Flow Like Waves

"Kat, nice at six o'clock" Jeongyeon smiled mischievously before taking a long sip of her drink "it's spectacular, you can't miss such a vision. She managed to attract my gaze like a magnet"

Katarina, regardless of being almost a maniac, had turned completely on the chair to focus her eyes on the object that had captured the interest of her girlfriend "from ten and praise I would say, I bet that girl is always in the gym"

The brunette nodded to that observation "I think so too, she is really in good shape. How about joining us in the gym too? I bet we would have many beautiful things to look at"

"Could someone remind me how these two manage to be together?" Momo asked no one in particular as she was retouching her lipstick with extreme care, intent on looking the best of her ability and obsessed with her always perfect appearance "you can't be a couple if you spend all your time commenting on other girls' bodies"

"We believe in looking but not touching, you know?" the blonde was rubbing the green tips of her hair, causing little shivers down her back "you know very well that we love each other and that our appreciation has no ulterior motive"

"Let her talk, she's just envious because no one can stand the royal behavior of this spoiled princess" Jeongyeon kissed her temple, looking around immediately after "where did Nayeon and Mina go?"

Even Momo, after making a face at the two sweethearts, began to look for their friends in the crowd "they've disappeared for a while now that I think about it. Didn't they say they were going to get something else to drink? I doubt they are still standing in line, there are not who knows how many people today"

To answer that question was a blonde girl with a tall and slender body, who had a blue backpack in her hands "my girlfriend spilled the glasses on herself and Mina, I brought some spare clothes for both of them"

"Hi Sally, I don't want to seem unhappy to see you, but shouldn't you be in bed? It's late and you have a meeting tomorrow morning, if I remember correctly" Jeongyeon wrapped her girlfriend in a hug, needing to keep her close as usual "you'll never get enough sleep to feel rested, are you sure you can handle it?"

"I could never ignore Nayeon's request for help, what kind of partner would I be in that case? I'll join them in the bathroom, you can continue your conversation" she left after stealing a sip from Momo's glass.

The girl, however, was not enthusiastic about that gesture "great, I'll have to go and order another one" 

"The glass is almost full, don't tell me you're going to leave it there" Katarina knew what the answer to that little tease would be, but she loved teasing the brunette whenever she got the chance.

"I'm picky, you know that" she got up from her chair and walked, at a moderate pace, to the counter. She waited patiently for another drink to be served, noting the interested gaze of the girl who was taking care of it "if you keep staring at me you will consume all my beauty"

"I beg your pardon, I didn't mean to bother you" she gave her a short bow, smiling immediately after "my shift is almost over.. Would you like to have a drink together later?" her cheeks were flushed and her eyes filled with hope.

Momo shook her head, grabbing the glass with a forcefully elegant gesture "you're not my type, I'm sorry" she went away rolling her eyes "I would never let a poor woman approach me"





Nayeon wanted to swing into her girlfriend's arms at the exact moment she walked through the bathroom door, but she stopped her by putting the palm of her hand on her forehead in order to keep her away "I'm happy too see you too, but you stink of alcohol and I don't want to join you" Sally gave her an affectionate smile "you'll hug me soon, now go get changed. I'll wait for you here"

Mina had been the first to enter one of the bathrooms, breathing a sigh of relief after shedding her wet dress "I am indebted to you, as much fun as it was to see your girlfriend fall face forward I must say I would have preferred not to be involved in that mess"

"You know how clumsy she is, being next to her when she has full glasses in her hands is never a good idea" Sally had entered with her beloved to give her a hand to dry "you are a disaster"

"I'm sorry and I've already promised Minari to buy her a new dress" she was pouting like a child "you're right, I'm a real disaster"

Sally's lips were resting on the cheek of the other girl "I love you for this too" that simple gesture made them both smile "now I recognize you, you know I love when you smile"

"It's impossible not to do it when you look at me like that"

To interrupt that sweet moment was the noise of the cough that Mina was pretending to have "could you avoid saying fuss in my presence? It makes me feel even more sad and alone"

They left the cabins at the same time and the two blondes had their eyes fixed on their friend "it is inadmissible that a person like you does not have someone next to her, I'm serious" Nayeon even seemed indignant "must be remedied, especially now that you have joined ours yellow hair club"

"I want to come back brunette every time you say it" Mina had taken both arms on the short ride from the bathroom to their table, sitting next to Momo to leave the couch for the second couple of their group.

"While I'm here I might as well enjoy the night with you" Sally had taken the glass that the princess of the group had left on the table, enjoying every single sip "it's been a long time since we all went out together, it seems to me a century has passed"

Katarina seemed glued to her girlfriend, but that didn't stop her from moving her head to the rhythm of the music "you're right, we have to fix it somehow. What could we do? We accept ideas, but intelligent ones and not stupid things"

"I don't know how much it might interest you, but next week I will have to accompany Sharon on a guided hike" Mina was tapping her chin with her fingers "the number of participants is not limited and you can join the group at any time, it could be a good opportunity to have fun all together"

"I thought that little pest hated this kind of thing" Jeongyeon was particularly surprised "sure she is your little sister and not a superior intelligence android?"

"Or an alien, anything could be" Momo said in a bored tone.

"Unfortunately yes, there was no exchange" the blonde gave a hint of an amused smile "and yes, she hates these things, but she needs to move since her leg is back in place and it was the doctor who advised her to try a little more. Taking simple walks is now too easy for her and no one talks about running, so we opted for this activity"

Nayeon was enthusiastic "I'll be there, I've always wanted to hike. There are fantastic routes and magnificent places to see; I'd like to take the opportunity to take special photos"

Despite the joy expressed by her girlfriend, Sally did not seem very convinced by that initiative "you could get hurt.. What if you fall during a climb? It is not easy to reach the hospital when you go exploring and if you break something it would be a real trouble"

"She is not a stupid child who does not know how to take care of herself, she just needs to pay attention to enjoy the day" Jeongyeon hated seeing the eyes of the older of the group in those moments, they conveyed a lot of sadness and resignation "if you are afraid that something could happen to her you can come too. You could bring Tzuyu too, at least she'll take her eyes off that damn television for a few hours"

"Okay, let's go on this excursion" her serious face lit up with a smile as Nayeon's arms had gratefully squeezed her.

"At this point, since we are all going, I will also ask my twin to join us. Chaeyoung is much more adventurous than me and it might do her good not to think about that ungrateful ex of hers"

"Great idea Kat, my sister-in-law needs to cheer up" those two always managed to get along well and, in five years of relationship, they had never had a real fight or a discord worth remembering. They were perfect for each other and even their minds seemed to go hand in hand.

Mina felt observed by the couple, blushing with embarrassment "do I have something on my face?"

"Just your ethereal beauty, don't worry" Katarina's smirk didn't need an explanation. Everyone at that table had understood what her intentions had for her twin sister "she won't be able to resist such splendor, I'm ready to bet my s"

Her girlfriend, letting her gaze fall on the curves of the one she loved more than anything else, was smiling "not that there is much to bet.. But we appreciate your contribution" she laughed immediately after receiving a slap on the back of the head "you know that I love you and now we have to focus on your sister's love life"

To change the subject, and to save Mina from another massive dose of embarrassment, it was Momo "I will not come, there is no way that I will start walking in the middle of nowhere and who knows what plants with the risk of dirtying, or even ruining, my skin and my precious clothes"

"Momoring, you will have to wear a simple tracksuit and sneakers. You will not be dressed as usual" Nayeon had patience to sell and almost never lost het peace of mind "being in the middle of nature would also be good for you and your obsession for perfection, I'm sure"

"Maybe it's not clear to you that I'm a classy person and that these poor things aren't for me"

The other five girls looked at her with mock contempt in order to make her feel in awe and, above all, guilty about what she had just said. The discussion lasted for nearly an hour, during which they managed to persuade a skeptical Momo to spend the day all together.




Let's start once again!
This story scares me a little because many things will be different from my usual, such as the length of the chapters (I decided not to stress myself and leave them as they come), but also the events that will take place and that I will try to represent at best. I hope you enjoy this first chapter.

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