Flow Like Waves

The girls, after a couple of hours spent walking at a deliberately slow pace, had finally reached a point where there were some wooden tables and benches. The middle-aged woman who was taking care of guiding them through the various streets had left as soon as each of them had taken their seats, going to eat with her colleagues.

The twelve girls, for reasons of fairness towards the other groups that had taken part in the expedition, had agreed to be all at the same table, much to the disappointment of some of them.

Momo was still angry with her friends and had deliberately sat down at the end of the bench, forcing Nayeon to sit down beside her as her only tolerable presence.

Despite everyone's intentions to maintain a peaceful environment, Katarina was getting too bored "Momoring, you are still pale. Do you need to go to the hospital? In my opinion you would do justice to the aseptic room that would be assigned to you"

"I'm not talking to you" she opened the bottle of water, turning to the side so as not to look at her even by mistake "Nay, could you sit forward? I don't want to see your girlfriend's ugly profile, it spoils my appetite"

"But Sally is the most beautiful woman that exists in the world" the eyes of the blonde conveyed sincerity and sadness "you cannot deny her otherworldly beauty"

"People like you disgust me, you have no dignity and you show yourself weak for another human being. Disgusting"

"Said the one who started screaming for a tiny insect" interjected Tzuyu, giving her a sharp look "insult her again and I will throw you this one's lunch" she said pointing to the packed lunch of the person she had next to.

Sana found herself raising her eyebrows "why would you throw mine at her?"

"I would never allow myself to waste my food, carrot peel"

"I see, you're a spoiled child after all" she started to drink, finding her clothes wet a second later.

Tzuyu had been the cause of that sudden overturning, as she just had to give a squeeze to the fragile plastic bottle to let most of the liquid out "meanwhile this little girl made you all wet"

"She is my best friend!" Sharon began to applaud with great emphasis "I taught her well"

"Shut up and sit down, it's not funny at all and there's no reason to be proud" Dahyun was dark in the face and she hurried to accompany Sana to dry herself.

Sally had focused her serious eyes on her little sister "you were rude and even embarrassed her, what the hell is going through your head? When she comes back I expect to hear a sincere apology from you"

"She was the first to insult me ​​and then it's hot, no need to make a tragedy for some water"

"I've always said that your sister is a first-rate rude and what she just did is proof of that" Momo got up to take a few steps around the table, a habit she had acquired in the belief that she could digest faster and eat more food without her belly bloating.

Mina would have liked so much to trip her to see her fall on her face on the ground, but she didn't want to make a bad impression in Chaeyoung's eyes "you too are very rude, if we want to point a finger"

"I agree with her, it's always your fault when something unpleasant happens" Jeongyeon was sharing her lunch with Katarina "be a good example and apologize to everyone for your bad behavior, make Tzuyu understand that it is wrong to spite others"

"Please teach me, master of antipathy" if there was one thing Tzuyu loved it was teasing others and, to be honest, she didn't even like Momo, so it was liberating to at every opportunity.

"Aren't you going to blame her now?" the brunette was still with her legs slightly apart and her finger pointing at the girl who was making fun of her, her eyes fixed on the latter's sister.

Sally wiped her hands with a towel, doing it very carefully and slowly "I can't do it, I taught her to always tell the truth and I don't think she lied"

"How about we stop fighting and play one of the games we usually entertain ourselves with every time we change expedition groups?" Jihyo smiled at all of them, waiting for Sana and Dahyun to come back to talk again "it's very simple: we have to introduce ourselves and say something about us. It's a great way to pass the time while eating, what do you think?"

Chaeyoung was very quick to nod, with the aim of knowing something more about the blonde who had captured her interest "it's a great idea, by doing this there will be no time for discussions. Who wants to start?"

Katarina volunteered, proving to be the most extrovert of the group "my name is Katarina and I have green hair tips because I wanted to imitate an anime character, even if dear Senku has tufts up"

"Finally someone who understands what to do without having to explain it three times" Sana smiled.

"Thank you for your approval, how about being next?" Katarina was intrigued by that silent girl.

"My name is Sana and, even if from my shy and detached behavior you would not say, I am a person who would like to help those in difficulty. I am better than I give to see"

Tzuyu refrained from laughing "I'll show you how to present yourself, champion of the law" she stood up, pointing a finger on her chest with pride "I'm Tzuyu and I have the superpower to fall asleep whenever I want"

"Tzutzu, this is not a talent but it is due to the fact that you spend the nights playing video games" Sharon was making a tower with stones she had collected during the morning "however I'm Sharon and recently I broke my leg by falling from a friend's bunk bed. I had a hard time, but I'm whole again"

"Maybe next time you will think twice before throwing yourself dead weight from that height" Mina was looking at her disconsolately and, being urged on by her sister, she was the next to speak "my name is Mina and I am a big fan of hats; I don't usually wear them, but I own several"

Chaeyoung was fascinated to the point that she was enchanted to imagine a wall on which many different hats were hung, being awakened by the one who had captured her interest to push her to continue the tour of introductions "I'm Chaeyoung, for friends Chae, and I'm looking for to recover from a breakup. Sometimes I feel like I have lost the ability to live"

What she had said made Katarina look at Mina, not surprised to find her with dull eyes and feeling guilty for having introduced her twin, but fortunately to distract her from those thoughts was her girlfriend, who before speaking had hugged her "nice to meet the intruders, my name is Jeongyeon and my greatest pride is to be a unique beauty, look at me but don't abuse of this vision or my girlfriend might get jealous"

It wasn't the many eyes turned to the sky and the slaps on the back of the brunette that stopped that game and Nayeon turned out to be the sweet person everyone knew "Im Nayeon, I have an incredible talent for hurting myself in any way. Ah, I can also destroy everything I touch" 

"You are a danger to yourself and to others, but that doesn't mean you aren't adorable" Sally was looking at her with a proud smile, but she didn't lose focus and said her name right after "I don't think I have anything in particular I can say, you just need to know that I have a lot of patience and that I almost never get angry"

"With the sister that you find yourself with you're lucky or you would have ended up in an asylum" Momo was brushing her hair, ignoring everyone's confused glances "you already know my name, of course, so I'll just say that I have good taste in the blood"

"It's the people who like you who have bad taste, that's for sure" Sharon feigned a cough before pointing to one of her best friends "Hyun, it's your turn"

"My name is Dahyun and I love being surrounded by nature, just like today. I would go camping every week if I had the chance" she looked at the last one left with some urgency, eager to walk the trails again.

Jihyo understood immediately and her introduction was short and concise: she said her name and spoke briefly about her talent in transmitting tranquility to people. She was the first to get up from the table, clapping her hands once and smiling "let's get back on the road, our guide will surely be waiting for us"






After starting to walk again Sharon's fingers were always busy and moving on the keypad of her cell phone, which had captured all the attention of the girl.

Following her every move with her eyes, a few steps away, was Dahyun "she's always busy texting, she risks falling if she doesn't pay attention"

"Yeah, that's nothing new" Tzuyu was the only one aware of the shorter girl's feelings for their best friend "I know we've talked about this before and I probably shouldn't even insist, but you can't keep looking at her from afar and suffer for her. Either you talk to her or you go on, I can't stand seeing you like this" at that moment there was no trace of the spiteful girl she used to be.

"You're right, but I prefer to be her friend than not to be part of her life. I know it seems absurd and masochistic of me, but if being her best friend is the condition to respect in order not to lose her is fine with me. I think I can do it"

The other girl's blue hair was even more beautiful in the sun, but her serious expression didn't do justice to it "I just can't understand you, it would be better to have a simple door shut in your face rather than being hit repeatedly by marble walls. How long will you be able to bear to see her with other girls? Sooner or later she will stop being like this and look for a stable relationship, in which case it would be game over for your feelings"

"I don't expect you to understand, but I wish I wouldn't hear you say these things again because they make me feel very bad" holding back the tears that wanted to form in her eyes was one of the most complex things Dahyun had done in her life.

"Hyun, they hurt you because you are in love with a person you think is unattainable, but I want to ask you a question: is the fear of rejection stronger of your feelings for her?"

To that, strangely, she hadn't been able to answer. She just let herself be dragged by the one who had stolen her heart to take pictures to post on social media, closing her feelings in a drawer for the umpteenth time and pretending to be the best friend she didn't want to be.

Sharon did not have the slightest suspicion and, in her ignorance, often hurt the person who was in love with her "tomorrow I have to go out with a girl who attended the same school as us"

"What a coincidence" said Tzuyu without too much enthusiasm "then she is surely stupid, in that school only the scum of the country graduates"

"Tzu, we graduated there too" Dahyun couldn't hold back an amused smile.

Tzuyu smiled too, proud of having gotten that reaction "I'm aware of that and I'm not going to take anything back because look at us: I'm an ignoramus with behavioral problems, you at socializing and Sharon has rotten peanuts for brains. I have to remind you of our bad grades?"

"I'd like to take your hair and pull it all out, but you told the truth" Sharon joined in the laughter and took the opportunity to remember their adventures at school.

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