krystal with a confused look. "What is it?" she asked. "Well Yo-" Krystal started before stopping. 'Should I tell her to know? I'm not even sure if it's him' she thought. "Well you know we haven't hung out for a while..."

"We were just hanging out yesterday. And plus, we live together," Dinah replied back with a small laugh. Krystal was mentally cursing herself out. 'What should I say?' Krystal thought. "I mean, I just wamnt to go shopping with you." 

Dinah tilted her head, a little confused to why Kystal would want to shop all of a sudden. "Umm.... I guess I'll go if you want, but first we should at some lunch. I was just preparing some noodles"


Dinah was preparing lunch, while Krystal was looking through a photo album. 'Where is that photo', she thought to herself. After skimming through the photos, she finally found it.  A picture of Dinah and her boyfriend. She remembered Dinah talking about her previous boyfriend, Chen. At the time, Krystal thought he looked familar but didn't put to much thought into. But after bumping into Jongdae today, the dots finally connected. "What a small world," she muttered to herself. 

Dinah came to the lving room and place the bowl of noodles on the coffee table. "This guy is Chen right?" Krystal asked as she pointed to the picture. "Yeah, why?" Dinah questioned her friend. "No, I was just

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