Flow Like Waves

The station was the busiest and most disorderly place of departures of all, as those who had to leave were in a hurry to get on the train in time, with the same urgency as those who had got off, and the those leaving had to fight the instinct to hold their loved ones.

Sharon and Tzuyu were no exception and they were both prone to burst into loud and desperate crying at any moment, but as always the former's pride was getting the better of her, making her seem only serious and at times detached.

"I'll try to come back at least two weekends a month, if possible even more often" Dahyun was padlocking her suitcase to be calmer, waiting for her train to arrive.

"We too will try to reach you from time to time, we could even meet halfway to help everyone" the youngest of the trio was as if glued to the one who would soon be gone, squeezing her like she had never done before.

The hug was immediately reciprocated with the same intensity and was extended to make Sharon join too, leading all three of them to stand with foreheads together "wherever you are you will always be the people I love most in the world, you must not forget it. I am going away, but I leave my heart in your hands"

"If you say these things I won't be able to keep from crying like a baby, my nose might even run and I forgot the handkerchiefs" Tzuyu had her eyes closed in an attempt to keep calm.

"Could you avoid saying these disgusting things at least in moments like this? If you don't stop I'll whip you with my bangs"

"Go ahead if you want, but don't go crying to your sister if I break your arm again"

Dahyun was looking at them with an amused smile on her face "are you done teasing each other? I should be the protagonist now"

"Hyun is right, I propose to send away this annoyance for our quiet life" Tzuyu was pushing the one with whom she could not help but argue every two minutes, failing miserably in her intent as physically weaker.

Sharon had cleared and, at that almost imperceptible signal, the younger one pretended to need some water and left them alone to go to the bar. 

"I know that sign too, why did you make her leave?"

"I wanted to greet you properly without having her eyes on me" she looked strangely shy and insecure, but Dahyun couldn't be sure "I'm a bit ashamed.. Could you close your eyes?"

"I won't, if you have to say something you'll say it while I'm looking at you"

The brunette let out a long sigh, puffing out her cheeks like a child and rubbing her hands insistently "all right, as you prefer" she locked her gaze to hers, standing still for a few moments before leaning forward and interrupting the eye contact to enjoy the kiss she wanted to give her.

However her intent was swept away by the fingers that Dahyun had placed on her lips, looking at her sadly "I can't let you do it because it would stop me from leaving"

"I wouldn't mind convincing you to stay, maybe that's what I'm aiming for"

"It doesn't work like that, you'll have to get used to my absence" she took her hand away from to caress her face, getting close enough to kiss her forehead "I'd rather leave you with this than a kiss"

They didn't say anything other than the greetings that came shortly after and the two who hadn't boarded the train had been waiting to see it disappear into the distance before walking to exit the station.

Sharon was still incredulous and confused, so much so that she couldn't help but keep touching the spot kissed by Dahyun "do forehead kisses have a particular meaning or are they equal to all the others?"

"They are the most precious and sincere ones, much more romantic than those given on the lips and, personally, more beautiful both to give and to receive"

"On what occasions should they be given?"

"First of all, only the loved one can receive them and there is no designated moment to do it, you kiss someone's forehead when the love you feel for that person is uncontainable"

At that point Sharon had understood everything and her heart had started beating so fast that it had caused her to feel dizzy. She couldn't wait to see Dahyun again to reciprocate that gesture.





One of Jihyo's favorite bars was the one from which you could enjoy a beautiful view of the park and which boasted an entire wall on which particular photographs had been hung starting from wonderful landscapes and ending with representations of strange objects.

She managed to recover her composure every time she set foot in those four walls, always ordering the same things as they were the only guarantee in her life and looking outside to keep her eyes busy.

She had already eaten half of her pancakes when a figure sat down in front of her "thank goodness you're here, not even a free table today. I hate human beings" Momo grabbed the menu dedicated to snacks, feeling mouth watering just seeing the pictures.

"Your house is far from this place, what are you doing here?" Jihyo was surprised, but she no longer felt uncomfortable in her presence and she, she had to admit, was glad she wasn't alone anymore.

"I have to meet Sally in about half an hour, I have to wait for her to finish work" she was still busy choosing what to order "her office is a few steps from here and I preferred to shorten the time"

The other girl had widened her eyes and was about to spit out what she was drinking, her shock was obvious "do you and Sally have a date?"

"Imagine if a loser like her could have the honor of going out with me" she felt like laughing, but the memory of the night before made her clench her fists on the table "that moron spilled wine on my new dress and has to buy me another one if she cares about her life, that's all"

"I wouldn't want to be in her place even by mistake if this is the reason"

After having ordered and having calmed down, Momo had made herself comfortable in the chair and had focused her gaze on the person in front of her "you have a horrible face, you would even scare the Loch Ness monster"

"You're always nice to me, I really needed to hear that" she smiled falsely.

"Listen, it wasn't to insult you, even if I expressed myself badly. It was to encourage you to talk, that's all. Spit it out because if you're reduced like this, it must be serious"

At that point Jihyo had started to sweat, remembering the conversation they had had a few days before and knowing perfectly well that she hadn't followed even one of the words that had been said to her "I don't think you want to know, how about we hurry up to eat?"

"Of course you're really obtuse, you're in that bad shape for Nayeon" Momo was disconsolate and even started to slowly shake her head dramatically "maybe it's not nice to say, but if she saw you in this condition you'd make her forget all the fantasies to have with you"

"Thank you for slamming reality in my face" tears filled her eyes, ready to cry even though she was sober.

"Hirai Momo, you are a totally tactless person" Sally had joined them, elegantly dressed given the high position she held in her work and her eyebrows raised in a displeased expression "was it necessary to make her cry?"

Jihyo felt an overwhelming shiver run through her whole body and it took her a while to realize that she was in the company of the two people who had hurt her the most in those months. Despite this, the feeling of fear had passed immediately, also thanks to the blonde who had given her a handkerchief.

"Don't listen to this spoiled talk, even if you're not at your best you're still a very beautiful girl"

Momo had rolled her eyes "watch out for this chick with the yellow head, she's even flirting with you now"

"Are you jealous Momoring? Would you like my attention too?" Sally had winked at her before looking at her watch, ignoring the moment of confusion from those sitting "hurry up and finish eating, I don't have time to waste because tonight I have to babysit Tzuyu and Sharon"

"I certainly can't choke on you, wait for me in the car like a good taxi driver"

"Would you mind if this chick was randomly run over?" the question had been directed to Jihyo, who hadn't been able to hold back a giggle.

"If you had to run her over, you'd end up in prison, it wouldn't be a big deal"

"You're right, I'll think of something else to eliminate her"

Momo had open in front of that scene "I'm shocked, my appetite is gone"

At that point Sally stretched "then let's go, I would like to finish quickly. Bye Jihyo, good continuation"

Even the ruder of the two had greeted her, but Jihyo's biggest surprise had come when she had gone to the till, being told that it was a blonde girl who had paid for her.





It had taken almost an hour of searching in vain to convince Momo to ask a saleswoman for help, to the great relief of the poor woman in charge of buying her a new dress.

"We have finished that model, but there are others of the same brand if you want" she had indicated a particular section "they are from the new collection and we received them this morning"

"In terms of price how much difference would there be?" Sally chimed in, worried about her poor credit card.

"The price gap is quite large, but we can give you a discount if you buy two items of clothing from that brand"

Momo's eyes shone more than the Christmas lights she used to put around the house during the holidays, but despite this she didn't dare to answer for the blonde. With everything that had happened with her parents she had learned the real value of money.

Sally sighed, gesturing to the brunette to go and choose what she wanted "don't take too long, I'll wait for you here" she sat down in front of the dressing rooms, looking at her cell phone to keep busy.

It was the sales assistant who helped in choosing the two dresses, even entering the dressing room at Momo's request "your girlfriend is really charming and generous" she was helping her with the zipper that she had behind her back.

"My girlfriend? Are you talking about the idiot who drove me here?"

"Just her, you're really lucky" she had a dreamy look "I too would like to be spoiled by my better half, especially if she has an elegance like hers"

"You think she might like this dress? Does it fit me?" she was looking at herself in the mirror.

The sales assistant had nodded vigorously "she will surely be amazed"

That girl was right and Sally hadn't even bothered to feign disinterest, looking her up and down to the point of making her feel embarrassed "if you take this, it's money well spent. What about the other dress? I'd like to see it"

Momo felt more satisfied than usual, especially after showing her second choice. She had a and was so beautiful that it thrilled the saleswoman "what a pair of beautiful women, I'm jealous"

"I like how it looks on you, I'll take both"

"I told you I'd be fine with anything"

Sally remained serious for the rest of their time together and so did Momo, both unwilling to insult each other.

Arrived under the building where the brunette lived they looked into each other's eyes while the blonde had let herself go against the seat of her sports car "did you decide to stay with your glued or are you leaving?"

"I should give you something in return, considering how much you spent"

"Would you like to return my gesture? Maybe Jeongyeon is right to believe that you are a clone"

Momo gave her a pinch on her thigh "go to hell, I will never be able to consider you a person worthy of my sympathy"

"Touch me again and I'll slam you against the door"

The tone in which she had spoken to her had made her face, who had always felt the most beautiful in the world, on fire "do you realize you said something that could be misunderstood?"

"That's better, for once you'll have to turn on your brain to understand what I was referring to. Now go, I'm getting late and Tzuyu might lose her temper" she sat back, one hand on the steering wheel "see you around"

“Thanks again for the clothes” she got out of the car and watched her drive off, feeling strange and yearning for something she hadn't experienced yet.

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