Flow Like Waves

"How does she feel now? Has she recovered from the hangover?" Chaeyoung was talking to her twin on the phone while she was having breakfast, speakerphone so she didn't have to hold the electronic object close to her ear.

"She's definitely better, but when she woke up she vomited even her first feed, I'm not telling you about that disgusting stuff. Luckily we managed to drag her to the bathroom before that disgusting river came out of "

The pink-haired girl stopped with the fork in mid-air, from which fell the piece of pancake that she had pierced just before, and she made a face "I was convinced I told you I was sitting at the table having breakfast"

"So what? I haven't eaten since yesterday due to the horror I had to witness and as my beloved sister it is your duty to suffer along with me" Katarina didn't mind in the slightest that she ruined the most important meal of the day, quietly continuing her talk about how Jihyo had spent the previous day crying on her couch.

It was Mina who had finished eating her girlfriend's food, her stomach not at all upset by the speech that had taken place. However she felt sorry for her friend "you made the right choice in stopping Jeongyeon from notifying Nayeon, yet a small part of me believes that maybe it would help both of them understand the gravity of the situation they are in. That's all very complicated"

They continued to talk about it until a rather downcast Sharon arrived. And disheveled "I wish I knew how someone like me could be pining for one person when she could have loads of girls waiting outside her front door, after all I'm amazing and incredibly beautiful"

They heard a laugh that came directly from the phone, complete with slapping noises "I love this girl, she is vain to indescribable levels"

"Kat!" the brunette's eyes lit up like the headlights of a car "you are the right person to help me"

"Spit it out, I always have time for you"

"You have to accompany me to a red light club, I want to have fun with as many people as possible to keep me busy"

The green tips of Katarina's hair had almost curled at that not at all innocent request "damn, look how late it is and I haven't started cleaning yet, I'd better go or my woman could decide to challenge me to a duel. See you!"

"Coward" the girl muttered before sitting down at the table to eat a chocolate snack.

"And you are a fool who deludes herself that she can forget a wonderful person like Dahyun" Mina had finished both her breakfast and that of her girlfriend and was giving a stern look to her little sister "when are you going to settle down?"

Chaeyoung was entranced by that personality change and was biting her lower lip persistently "when she does that I could seriously jump on her without warning"

Although she had only murmured, not a single word had escaped the attentive ear of the blonde, who was becoming more and more frightening "today neither of you will set foot outside the house, you absolutely need a course of good manners and common sense"

The other two, both seated quite unsuitably for a table, looked at her with upturned eyebrows.

Sharon was the first to revolt at that injustice "you can't keep us stuck here with you, we'll be bored to death!"

"If you went to your room I would know very well how to make the most of her teachings" Chaeyoung's big eyes conveyed malice in industrial quantities.

"I don't accept complaints or offers, I've already thought about which films to watch so you can learn something. Wait for me on the couch, I'll be right there"

Knowing they were hopeless against Mina's authority, they had gone straight to where requested, waiting in silence and boredom already on their faces.

"How did you fall in love with a woman with a split personality?"

Chaeyoung had smiled "I don't know, but I also love this way of doing. Her authoritativeness makes her tremendously y in my eyes"






Nayeon was walking home with two rather full shopping bags, and judging by the ratty tracksuit she was wearing, her mood wasn't exactly the best.

Nevertheless the corners of had lifted upwards at the sight of Tzuyu in front of her house "here's my little brat, why in these parts?"

"I wanted to see you, can I stay with you today?"

"Of course you can, but I'd like to know why you're down in the dumps since it's not like you" she went to the kitchen to put away all the food she had bought, not forgetting to offer the little girl a sweet "it was your sister who made you angry?"

Tzuyu shook her head forcefully "believe it or not she's the only one who manages to lighten my days, I would have already collapsed if it hadn't been for her presence" she stretched out her hand to be shaken, holding on with all the her strength "everything is just going wrong"

The older was further saddened by the information that had been reported to her immediately after and she hadn't thought twice about holding what she considered as a sister in her arms "what do you think about all these things?"

"I think Sana is a real fool for the simple fact that she can't understand that she is a wonderful person, while Sharon and Dahyun seem to prefer suffering to being together. They all make me nervous because they talk as if they have the truth in their pocket, when they really don't know anything"

"I can understand your point of view, but objectively speaking these are not things that concern you directly, apart from the envy that Sana feels towards you of course. We all make mistakes and they have the right to do it too, so your job, if you really want  to be involved in their problems, it is to support them and give advice"

"Sally told me the same things" she had really taken refuge in her arms, looking for the contact that she had been missing so much since their family had split "I know you're right, but I find it too hard to hold back the frustration and this turns to anger at inopportune moments"

Nayeon's caresses could have calmed any restless soul, so much so as to have made Tzuyu's breathing regularize "I think a good sleep could help you handle the situation more calmly, those three love you and I'm sure you will be able to find a meeting point"


"Tell me honey"

The little girl's eyes were filled with tears, yet was curved in a smile "I'm glad you haven't changed, but I would be even more so if you stop denying you the life you deserve"

"What do you mean?" Nayeon knew exactly where the conversation was going, but she didn't know what to do other than look confused.

"You know very well what I mean and I don't want to say the name of the person who could remove the sadness from your eyes. Think about it, I can make this enough for me" she brought her little finger close to hers to seal a promise, looking at her hopefully.

The brunette was unable to refuse and she did as she was asked, then escorted Tzuyu to her room. It didn't take long before the younger drifted off to her dreamland, so she tucked her into the blankets and left her alone to rest.

The noise of a continuous vibration pulled her from thoughts and it took a few seconds before she realized where it was coming from. Tzuyu's cell phone screen was lit up and the name written on it made her jump, but she accepted the call anyway.

"Tzu, tonight I should have dinner out, but first I wanted to talk about it with you and decide together whether to spend the evening together or not. I can pick you up wherever you are and then we'll decide together where to go to eat, okay?"

"Tzuyu is sleeping, she's at my house" Nayeon spoke in a low voice, almost fearful "if it's urgent I can wake her up"

Sally was incredulous and for a moment she thought she had called the wrong number, but it was enough for her to take a look to understand that she hadn't made a mistake "for me there is no problem, she can stay with you for as long as you both want"

"Go ahead to dinner, I'll take care of Tzutzu for tonight"

"Okay, I know it's in good hands" they remained silent for a few seconds and the blonde took the opportunity to remove another pebble from her shoe "I wanted to apologize for everything I've done to you, I have no excuses and I'm not going to justify my actions, but I owe you this at least given the awful person I've been"

At that moment it was Nayeon who was in disbelief and even though that emotion was making her feel strange, she let the tears leave her eyes just like the heaviness she had been wearing up to that moment.

The missing piece to make her feel better had just catapulted into her hands with such violence that it shook the heart, making her detach from reality for a few moments.

"Nay, are you okay? Did I say something that bothered you? Of course I don't get anything right with you" she had sighed, she had never been so sincere in her life.

"I'm fine and I want to thank you, I accept your apology. Even if it pains me to admit it, I needed it to feel better"

"I'm happy, it's what you deserve" she was smiling, even more calm "then I entrust you that little pest, have a nice evening and have fun"

"You too, this version of you deserves the best in life" the tears sliding down Nayeon's face didn't want to stop, but she was fine with that because that short phone call had been the beginning of a new journey.






"It makes me too strange to see you so calm, you seem like different people.. Are you sure you're not clones?" it was the fifth time Jeongyeon asked that question, always with a careful look.

Momo rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time "yes Jeong, we are the real ones, also because it would be impossible to clone a perfect person like me"

"I don't think I'll ever get used to being with you without getting nervous in half a minute, it seems absurd to me"

The glass that Sally had in her hands was already empty "personally speaking, I too feel strange sitting next to this subject without wanting to tear her bangs"

"Try to repeat it and I'll spill the wine on your head, blonde goose" the brunette wasn't scrupulous about giving her an annoyed look "just because I've decided not to act like a doesn't mean I can't continue to do it with you"

"Go ahead, I wouldn't like you even if you behave like a person of all respect"

Jeongyeon kept moving her eyes in the direction of the speaker, feeling like a spectator at a ping-pong match "I guess you still have a long way to go before you can call yourself a good person, but I appreciate your efforts"

The sincere smile she had given to both of them was enough to make them stop arguing and give a more peaceful continuation to that impromptu evening, leading them to talk about this and that and how their lives were going in general.

That was until the blonde accidentally spilled her glass of wine on the snob of the trio, getting a napkin in the face and a series of insults so well articulated that it made even Jeongyeon pale, even she was the one who had always been the better at insulting others.

"Take it easy princess, that dress looks awful on you anyway" she leaned over to dab the stain that was growing on her thigh.

"You won't get away with it so easily, tomorrow you will pick me up and buy it back for me" what Momo wanted most at that moment was to hit her on the head, but she held back thanks to Jeongyeon's laugh.

"You are amazing, you look like a couple in love"

They both looked at her at the same time, pushing their chairs away from each other and yelling in unison "me with this one? Not even dead!"

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