Flow Like Waves

Tzuyu's frown kept appearing and disappearing on her face: she was over the moon that she had finally organized an evening with her best friends, but she couldn't help but feel annoyed that they had asked her not to invite Sana.

She knew how to perfectly separate the time to spend with her loved one and with other people, that wasn't her problem, but she felt deep inside that she would need the redhead's moral support.

She tried not to notice as she was placing some blankets on the floor, jumping at the sound of the bell and then running to open the front door "you arrived together and on time, this is a surprise"

"We decided to do things right at least this time, you should consider yourself lucky to have the two of us in your life" Sharon took off her shoes, avoiding leaving her footprints as usual and then throwing herself on the cushions scattered on the floor, risking as well as getting hurt "maybe I miscalculated the landing area"

"Be more careful" Dahyun had joined her immediately, sitting cross-legged and breathing deeply "Tzu, we thought we'd start the night with a chat. Come here"

The blue haired girl was not able to hide what she was feeling "I knew I should have invited Sana, I already know you'll make me feel bad"

"Put your stupid on the pillow and listen to us, you just have to do this"

"Seriously, it's important" the other pressed more gently.

The third did as she was asked, not forgetting to frown at the rudest of the trio "you're a beast, I still can't understand what made me love you"

Sharon, on another occasion, would have smiled arrogantly and boasted of the way she was, but for once she was determined to remain serious "Hyun and I really messed it up and we know you're going to be pissed since it's been quite a while since that time, but.. we had "

"Which was the reason for the momentary destruction of our friendship" Dahyun continued, her head lowered in embarrassment "that's why we always refused to be all together in the last two months"

The youngest of their trio, or the one who had just been made aware of the facts, had not uttered a word, unlike the swollen river that her eyes were transmitting. She was angry, but also very sad.

"Tzu, we preferred not to say so as not to involve you in our problems and to prevent you from concentrating on putting our friendship back together" the brunette's fringe was not in order, the fault of her owner's fingers who was venting stress on it "it wouldn't have been fair of us, we got into that mess"

"You promised me that you would never make Dahyun cry for any reason and you" she said addressing the person just mentioned "you assured me that you had everything under control"

"I really thought so, but it happened and there's no going back. Sharon and I drifted apart to let things settle down and now we have no problem being in the same room, we're the trio we love so much again"

Tzuyu didn't seem very convinced, but she couldn't deny the relief she was feeling thanks to the shining and sincere eyes of the two girls that she considered like sisters "I just need to know that you are both fine, that's all I ask"

"We're doing great, we just had a crush" Dahyun hugged them both, leaning her head against theirs to seal the return of that bond "even if I have to make a confession to both of them that could upset everyone's mood"

Dropped the dreaded bomb, predictably, the reactions were just as strong "this city is full of good universities, why leave?" Sharon looked like she was about to cry, but her inordinate pride would never allow her to do it in front of them.

The tallest, on the other hand, had no brakes and was crying without shame "it takes at least two hours by train to reach your university and, with all the commitments we have, it will be difficult to be able to see each other"

"I know and I'm so sorry to have given you this bad news, but I need a change of scenery to be able to understand who I really am. We won't get lost, I promise you, but I would like your support because I really need it right now"

The kick that Tzuyu had given to Sharon to prevent her from squeezing Dahyun had been powerful enough to make the girl move against the couch "I must be the first to hug her, stay in your place"

"You should take it off yourself if you don't want to find your head without the dyed hair you love so much"

They started a real fight with pillows and kicks, causing Dahyun to let out a mighty laugh "how I missed these moments"





Dinner was ready and the owners of the house as well, only the two guests were missing to complete the perfectly painted picture in the couple's mind. Katarina had even worn earrings, something she only used to do on special occasions "I've already arranged everything on the table, there's plenty to drink and everything is in order. Perfect"

"You're shaking like a leaf, calm down" Jeongyeon was still intent on fixing the strands of her gray hair with some gel "tell me if you like me rather, I didn't try to impress anyone other than you"

"You're a stunner, as always, and you're perfectly aware of it" she had started arranging her slightly crumpled shirt "but you're terrible when it comes to ironing"

The other had shrugged, giving her girlfriend a quick kiss before going to open the front door "you're the first to arrive, congratulations"

Jihyo, wearing the suit and shoes previously chosen by her friends, looked like a model able to steal the show without the slightest effort. Despite this she felt a little uncomfortable "I know I'm a latecomer, but I also know that it's rude to be late for a dinner"

"Holy words darling, sit down on the couch" Katarina had literally pushed her to sit down "Jeongyeon and I have to finish arranging something in the bathroom, could you open the door if someone were to ring the bell?"

"What should we do in the bathr-"

"We need to fix the cabinet you almost destroyed, my love" she had spoken through gritted teeth, her hand clenched into a fist on her shirt.

"Right, hunger made me forget that I had done that mess" her fake laugh had not gone unnoticed, but the guest had not uttered a word and was left alone in the vast and bright living room.

There were many candles lit and only those were able to create an enveloping and reassuring atmosphere, at least until before the fright caused by the sudden sound of the bell.

Jihyo had followed Katarina's request, stopping in place immediately after opening the front door. She hadn't been able to utter a word as she was too busy admiring the beauty of who she was in front of.

"I didn't know you were at the dinner, what a pleasant surprise" Nayeon was radiant as well as elegant and beautiful, and her brown hair did her face perfectly justice.

It was at that moment that the brunette managed to fit every piece of the puzzle and she found herself internally rejoicing, as well as silently thanking the couple who had organized everything "I'm surprised too"

They were just staring at each other, smiling like two idiots.






"Remind me why, out of so many things on our list, I chose camping" Chaeyoung was slapping her arms all the time, feeling like insects of dubious shape were walking on them "I'm going crazy"

In total contrast was Mina, who was enjoying the peace of nature and was not at all upset "you chose it because you wanted to do something different and that could take our relationship to an even higher level, your words"

"I withdraw everything I said, let's go eat a pizza and then we go home to watch a movie so boring that we fall asleep" she was whimpering like a little girl who had just imagined that she had a monster under her bed.

"Spray this on your skin, it's an insect repellent and it will make you feel calmer. After doing this, lean on me and be silent, we must enjoy this starry sky"

The girl with pink hair, which had a bright color again, had immediately done as her girlfriend had told her, clinging to her to receive all of her affection. The silence was short-lived "how do you think dinner is going?"

"Good and, knowing each of them, right now they'll be talking about this and that, with your sister's speeches predominating to get Nayeon and Jihyo talking"

"You're absolutely right, that crazy woman could make even a wall talk if she only wanted to" she was smiling affectionately "she's fantastic, don't you think? I admire her a lot and I'd like to look like her"

Mina was intent on tracing circles on her girlfriend's shoulder, a little lost in her thoughts "you already look like her and I'm not referring only to the external appearance. Then, as regards the character, I like you as you are because, If you just imitated someone else, you wouldn't be the person I'm falling more in love with every day"

"Are you serious? Am I really good enough for who I am?"

"Of course yes, you're wrong to focus your attention only on your flaws, it prevents you from seeing the whole and it's natural that you see yourself in a negative way" kissing her forehead seemed like the best way to impress that concept in the head of the shorter girl "try to look at the qualities you possess, I assure you there are many"

Chaeyoung was thinking, her gaze lost in the dark night sky and her heart beating in an irregular rhythm. She wanted to make the night light up like a bonfire, but her seductive approach was stopped by a small slap on the cheek "what are you doing?!"

"There was a mosquito, look" she showed her the hand on which there was the crushed little body of the insect "there is blood on your face, I think you will itch soon"

“That , I want to go home” she said aloud, still being drowned out by Mina's loud laugh.






"I had never received the order for such a complex cake and I must admit I struggled a lot, but judging by your faces I'd say I did a good job" Nayeon had taken her cell phone back, admiring the photo of her latest creation before to put it in the bag "I hope the customers' reaction is the same as yours"

She and Jihyo were sitting side by side and were taking advantage of every opportunity to touch each other's hands, often prolonging that small but significant contact. Dinner was going smoothly and the level of harmony between the two had even increased, making them feel at ease despite the ever-decreasing physical distance.

Having finally gathered the courage to keep their fingers intertwined on the table, thanks to the momentary absence of the other couple, they stopped to glance at each other and giggle in embarrassment. They were so engrossed in each other that they didn't hear the doorbell ring and Jeongyeon's voice rising in tone with every word, finding themselves being stared at by the last person they wanted to see that night.

Sally had a bottle of wine in her hands and, although the separation of the two seated at the table had been immediate, her attentive gaze had managed to capture the moment of sweetness just ruined "good evening, I hope you don't mind having one more person with for dinner"

Katarina, who had returned from the kitchen with a steaming pan in her hands, had stopped in the middle of the dining room in evident astonishment, turning that concern-soaked gaze to her girlfriend in a silent question.

"She invited herself, she didn't let me stop her" the gray haired girl was getting angry and the trembling of her hands was a clear proof.

"Don't make those faces, we have to enjoy this evening with friends" the newest arrival sat next to her ex, making sure to give her a long look "you look really good with this color, brown suits you"

"Thank you" Nayeon was very tense and didn't know what to do to get out of that situation, but she was aware that no one would have been able to chase away that bearer of bad memories and they all tried not to completely lower the general mood.

Sally's talks were all based on memories she shared with her ex that, as beautiful as they might be, were making one person mostly uncomfortable. In fact Jihyo got up slowly from her chair with the excuse of having to go and wash her hands.

She had soaped them several times to waste time, doing it slowly and trying to drive away the anxiety that was gripping her chest, but how could she calm down if the cause of her discomfort had reached her?

“I know you think you've won, but I have some bad news to tell you: Nayeon is still in love with me and there's nothing you can do to make her feelings go away. You're cute dressed like that, a real tidbit, but a simple buffet certainly cannot compete with a luxury menu"

"Why are you doing this? You're hurting Nayeon and making things difficult for Kat and Jeong" she couldn't even look at her face as she felt terribly inferior to the point of wanting to shrink and hide.

Sally had her long black hair, doing it very gently "I want to take back what belongs to me and I wanted to make things clear with my love rival. Get ready Jihyo, tonight my woman will come home with me"

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