Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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So I was bored and decided to look back at this story. As an upcoming senior in college, this story honestly made me cringe so hard. I was a dumb little middle schooler that didn't know anything. So that kind of gives some perspective of how ehh this story was

So I did some editing and fixed up a lot of things. 

Still not the best, but I did my very best lol

Not much has chnaged (the plot is still the same), but I did make some changes so things could make a bit more sense and be a bit more logical

Some major changes I made were cutting out and combining some chapters. This was orginally 50+ chapters, but now it's 33 ^^


This is long overdue, but I want to congradulate Jongdae on his marriage and newborn!!!!!! I'm so happy for him and I wish him and his family all the happiness in the world!!!! <3


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