Flow Like Waves

The TV show Katarina was watching consisted of a challenge based on the scores given by the opponents on every aspect of each other's wedding, in which the brides never failed to show their worst sides.

"It's true that her dress isn't the height of beauty or elegance, but everything else was nothing short of fantastic and didn't deserve such a low score" she was eating her all-time favorite ring-shaped chips, while commenting on every single thing she felt was unfair.

Her desire to know who among those four women would win the dream honeymoon was such that she got down on her knees on the couch "if the one I dislike wins I will never watch any wedding programs again"

"Will you stop talking to the TV?" Jeongyeon had joined her with more substantial things to eat, looking at her girlfriend like she was crazy "you're not going to win anyway, what's the use of getting so excited?"

"It's like watching a football match: you cheer for your favorite team"

"So you are exaggerating the speech, the competition of these four idiots certainly cannot compete with real matches"

Katarina gave her a glare "you better shut up and stop judging me if you want to sleep in our bed tonight"

The gray haired girl was having a good time "you've got your period, admit it"

"None of your business"

Jeongyeon decided to stay and watch with her girlfriend, often turning up her nose and getting quite bored, but one detail in particular had managed to attract her full attention: the eyes of her beloved.

She had never seen her so excited and taken by something that didn't concern her directly and for that reason she felt compelled to ask her a question "do you like weddings?"

"These events are a bit exaggerated, I know that, but it must be really nice to swear eternal love in front of the people who are part of your days. Not to mention that my self-centered side totally approves of the idea of having all the attention focused on me"

"So would you like to get married?"

Katarina's gaze was no longer focused on the TV screen, but on the packet of chips that the girl was holding in her hands "it's not my priority, especially since I know how you feel about weddings"

"You didn't answer my question, you just avoided it" she brushed a strand of hair from her face very gently "Kat, you know you can talk about anything with me"

"I confess that I have imagined marrying you several times, in ever more different and particular ways, but it is not a wish that I would like to realize at all costs and I just need to think about it from time to time to feel satisfied. All I need is you, after all marriage is just a ceremony with rings"

They were holding hands and Jeongyeon seemed completely immersed in her thoughts, until she took a potato chip to put it on her girlfriend's finger "I'll buy a ring, but for now it's okay for you to accept my proposal with a chip that tastes like onion?"

The blonde was too stunned to speak or formulate a meaningful thought and the only thing her body had allowed her to do was to be stopped by the gentle hands of her girlfriend.

"Kat, don't cry" her voice could be very reassuring and with immediate effect "don't be afraid and don't get paranoid, I asked you because I let myself be infected by your enthusiasm and frankly I'm already thinking about when I'll take off your dress for our wedding night"

"You're the usual ert" she slapped her shoulder, not holding back a laugh "you ruined the sweet moment"

"So you won't marry me?"

Katarina took a bite of the potato chip she had around her finger "I'll marry you, I really want it"





The holiday was going on with ups and downs, above all due to the fact that Momo was absolutely unable to hide her hatred towards anyone who had shown interest in Sally, leading her to vent her frustration on the latter.

It was their third evening together and for the occasion she had worn the dress that the blonde preferred among those she had bought for her, but as usual she had not been able to avoid to seem incompetent.

"Wait, I'll help you" Sally, perfectly aware of being desired, had taken advantage of that opportunity to touch her back with her fingertips as she pulled up the zipper of her dress "now you're good, it fits you really well"

The blush had reached Momo's ears, but luckily for her they were covered by her long black hair "thank you"

Nothing had happened between them and at night they even turned their backs on each other, limiting themselves to a relationship based on insults and a few brief moments of apparent tranquillity. They both had reasons for doing this: Momo didn't want to look even weaker and Sally feared that her past with Nayeon might come back.

In fact, the blonde had promised herself not to do anything that could in any way oppress the will of the other girl, only giving her clues to make her understand that she was interested in taking at least one step forward.

Once out of the hotel Momo felt a cold shiver run through her and she found herself regretting not having worn something heavier "I didn't think the air could be so cold"

Sally hadn't thought twice before putting her jacket around her shoulders "you should be more careful, if I hadn't been there your stubbornness would have reduced you to staying in bed with a fever"

"Always better than going out with you" she was basking in the blonde's perfume to such an extent that she risked getting caught sniffing insistently.

"Then I propose that we separate once we get to the club, so each of us can have fun as she prefers"

"Are you going to make conquests?" Momo asked in a low voice, feeling her legs getting heavier and her stomach twisting.

The taller girl seemed almost angry "why not, I almost don't remember how to dance on someone and end the night doing something else"

They didn't talk anymore and, as planned, they had split up once they entered what would soon turn into a discotheque, completely ignoring each other even though they wanted to be together.

Sally was too nervous to even smile at anyone, and her dark face, charming as it might be, had repelled anyone who would ask her to dance.

She looked around for the girl of her interest, saddened to see her sitting alone smoking her e-cigarette "I haven't changed that much, I still hurt those around me"

The words of the psychologist and her friends were echoing in her mind, drowning out the sound of music and any other intrusive thoughts. Her eyes were fixed on Momo's figure in the distance, but she didn't feel like reaching for her.

At least until she saw a girl sitting next to the brunette, as her long legs moved by themselves in their direction "sorry for the wait, apparently this drink is complicated to prepare and the bartender took a long time" she left the glass she was holding on the table, looking at the intruder with feigned kindness "who are you?"

"I'm just a bored lonely person who wanted to approach someone with the same loneliness issues"

"You made a mistake in your choice then, my girlfriend already has me to escape from boredom" she sat down next to Momo, not letting even an inch to divide their bodies "would you mind leaving? We want to be alone"

"Your girlfriend?" that question had been asked right after there were two of them left.

“It just seemed like the best way to make her leave, she had intentions you wouldn't like” she took a sip of her drink, looking around her with feigned interest.

Momo stole her glass to taste its contents "you don't know what I like"

"We've known each other since highschool and I know it makes you feel uncomfortable just being touched by others. Not to mention being picky to an exorbitant degree"

"Do I look uncomfortable now? We are literally glued to each other and I even drank from your glass" placing a hand on her leg was a natural gesture "and I'm tired of hearing about how good it is to kiss someone, I want to know what it feels like"

Sally was holding back with all her strength to look detached "to feel something you should give a kiss to someone you really like" 

A brief moment of reflection was enough to bring down the wall between them "let's go back to the hotel, I won't have my first kiss in a seedy club"

"I can't kiss you in our room" the blonde found it almost impossible to swallow "I know I wouldn't be able to limit myself"

"That's exactly why I want to be alone with you, haven't you figured it out yet?"

"To tell the truth, yes, I know how you feel about me" a charming smile lit up her face, making the anger she felt until a little while ago disappear "but you know how it is, I didn't want to embarrass you and I just threw small signs"

Momo had rolled her eyes, but for the first time in her life it hadn't been a gesture given by annoyance "now that your ego is intact again can we go? I'm impatient"

"I really like this honest version of you" Sally got up from the leather couch, pulling the brunette with her and then holding her hand. The excitement was soaring for both of them that it made it difficult to open the door to their room, but in the end they had made it.

As promised by Sally that night there was not only one kiss, but many others accompanied by the act that totally changed their relationship.





The Sons were quite excited at the idea of meeting their little girl's new girlfriend, so much so that they prepared a lunch worthy of a starred restaurant and set the table with their best plates and glasses.

They both went to welcome the couple at the front door, gasping to see a totally different person from the ones the youngest of the family used to hang out with.

They talked of this and that to break the ice and to make the guest feel at ease, moving on to more focused speeches thanks to the one initiated by Chaeyoung.

"First of all I wanted to apologize to you for being the problem child and for always justifying myself when I had no excuse. Now I think I've improved and it's all thanks to my girlfriend" the sweetness of her smile had warmed her parents' hearts "I know that I made you worry about this aspect too, but I assure you that my relationship with Mina is special and healthy and that I have overcome the past in the best possible way"

"We never felt the need to hear your apology, but I can't deny that your sincerity lifted a huge weight off my chest" Ms. Son had tears in her eyes "my little girl has grown into a beautiful woman"

The man was also excited and was shaking his wife's hand "we are proud of you, sorry we didn't tell you sooner"

"I'm happy to know it now because the person I was was not at all a source of pride" she got up from her chair to embrace those who had given her birth "I also thank you for giving me a twin, without her I would have been lost in a forest of regrets"

Mina was watching them with joy and excitement, wishing she could have parents as present and loving as her girlfriend's and realizing that she wanted to start a family just like theirs.

That moment of confessions and tenderness had completely eliminated the initial embarrassment and the two parents had tried their hand at asking the blonde an endless barrage of questions, making her laugh continuously.

"So you have a sister?" the woman was very curious.

"She has just started university and from the way she behaves she doesn't look like an adult at all, but that's exactly what makes her special in my eyes" talking about Sharon was always nice, after all she was her greatest treasure.

Chaeyoung's father had perceived the loneliness of the two sisters and was determined to change that condition "next time bring her too, we have a lot of space and love to give"

"She would be very happy about it" Mina was holding her girlfriend's hand, her fingers intertwined for a firmer grip "but I must warn you to be careful as she is a real pest and could destroy your home"

"It can't be worse than my daughters, now I'll tell you how many they've done since their birth" the woman lost herself in her stories, ignoring the protests and embarrassment of her daughter and making everyone laugh.

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