Flow Like Waves

The previous night's date had gone swimmingly and, although the two interested parties were quite awkward in romantic matters, in the end they both managed to put aside their shyness and enjoy every single minute spent together.

This had been the account of Nayeon, who was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, and her friends had been delighted to say the least.

"I knew you would succeed, after all, even those like you manage to bring out the hidden sides" Jeongyeon was excited, so much so that she remembered the first date her better half had with her.

"You just insulted me, didn't you?" the brunette had limited herself to making a small voice and a little lip to make her feel guilty, even if she was perfectly aware that the gray-haired girl could not have seen her childish gesture "I guess I won't prepare you anymore not even a dessert"

"This is called blackmail! Kat, tell your friend that with this affront she has just declared war on me"

Katarina had yawned for the umpteenth time "I'm not interested in this nonsense, rather.. Did you have ?" her tone of voice had gone from sleepy to sly "tell it all you little scoundrel"

There was no response, but a few seconds later there was a clear sign of embarrassment directly from Jihyo, which was followed by a rebuke from Nayeon.

“They're still together and they definitely shared a bed. I should have bet a lot of money on it, I was such a fool” Jeongyeon lightly punched the table, feeling defeated despite her joy at the news.

"Did you realize you were on speakerphone and shocked my girlfriend?" Nayeon looked indignant, but they all knew that deep down she was enjoying the moment. 

At that point it was Katarina who banged her fists on the table "did you hear how she defined her? I feel like I'm about to pass out, my nose might even bleed with emotion" she was fanning herself with both hands "we have to organize a date all together, it's the rule"

Jihyo had just taken refuge in the arms of the person she had fallen in love with, inhaling her perfume and realizing she smelled the same way "shall we go back to bed? We were late and it's not even nine"

"Give me just enough time to finish preparing the donut, it won't take much" she had kissed her forehead with extreme delicacy, forgetting about the outside world to the point of wanting to kiss her again, but on .

"Girls, if you're going to do a rerun of your first night you should end the call, unless you are excited by the idea of having someone to watch" Jeongyeon's eyes were heart-eyed with joy, but she just couldn't keep silent in certain situations "you don't look like two girls so exhibitionist"

"Shut up, you idiot" Katarina had given her a well-aimed slap "let's leave them alone and mind our own business. Have fun beauties!"

Once the call ended, a real passionate kiss began, so much so that they found themselves against the kitchen wall, both hands wandering free and safe. Their harmony had been immediate to the point of not having left even a shred of space for shyness, making them two perfect lovers for each other.

"Maybe we should stop here or all the effort I made before baking the donut will have been useless" she gave her another innocent kiss, moving away from her to check the dessert "people are conquered above all with food and I have every intention to make you madly in love with me"

"Nay, I've been for a long time" she stood next to her to check what was in the oven "how do you know when it's ready?"

The brunette smiled a little resigned and amused at the same time, giving her a slight shoulder "I've explained it to you a million times, evidently you never listened to me"

"I'm sorry, I was too distracted by the love I have for you to concentrate on the sweets" her big and bright eyes hers were irresistible, so much so that it made them both forget their conversation literally in the blink of an eye eyelash.






The female dormitory of the prestigious university to which the two lovers had enrolled was nothing short of fantastic in their eyes, although there was nothing different from what they were used to seeing in movies and TV series.

"It would have been great to have a double bed and I regret not having tried to request it" Tzuyu had her hands on her hips and a careful look: she was trying to figure out if it might be feasible to move the two beds to the center of the room.

"I know what you are thinking and I forbid you to act out your thoughts, you are a potentially dangerous person and I have no intention of getting expelled on the first day"

"This room will be our home until the end of our studies, what's wrong with making it more welcoming? I want to sleep with you every night and, if we're not tired, enjoy some physical activities to keep fit"

Sana was blushing brightly, still not very used to talking openly about even though they did it at every opportunity and regardless of where they were. Passion shouldn't be stopped, she thought so and that conviction of hers hadn't made her feel too guilty after they did it on Sally's bed.

The younger, on the other hand, was still complaining about her girlfriend's lack of participation "I have a plan: we can move both desks towards a wall and only move one bed" she was pretending to move the objects mentioned to realize the space and make two quick calculations" in this way we will have a double bed on one side and a study corner on the other, it's perfect"

"I already know that I will never be able to convince you, go ahead as you prefer" the redhead was smiling a little exasperated, aware that it would have been enough for her to be distracted for a few minutes to find the revolutionized room again, but the idea of being able to sleep hugging her girlfriend was enough to accept yet another sudden change.

"I'll think about it later, maybe while you're taking a shower so you don't get in the way" she took her hips gently, getting lost in her eyes "I still can't believe I'm here with you, it's like two of my wildest dreams great had merged with each other"

Sana's hands went to slip through the taller girl's hair "I too am incredulous for everything I've achieved since we met, I think you don't have the slightest idea how much good you do to me"

"You're looking at me with little heart eyes, Miss Minatozaki" a giggle and a short kiss on her lips had been a must for Tzuyu "and to think you didn't even want to know me"

"Let's say that our first meeting wasn't a good calling card, I remind you that you spilled half a bottle of water on me and then spoke vulgarly to me" that memory that seemed close and far at the same time had made her laugh too "not to count all the times you've annoyed me without compunction"

"I did it because I wanted the attention of the most beautiful girl in the world, if you think about it there is only one Sana Minatozaki and I really didn't want to let her escape" the innocent kiss of a few moments before had been followed by another one of greater intensity "I was thinking.."

Sana had closed her eyes and clung to her girlfriend, her attention directed to her lips that she was kissing hers "to what?"

"This room badly needs to be inaugurated in the best way, I hope you share the same idea or I could seriously feel offended" her hands were already in position, ready to sneak under the redhead's sweater "can I act or do you still have some things to fix?"

"I'll think about putting my things in order later, now kiss me" despite that request it was she who captured Tzuyu's lips in a chaste kiss that had nothing, approaching her without feeling the least bit embarrassed.

The other girl had smiled with satisfaction, whispering words of love for her girlfriend "I love when you put aside your shyness and take the initiative, it drives me crazy"

Sana was smiling too, but the way she was doing it conveyed a lot of mischief. Indeed, without waiting any longer, she had pushed the Tzuyu onto one of the beds to start that new chapter of their lives.






"Did they really fire you after half an hour? What's wrong with you?" Dahyun was so shocked that she stopped folding her clothes to go to her cell phone, showing her face thanks to the video call.

"I didn't do anything, it was the boy's fault that they hired with me. He was bothering me because he was convinced I had a crush on him, when it is perfectly clear that I only like boys to use them as punching bags" Sharon's annoyed expression was fun to watch "in short he kept coming up and telling me he could invite me to dinner if I satisfied him properly"

Seeing her grin made the brunette alarm "what have you done to him?"

"Let's say he won't have any desire to have for a while, the toe of my shoe must have hurt him a lot" she was admiring her nails, wrinkling her nose when she found them crooked "I have to ask Mina to get me a manicure, this mess it's not like me"

The brunette had decided to overlook those painful information "now how will you do with the job? Have you already found another job that could be right for you?"

"To tell the truth, I was thinking about resuming my studies, I've already talked about it with my sister and I have all of her support"

Dahyun immediately felt excited, so much so that she smiled to the point of feeling a slight discomfort in her cheeks "that's fantastic news, which university would you like to attend?"

Sharon's eyes searched for the other girl's through the screen "I would like to study with you, I've been informed and I think I can get away with a course of study like that. I'm willing to put all my effort into it"

That revelation had silenced them both, letting their looks do the talking. Dahyun was unable to remain still in the chair, while Sharon felt continuous electric shocks run through her.

"You are beautiful, Hyun. You are so beautiful that I forget how to breathe" not being able to touch her was almost hurting her physically, causing her to take refuge in their memories "I was really stupid and all the excuses in the world wouldn't be enough to make up for what I did, but I can't forget our night together. Since that time, just thinking about any gesture you make towards me makes me feel butterflies in my stomach and, as ridiculous as I feel right now, I it would be enough just to see you to feel better"

Dahyun's expression was hard to understand, it wasn't clear which of her emotions was predominant at that moment and her trembling voice only completed that confusing picture "what are you trying to tell me?"

"I'm saying that, in the unlikely event you want to give me a chance, I'm ready to give you all of myself and show you that you're the only one for me, that since I realized I fell in love with you I haven't even glanced at a girl and that I have an irrepressible desire to kiss your forehead"

By then they were both crying, having reached the of what they were feeling, and the need to be physically close was magnified by the second.

"If you really want to come here, request to stay in a room with me, since I talked about it with Sana and Tzuyu I've done nothing but imagine being able to share my days with you" Dahyun was wiping her face with the sleeve of her sweatshirt, excited to the point of shivering.

"Give me a few days to get everything ready and I'll be so attached to you that you'll have a nervous breakdown" she had said it in a joking tone, enjoying the sound of the laughter of the girl she had fallen in love with "will you come to pick me up at the station?"

"Consider it done, I'll take care of you"

"I can't wait, Hyun"





I hope you're spending the holidays in the best possible way. Merry Christmas late to all of you🌲💚

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