Flow Like Waves

Tzuyu had prepared everything with extreme care: she had spread a cloth on the lawn on which she had placed blankets, food and drinks. The evening air was rather chilly, but she had no intention of giving up her romantic and, by her standards, alternative idea.

She waited patiently, and very anxiously, for the person of her interest to join her, finding herself smiling as she saw her red hair in the distance.

"I apologize for being late, my mother forced me to wash the dinner dishes and it took some time" Sana immediately sat down next to the youngest, chattering her teeth in the cold "can I ask the reason for this choice?" 

"I know it's not ideal given the season, but I wanted to do something different. Here" she took one of the heavy blankets, standing up to be able to rest it on the shoulders of the older "you're a thinker so there's nothing better than a chat under the night sky"

Sana was looking at her with curiosity "is it my impression or are you very calm?"

"I'm calm because you are here, but you should have seen me a few minutes ago. I was anxious because I was afraid that you would not come"

"I really appreciate your sincerity, it can't be easy to expose yourself like this to a stranger"

Tzuyu's back made contact with the cool cloth that was lying on the ground and her eyes were lost among the multitude of stars "I don't consider you a stranger and I firmly believe that telling the truth can be liberating, whatever it is. Lie down and look at the sky, it's beautiful"

The redhead did what she was told, wrapping herself more in the huge blanket and allowing herself the luxury of relaxing "you're right, it's breathtaking"

They remained silent for several minutes, until the younger had started rubbing her hands together to keep them warm "I can see my breath, it's incredibly cold at this hour"

By then Sana's gaze had shifted to the folded blanket next to them, but she was able to realize Tzuyu's wishes and act accordingly "come here or you will freeze" she came close enough to touch their shoulders, covering both of them carefully.

Tzuyu's true nature came out in that moment, prompting her to hug the redhead and sink her face into her hair "I like your scent"

"What are you doing?" Sana's cheeks were redder than ever and not from the cold.

"I'm hugging you, I bet you're not used to it" she had moved away enough to look into her eyes, without letting go "there is something that torments you and I would like to know what it is; I feel the need to help you"

"You can't help me, I assure you"

"We will see this together, but it would be a good starting point to know what the cause of your sadness is"

Tzuyu's gaze had softened to the point of melting the ice that protected Sana's heart, convincing her to speak "I don't know what to do with my future, this is my main torment"

"Go on, I'm listening to you. Get rid of some pebbles in your shoe"

And Sana did, she talked nonstop for at least twenty minutes, telling some anecdotes from her life that had led her to think she was a total failure. In Tzuyu's eyes, however, there was only one person she wanted to know in all her nuances.






Meanwhile, at the Myoui sisters' house, a bad movie was filling the TV screen, making the two girls sitting on the couch bored to death. Sharon stood up and opened one of the window counters "we need to liven up this night or we will fall asleep like two decrepit old women"

Dahyun was rubbing her eyes "I have no desire to play chess with you, the last time was enough for me to realize I have no hope of victory"

"You can rest assured, I'm not going to humiliate you" she grabbed a bottle of red wine "we have a full stomach, so I'd say it's time to let loose a little, will you?"

"You know I never drink, it's already a lot if I take part in the birthday toasts"

"No my dear, for the next few hours you will leave the usual boring Dahyun outside the front door, did I explain myself?" she did not even bother to take two glasses, merely opening the bottle with the corkscrew and clinging to it to take two long sips.

The gray-haired girl didn't seem very convinced "I don't think I want to do that, not even your sister is controlling us and avoiding having your house destroyed"

The brunette handed her the bottle, looking at her with a charming smile "come on, I want to have the honor of seeing my best friend getting drunk for the first time"

Dahyun couldn't resist that determined gaze from her and she took a sip without stopping looking at the girl she had in front of her, grimacing immediately after swallowing "I don't like it, it's too strong"

"You'll get used to it, my word. Drink more, I'll play some music"

"Maybe she's right, turning off my brain could do me good"

In a short time the bottle had been emptied of its contents and another half full was in the hands of Sharon, who had dragged her best friend to the center of the living room to convince her to dance "come on, nobody is looking at you!"

Despite this, the shorter one was just shifting the weight from one foot to the other, often losing her balance and clinging to the brunette "I feel a little weird"

"What do you feel?"

"My head is heavy, but at the same time I feel lighter than ever"

"About the wine, do you want more?"

Dahyun grabbed the neck of the bottle without thinking twice, throwing her head back under the proud gaze of her best friend "this wine is not that bad"

"I told you!" she was looking at her with a satisfied smile on her face, biting her lip as the other girl leaned back against her, her face pressed against her neck "Hyun, what you are doing is dangerous.. "

Dahyun didn't give a damn about that warning and she replied without moving away, making sure her lips could be in contact with Sharon's skin "I don't see any danger here"

"I'm the one who is, you're tempting me too much" she pushed her away, holding her by her shoulders, feeling an unbridled desire to kiss her red cheeks ", you're beautiful"

"Apparently I'm not enough to get your attention" the thick glass that kept her thoughts safe had been totally removed from the alcohol "it's the first time you've really seen me"

At that moment Sharon understood everything and taking her friend's face in her hands was the only gesture she managed to do "you're right, I've never seen you this way" she paused after being distracted by looking at her lips "but I am convinced that there is no one more beautiful than you"

"I want you to kiss me"

"You know very well that I couldn't limit myself to that and I don't want to let you waste all your first experiences in one fell swoop. Let's just get drunk, okay?"

Dahyun laughed briefly, but without cheerfulness "then you really don't want to understand, I want you. The experiences you talk about I want to do them only with you, so either you kiss me or I leave immediately"

That last sentence triggered something in Sharon, who decided not to hold back "okay, but don't accuse me of not having warned you" having said that, without waiting any longer, she glued to Dahyun's in a kiss that was initially delicate but which turned into far from it in a short time.

As promised by the brunette there was not only that kiss, but many others and not only on the lips, flanked by their first time and the desire of both to impress that memory in the mind of the other, even if for different reasons.






It had been a few hours since the group of friends entered the club and, after finishing her shift, Jihyo had timidly reached their table with another round of drinks for all of "can I stay here with you?"

Nayeon motioned for her to sit next to her on the leather couch, thanking her for the drinks she had offered and asking her how work had gone.

"The tied hair gives you a lot, your big eyes can be seen better" Katarina had no problem making her sympathies understood and the way she was smiling at the newcomer was a proof of that "you also guessed which drinks we like, I congratulate you on your excellent memory"

It was not difficult to start a conversation, in which there were five talking: Jeongyeon, Katarina, Nayeon, Jihyo and Mina. The other two girls sitting with them hadn't opened their mouths except to drink.

Momo was visibly bothered by the presence of the one who had tried to approach her several times, but deep inside she felt anger because she hadn't deigned to look at her as she was too busy smiling at the blonde sitting next to her.

Sally, on the other hand, was observing the intruder very carefully, avoiding to point out her curiosity and, even if little, her hostility. She was not a jealous person and her girlfriend could have all the friends she wanted, but she didn't like the harmony that existed between those two. 

Precisely for this reason, in a moment of tranquility, she held her girlfriend with one arm, deliberately speaking aloud "I really want you and I can't wait to go home to show you all my love" her eyes locked with Jihyo's in a defiant look that made the brunette shiver.

"Sally, keep your wishes at bay" Jeongyeon had thrown her a button that she had found on the table "you are not pregnant and you should be perfectly able to keep yourself in our presence"

"It's true, but I'd really like to see my girlfriend with the big belly" she was playing with her hair "what do you think, my love?"

Nayeon was blushing from the surprise "me? Pregnant?"

"Yes, it would be nice to start a family and, having raised my sister together, it shouldn't be that difficult to manage a child of our own"

"I need time to think about it, now stop drinking and go back to being the same serious Sally" she kissed her on the cheek and then left the club to talk to Mina and Jihyo in the open air.

Katarina and Jeongyeon had looked at each other, both more serious and worried than ever, and Sally had noticed "girls, why those dark faces?"

It was the blonde with green hair tips who replied "we are very disappointed in your behavior"

"What's wrong with making plans with my future fiancée? We've been together for so many years now" her arrogant attitude was getting on both of them.

Momo had finished drinking and was sitting comfortably against the back of the couch "I don't see anything wrong with what you said, just because you two don't want to have children doesn't mean it has to be like this for all couples"

Jeongyeon thought to give her a grim look "you shouldn't even open your mouth, we understand very well the reason for your annoyance and it's the same as Sally. You two have serious problems"

"One feels threatened by the presence of a girl and the other is angry because the aforementioned did not deign to look at her, both very mature" Katarina was playing with the ring she had previously stolen from her girlfriend "you know how to reach a hallucinating toxicity level, you should remember that the world is not at your feet"

"Technically yes, considering that we step on it with our beautiful and very expensive shoes" Momo didn't seem at all hurt by those words and was smoking her electronic cigarette again "I don't care in the least about that stupid girl, poor Nayeon who will have to put up with her"

"You said a really bad thing, excuse yourself right now" the girl just mentioned had returned with the other two and, having heard only the last part of the conversation, she was getting mad at the brunette "go apologize to Jihyo"

"I do not even think about it, it's not my problem if she was hurt by my words" she had not even turned to look at the object of speech as she walked away quickly in embarrassment.

By then, ignoring Sally's attempts to restrain her, Nayeon had followed her new friend into the bathroom to give her the comfort she needed.

Mina had remained standing to slide her stern gaze between the two who had ruined everyone's night "I congratulate you, you haven't changed at all in all these years"

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