Flow Like Waves

-Im Nayeon

24 years old, blonde.

She is an extravagant person and at times demonstrates monstrous stupidity, but she is very sweet.



-Chou Sally

24 years old, blonde.

Always quiet and possesses a huge dose of patience, but when she gets angry she is scary. 



-Yoo Jeongyeon 

23 years old, brunette with short hair. 

She knows she is beautiful and exploits this quality in her favor, she loves to make controversy and be among people.



-Son Katarina

22 years old, blonde with green hair tips.

Her carelessness can skyrocket, but she manages to put it aside when she really cares about someone.



-Hirai Momo

23 years old, brunette with bangs.

She is the classic spoiled princess who wants to live in luxury. She is often grumpy.



-Park Jihyo

23 years old, brunette with long hair.

She has energy to sell and can find the positive side at every opportunity. She never loses her smile. 



-Minatozaki Sana

22 years old, ginger hair.

She stands on her own and is a silent person. She hates confusion.



-Chou Tzuyu

20 years old, blue hair.

She has an angel face, but she lives to spite others. 



-Myoui Mina

23 years old, blonde.

Mild personality, everything slips on her and almost never gets annoyed or, at least, that's what she gives to see. 



-Son Chaeyoung

22 years old, pink hair.

Apparently quiet, she loves to make people space in every way. She struggles to detach herself from the events of the past. 



-Kim Dahyun

20 years old, grey hair.

She is conscientious enough to get out of trouble before doing something irreparable.



-Myoui Sharon

20 years old, brown hair with bangs.

She has no problem saying what she thinks and does not know the sense of danger. 





I wanted to put the photos to show you their appearance, but I did not succeed and I hope you understand anyway.🤞🏼


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itsmedani #1
Chapter 30: This story is really great but most importantly, it had given an opportunity for the lesser known ships to shine along with the popular ones. Looking forward to possible continuation too 🙏
lola222 #2
Chapter 30: reading this story really brightens my days, it is a well-written story to the degree that each of the characters are endearing, they had growth and despite the fact that they did not always behave well, in a certain way I empathized with them. And of course I would like a continuation of the story
zlnzx_ #3
Wow the story has come to the end finally it was a good read author idk why i really love all the stories that you've wrote thank you so much for writing this
I guess I'll be looking forward to your next ff And see you again in the next story;)
Minyeon-ah #4
Chapter 30: I really enjoy reading this story, and i would love to read a continuation of this story thanks to you author-nim 😁
Wivern #5
Chapter 30: Do continue please ❣️
phuenjoy #6
Chapter 30: Omg! I would love to read to continue this story their relationship made me love this story so much thank you for writing the best story.
Minyeon-ah #7
Chapter 29: Great update 😁
lola222 #8
Chapter 29: finally that pair of fools consummated their love xD it gave me a lot of tenderness Kat, Mr. and Mrs. Son cannot compare the antics of their twins with the whirlwind named Sharon
lola222 #9
Chapter 28: I'm finally up to date with the chapters, sometimes I hate adult life xD but the chapters have been really good and almost all the tabs are in place, only the most complicated ones are missing, but I bet that on those vacations they will be able to consolidate, I also have The slightest suspicion that Sally planned everything, that vacation was not for her and Tzuyu.
seriously only two more chapters? T.T
lola222 #10
Chapter 25: 😭 I'm also proud of the people each of the characters are becoming, Momo and Sally the best couple 🤘🏻 xD