Flow Like Waves

The plan had to continue, according to Sally, and Momo, in order not to hear her annoying complaints anymore, had worked to prepare a nothing short of fantastic breakfast specifically to delight Jihyo's palate.

"Look what I have to do for that ugly blonde goose that I don't even like" she had already started muttering from the night before, totally annoyed by that sudden change of plans "I would rather babysit that pest of her sister than cook for someone other than me"

She waited with feigned patience for the person of her interest to arrive home, giving her a deliberately sorry smile "good morning, I hope I haven't disturbed you by asking you to join me for breakfast"

Jihyo was destroyed: her eyes were watery and red, the tracksuit she was wearing didn't do justice to her body at all and she also had dark circles clearly visible "no trouble, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even have left my bed. I thank you"

The brunette had opted to remain silent, intending to study her prey to avoid possible missteps; she didn't want to look like a fool to Sally and was willing to throw her victory back at her. Or at least that's what she initially wanted.

Everything on the table was really nice to look at and the scent was promising too, causing a sound coming from the stomach of the one who had spent the night crying. She was immediately embarrassed, trying to justify herself in all possible ways for fear of being insulted.

No bad words had come out of Momo's mouth, who even seemed amused "it's a function of the human body, I don't see why you should apologize. Eat rather, fasting isn't good"

"Thank you, I really appreciate it" she ate first, always complimenting and appreciating every single bite "you are really good at cooking, I didn't expect that"

"I know I'm hopelessly spoiled, but when my parents took my credit card off me for a month, I discovered that being behind the stove isn't so bad. Speaking of which.. I wanted to apologize for what I did to you , I'm referring to every mean thing I've addressed to you" she stood up to make a brief but significant bow, not even knowing the reason for all that sincerity.

Jihyo, being the good person that everyone knew, was embarrassed to the point of being adorable "it's history and you don't have to apologize, I've already put an end to it"

A couple of minutes went by in which they didn't speak, both at a loss for words, but Momo had a mission and she was determined to come forward "I heard what happened last night, I'm very sorry"

"Word spread quickly as far as I can see" she had said with feigned cheerfulness "how ridiculous do you think I am?"

"You're not at all, it's the situation that is" she had answered sincerely, surprised again by that sudden goodness "it's not your fault that Sally got in the way of a moment in which she had nothing to do with"

"Yeah, yet she will always win" Jihyo's forehead collided lightly with the table.

"I wouldn't be so sure, but it won't be whining in front of food that you will be able to get what you want" Momo's gaze was imbued with severity "you can't say you're not the winner if you haven't even tried to cross the finish line"

Despite her encouraging speeches the situation hadn't changed at all, in fact Jihyo had gone away with her gaze turned to the floor and the same convictions she had from the night before, leaving Momo to sigh on the couch.

"In the end I did what I thought was right, but that silly girl is more stubborn than a wall and doesn't understand how much Nayeon is into her. Patience, I'm surrounded by idiots"

She picked up her cell phone to call the blonde least of all, smoking her e-cigarette "Jihyo is down and I think she'll stay away from your ex. You won, so stop pestering those two"

Sally had let out a giggle both amused and nervous "Momoring, did you let yourself be softened by a girl's tears?"

"Absolutely not, I'm just tired of being your accomplice in this bull" she had ended the call and had focused her eyes on the wall in front of her "I don't want to know anything anymore, I need a vacation"





Tzuyu had just finished recounting all the details of the fight and the revelations of the day before, intent on tracing circles on her girlfriend's back from under the sweater that the latter was wearing "that's it, I don't know which of these things is the worst to digest"

"We're talking about your family and best friends, I think they are hard pills to swallow, but you should look on the bright side"

"Let me know when you find one"

Sana hit her on the shoulder with a light slap, embracing her again immediately after both because she wanted to keep her close and to avoid falling off the couch "there really are positive sides in everything, just think that each of them is trying to be happy. Your sister has behaved really badly, but I hope that Nayeon's outburst was helpful in making her stop behaving like this. As for Sharon and Dahyun, apart from the latter's departure, there is not much that concerns you directly"

"Explain to me why when the problems are yours you are the most pessimistic person in the world, but you automatically become optimistic when others have them" she was still her back, making her shiver.

"Any person you meet will behave like me and even you are like that, that's why we feel the need to seek advice from people outside the situations that make us suffer" she had her eyes half closed, too taken by the bliss given by the heat transmitted by her girlfriend's body.

The way Tzuyu was looking at her was the closest thing to adoration for a divinity "I love talking to you because you tell me your opinion without ever judging me, it's really nice and it helps me understand things better" she leaned slightly to kiss her nose, taking advantage of that closeness to get to her lips.

They often kissed without any hurry, enjoying every single second as if it were the last and making sure that their harmony was constantly increasing. They knew they couldn't go any further because Sally would be home at any moment, but that awareness hadn't prevented Tzuyu's hand from slipping between the other girl's legs.

"Your sister could come back anytime" Sana's voice had come out in an uncertain whisper, which hadn't been at all convincing for either of them. It was clear as day that she couldn't wait to get into the activity that she had discovered was one of her all time favorites.

"Ifs he were to catch me red-handed, at least she'd learn to behave appropriately with a woman, we all win" the malice reflected in her eyes had been the coup de grace for the redhead, so much so that she felt pushed to grab her girlfriend to kiss her like she had never done before.





"I said I'll teach her a lesson, you don't have to keep asking me" Chaeyoung was on the phone with her twin, a little annoyed by yet another interruption of her nap "Kat, I didn't sleep a wink last night and I and Mina we would like to sleep, can I think about the wicked witch later? It's only two in the afternoon"

"Absolutely not, that scoundrel needs to be stopped as soon as possible and only you are missing to blame her for her actions. Get your stone off your feet and go talk to her or I'll tell mom and dad you forgot to save up for our family trip"

The pink-haired girl was catapulted out of bed, scaring her girlfriend and hurrying to get dressed "I'll be there in half an hour, is there anything in particular I should tell you?"

Katarina had a proud look while she was filing her nails "I've informed you of the situation in the most objective way possible, I'm sure you'll come up with something. I've already told her what I think about her and her behavior, now it's your turn"

"I'll think of the best words to use, but if she doesn't understand that she did a huge mistake, I don't take any responsibility. I'll update you later" once she finished getting dressed she approached Mina to give her a kiss on the forehead "I'll be back soon, you rest" she tucked her in the covers, after which she left at a brisk pace.

Because of the traffic she hadn't had time to reach Sally at work, so she had opted to wait for her at her apartment and, as expected, she hadn't had to wait long for her arrival "can we talk?"

"They sent someone else to scold me, I see. I bet Katarina asked, let alone if she can mind her own business"

"It doesn't matter, what matters is that you understand that you have done it big" she followed her into her house, bumping into her "why did you stop?" she leaned to the side to see, finding herself whistling "we interrupted them"

Tzuyu didn't seem in the least embarrassed, but annoyance was evident "you came back early today"

"Luckily I did or I would have had to buy a new couch" Sally's expression was indecipherable "you could have at least had the decency to go to your bed"

"We stopped before you could catch us in the act, there's no need to act indignant" she stood up with a jump, smiling immediately after "Chae, how nice to see you!" she ran to hug her, leaving an embarrassed Sana sitting on the couch.

Sally's sigh was purely one of resignation "Sana, you don't have to worry or feel embarrassed, it happens to get caught during a particularly intense exchange of effusions"

"One thing you may never do again considering how y you are" Tzuyu was still in the arms of the pink-haired girl, who was making an enormous effort not to laugh "Sana and I promised to leave each other in case our relationship wear out, take an example from those who are more mature than you"

The blonde hadn't answered as she had gone to her room to change and be more comfortable, since office clothes weren't the best to wear around the house "I'm starting to get tired of all these people who feel superior to me"

"It's not a question of superiority, but of maturity and judgment" Chaeyoung had followed her, however, stopping with her face to the door "your sister doesn't despise you and you know it very well, but she's right in pointing out your mistakes and I'm sure it's to help you improve this aspect of yourself"

"You too would have done anything to get back to your ex, I don't accept any life lessons from you"

"It's true that I was struck by her, but unlike you I didn't become obsessive and, at times, mean" she was playing with a bracelet, feeling calmer thanks to the slight sound produced by the movement of the pendants "indeed, I realized that the love I felt for her wasn't what a healthy relationship should be and that being truly loved has a whole other meaning"

"Nayeon loved me like I loved her, our cases are totally different"

Chaeyoung had turned away, aware that the blonde had finished changing "you are right on this point too, but believe me that if you still loved her you wouldn't do anything to stop her from being happy. Also, with this attitude, you are pushing away all the people that love you, even preventing yourself from feeling happiness. Believe me Sally, we love you, even my sister loves you very much, but if you continue to behave like this you will lose everyone's affection and respect. Reflect on the situation and then if you want to talk about it I'll run to you, each of us would"

Sally hadn't answered, she hadn't even tried to stop the one who had slammed the truth in her face more than anyone else, remaining alone in that room that seemed too large if not shared.

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