Flow Like Waves

The day of the excursion had arrived in the blink of an eye and, in addition to the guide who would be in charge of following all the participants throughout the journey, there were three girls who used to often take part in those initiatives.

The older of the three was intent on hopping on the spot to prepare for the effort she would have to do shortly "why are you sulking? It's a wonderful day, perfect for a nice ride in the middle of nature and to keep the body in top shape"

Sana, the girl with her hair gathered in a high ponytail, had a strange black aura around her because of her discomfort "I don't understand why there must also be external people besides us, our group was perfect and made up of human beings that tolerate each other"

"You can not expect to limit participation just because you feel uncomfortable" was Dahyun to answer, who was busy watching a stupid video on her cell phone "you can stay next to me and Jihyo, if you really do not feel like interacting with people you don't know"

The girl just mentioned smiled again "it seems like a great idea, you know you can count on our unconditional support"

Despite the attempts of those whom she considered to be friends, the ginger-haired girl despair increased as more cars arrived. At three o'clock they were joined by nine other girls, all different from each other.

And, to Dahyun's surprise, they were almost all of the people she knew "oh no, here too"

A girl with bangs and thick brown hair threw herself at her, hugging her and laughing in her face "Hyun, I didn't know you liked these nerdy things"

"Said the one with the backpack on her shoulder and the hat with the visor"

"I'm not here of my will, it was the doctor who told me to make more efforts and my ugly sister thought of making me throw a day straight down the toilet" Sharon made the gesture of a whirlpool with her hand "crap"

Mina was behind her her little sister, a vaguely threatening smile stamped on her face "try to insult me again and you will feel the pain caused by all your bones shattering"

The younger gave the military salute "I humbly ask for forgiveness. Oh look, there is also Tzutzu!" she completely ignored the person she was talking to to throw herself at the taller girl "hello face, now that you are here too the party can begin"

Tzuyu seemed calm and fashion, but her perfect image disappeared as she threw herself heavily on Nayeon, still holding Sharon in her arms, to make her fall to the ground.

"Chou Tzuyu!" it was Sally who called her in a loud voice, ready to get her girlfriend up "are you hurt? She's twenty and she still doesn't know how to behave, I just can't take her anywhere"

"Don't get mad at her, she just wanted to get my attention. It was I who fell to the ground like a fool" the sincerity with which she had said it immediately silenced her girlfriend.

Because of those words Tzuyu's mischievous expression was gone "I'm sorry Nay" her sister-in-law was the only person who could bring out the best in her and, to show her the sorrow she was feeling, she literally pushed Sharon away to hold her tight.

Nayeon immediately accepted her apology "you know I could never get angry with you, I love you too much"

Meanwhile, intending to use all the time available, Katarina had pulled her twin to where her friend was to make the necessary introductions "now you know each other and you don't need my help anymore, I'm going to help my gorgeous woman organizing her backpack for the tenth time. She's a hell of a thing when it comes to keeping things in order, but I love her for that too"

"My sister is a very special person" Chaeyoung was looking at the tips of her shoes, showing herself shy to get the blonde's attention.

"I've known her for a while and I have to agree with you, but I know that her twin is no different"

"You're referring to my pink hair, aren't you? I dyed it after a love disappointment, it was an instinctive gesture"

Mina was aware of that person's attachment to her ex and had decided to indulge her during their first and brief conversation.

"Leggings and a long t-shirt are acceptable, but why did you wear these boots? Do you realize you are in the middle of nature and not at Milan fashion week?" Jeongyeon was already exasperated and, unfortunately for her, the actual day had not yet begun.

"What do you want to know about fashion? Look at your bum clothes and think twice before pointing the finger at me" Momo had reached down to clean her beloved and expensive boots with wet wipes, being careful not to rub too hard.

The tallest found herself having to repress a possible tic in her eye "get her out of front of me or I swear I'll choke her with the string of her horrible purse"

"You are the girl I served at the club" Jihyo also lowered herself, eager to meet the brunette's gaze again "what a coincidence meeting you here"

"Sorry, would you be? I've never seen you before"

"I made your drink last week and you declined my invitation, I'm the one who asked you to have a drink together"

Momo looked at her with studied disinterest "right, I always forget the faces of little people" she stood up, walking away without adding a single word.

Jeongyeon would have liked to bury herself for her embarrassment "I apologize for her, do not pay attention to her behavior as a spoiled princess and do not listen to what she said"

"Don't worry, I don't get offended for so little" the corners of Jihyo's mouth were still facing up, much to the other girl's surprise.





"So are you friends with those two?" Tzuyu was attached to Dahyun's right arm and pointed to the excursion companions who were just ahead of them.

"We have been walking together for a year now and we often go out, so I would say yes"

Sharon, totally immersed in a state of unprecedented hyperactivity, did nothing but jump after clinging to the shoulders of her friends "when Tzutzu asks questions it means that she is interested. Which do you like between the two?"

"I like the red"

"The brunette is more beautiful, I advise you to look better"

"Could you stop commenting on the beauty of my friends? It's unnerving and rude" Dahyun intervened just as the other two girls were about to start arguing heatedly "nobody cares about your stupid opinions"

The brunette had stopped hopping and started walking backwards to face her friend "don't be angry, we were just expressing our preferences"

Oddly, Tzuyu agreed with her "we weren't doing anything wrong"

The answer to their justifications did not come due to a hysterical scream coming out of Momo's mouth "get this off me!"

"Can we leave it there? I want to see her move like a fool" Katarina, instead of helping out, promptly took her cell phone to catch the moment "you're doing great honey, we're going to do a lot of views"

"Shouldn't we help her..?" Nayeon felt a little guilty even though she herself was always the main target of the brunette "she hates bugs" 

Sally hugged her, laughing heartily "there is no need to bother, our majesty has to learn a very important lesson"

To interrupt that moment of pure terror for Momo and fun for her friends was Jihyo, who had no problem removing the small insect that had settled on her head "it's gone, you can stay quiet now"

"Finally someone has deigned to help me, I will remember what happened for my whole life and you can be sure that I will never help you, even if you were in the worst of troubles" Momo had started walking at a brisk pace, risking to stumble because of the cleats of her boots and causing more general laughter. There was no shortage of imitations, the highlight of Jeongyeon and Katarina.

"If I had been you I would have left her to herself, she hasn't even thanked you for helping her" Sana hated rudeness and was giving disapproving looks at the one who was continuing to pose as a prima donna.

Jihyo smiled again, albeit with less cheerfulness "I firmly believe that being kind must be spontaneous and without ulterior motives. It doesn't matter if she hasn't shown me her gratitude, what matters is that everything is okay"

"I just can't understand you, all this goodness will turn against you and your good humor will suffer. I don't want this for you"

"Don't worry, it takes a lot more to hurt me!" she took her arm, quickening her pace and humming an old song she had heard on the radio.





Chaeyoung and Mina had lagged behind the rest of the group, both wanting to have some privacy during their conversation, which seemed to focus on everything but why the pink-haired girl was there.

It was the blonde who took courage and spoke first "listen, I don't know what Kat told you, but she asked you to join this excursion in order to introduce us"

"I imagined it, she has done nothing but talk about you for days"

"May I know what she told you?" she had blushed lovely, but her expression remained serious.

"She talked to me about you in general, focusing on your character and your beauty to give me an idea of ​​the person I would find myself in front of. Even if, to be honest, I went to take a look at your Instagram profile and I am forced to inform you that the photos do not do you justice. You  are definitely more beautiful in real life"

Mina couldn't hold back a smile halfway between smug and shy "I was expecting a person perfectly identical to Katarina, but you are a little shorter and you have an adorable mole to differentiate you from her. Not to mention your eyes, they are really beautiful" 

"Are you flirting with me?"

"I'm just expressing opinions, just like you did, but if you think I'm hitting on you it's because you're doing the same thing"

"Excellent answer, I don't know what to say" Chaeyoung's laugh was very particular, it resembled the noise produced when cleaning a glass, but in the blonde's ears it was already a sound worth listening to as often as possible.

They exchanged phone numbers and went back to the others, having to suffer constant jokes from Jeongyeon and Katarina, who were hoping they had done the right thing for both of them.

A little further away there had been a noteworthy fall, followed by copious tears running down Nayeon's cheeks "I swear I was careful this time"

"I believe you, you don't have to justify yourself" Sally was taking care of disinfecting her bloody knee "does it hurt so much?"

"It burns, but I can assure you it isn't that bad" she was aware that she looked like a child, but she would never give up the attentions of her girlfriend and for that very reason she had clung to her.

Sally kissed her on the head, then gave her a hand to get up "can you continue? Otherwise we stop here and wait for the others to finish the round"

"I can do it, I would like to take a souvenir photo with you with the beautiful panorama that awaits us behind us. It is an opportunity that I do not want to miss"

"Okay, I can't say no to you when you make puppy eyes" she smiled in amusement, kissing her on the cheek and supporting her all the way up the climb.






I know the chapters are shorter than my usual, but lately I'm not doing well at all and I'm doing my best. I hope reading is still enjoyable.👉🏼👈🏼

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