Fixing Problems

Where Are You? [REVAMPED]
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*Sehun's POV* 

It's been a couple of weeks since I last spoke to Hei. I was regretting our last encounter and the stupid stunt I did. It wasn't the best way to get her to talk to me, what that was all I could think of. I was shaking my head just thinking back to that day. "What's up with you?" Hyo asked as she walked by. She had an apple in her hand. "Nothing....." I responde dback. 

"Is it Hei?"

I nodded my head in response, "She keeps dening the fact we know each other.....and she's also avoiding me....." I complained. "Give her time. She'll eventually come around."


I needed some air, so I walke dover to the store to grab a few snacks. When I got back home Hei was on the couch. When she saw me she went upstairs. I put the bags down on the table and ran upstairs after her.  "Hei," I called out grabbing her arm.

"What, what do you want? And let go of me," she said snatching her arm out of my grip. "Please, can we talk? I know you remember me.......please stop avoiding me...." I begged. It was driving me crazy. I couldn't just stand around and wait for the perfect time to come. I've waited way to long.

She shook her head. She refused to look at me but I could she her eyes get watery. "Leave me alone," she said as she walked to her room, locking the door.




*Hei Ryung's POV*

The pained look in his eyes was to hard for me to bear. I felt bad and I didn't know what was wrong with me. There was nothing standing in between us but me. I was just making things worst.


It was a bit late, but I had some things to do after my classes. I needed to rush home befoe it got dark. The days were getting shorted since winter was riight around the corner. As i was walking I noticed a tall figure ahead of me. I could instantly tell who it was. After our litle run in a couple of days back, I haven't heard or seen him. I guess he got tired of trying. Seeing him all by himself pained me. He wasn't one for being by himself. He'd u

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