Flow Like Waves

Jeongyeon was no longer in the skin at the idea of ​​going to drink again in a group: it had been two months since the last time they had all gone out together and, even if the members were not the same, she felt euphoric.

She and Katarina were more united than ever, especially following the breakup of their closest friends, and they did everything to make their beloved miss nothing, even staying up at night if the situation required it.

They had been the ones to propose to go out to the only three people who still had their trust and sympathy: Nayeon, Mina and, the latest arrival, Jihyo.

They met in a different place than the one they usually chose, as if to mark the beginning of something new, and the two blondes were already waiting for them at the entrance.

Nayeon had visibly changed: her body was no longer small and fragile, but she had the right muscles and her eyes, although they were always bright, had lost the cheerfulness and purity that distinguished them from all the others.

Instead Mina, after being hurt by Chaeyoung, remained the same as always, even if the couple suspected that she was hiding behind a mask.

"Sorry for the delay, but you know how slow my woman is choosing what to wear" Jeongyeon put her arm around her girlfriend's shoulders, laughing after getting a pinch on her side.

"No problem, we just arrived" Nayeon was smiling "and I have to congratulate you because you are less late than Jihyo, it's a record on your part"

Katarina looked around with curiosity "do you know which way she should arrive? We could go to meet her since she will surely be coming on foot"

The blonde was about to agree to that proposal, but she had avoided doing so after seeing the person they were talking about "I don't think there is a need, she is there"

Jihyo had reached them at a brisk pace, apologizing in a burst with hands clasped "I'm sorry, it wasn't easy to fix the hair" she had two small low buns, which continued in two long braids "it just didn't want to know how to get styled"

"It's okay, you're beautiful" Nayeon had turned her thumb up, a childish gesture but that was enough to make the brunette blush "now that we are all we can start this night!"

They sat in a fairly quiet spot near the wall closest to the counter, so as to be more relaxed for the drinks they had to carry to the table.

The first to break that brief silence was, as usual, Katarina "I'm in a good mood, so feel free to order what you want. I'll offer the first round"

"My woman is always generous, she has no equal" Jeongyeon was looking at her with eyes so in love that even the heart-shaped ones you saw in cartoons envy.

"I think I'll take my usual drink, I don't like to change my habits" Mina jumped up, saluting "I'll take care of going and getting a drink for everyone"

When the blonde was gone, the two girls sitting on the couch in front of the couple found themselves with four eyes on them "so.." Katarina had begun, with a mischievous look "do you have something to tell us?"

"We met a couple of days ago and nothing interesting has happened since then" Nayeon was leaning comfortably back, her arms folded and her usual smile lighting up her face.

"I don't have anything to report either, I'm sorry" the brunette was torturing her braids to keep her hands busy, too nervous to sit still doing nothing.

Jeongyeon had curled her lower lip, imitating a little girl's voice "lying is wrong"

The two friends were seriously confused by that behavior and mentally thanked Mina for coming back just at that moment with their drinks, causing silence between them.

Even the blonde had been targeted by the constant questions of the two girlfriends "Chae and I text to each other every now and then and we happened to be on call, but we never saw each other again. I'm not angry anymore, but I don't think I want to be with she and her complex for the ex"

"She's changed lately, she never talks about her" Katarina was proud of the progress made by her twin "actually, don't tell her I told you, but she mentions you very often"

"I confirm, she is becoming unbearable" Jeongyeon had already drunk half of her drink and was spinning the ice still floating in the liquid "that girl doesn't even have a working neuron"

That revelation had caused Mina to smile under her breath, unable to hold back a smile of satisfaction "I'll wait for her to tell me these things, then I'll act accordingly"

While those three were gossiping about Chaeyoung, the other two girls were totally immersed in another world in where only they existed. They weren't talking about something important, but the closeness to which they were able to hear each other without having to scream was enough to make the heat rise on their cheeks.

Jihyo was often distracted by the beauty of the one who was explaining something to her about the procedures for making a dessert, but the only sweet thing she wanted to taste was her lips and it was on them that she was focusing her gaze. 

"In the end, just some icing sugar or cocoa depending on what you prefer. It's simple, isn't it?" the blonde was always thrilled when she got a chance to talk about recipes "Jih, are you listening to me?"

"Yes and I think I understand, but I'm sure I'll need your help anyway" she ran a hand over her face, turning towards the table and feeling embarrassed by Jeongyeon's mischievous look. She decided to reach forward to take her drink still intact, but one hand had been quicker than hers.

Momo had brought the straw to her lips, heedless of the glances they were giving her "this is one of the worst drinks I've ever tasted" she grabbed a chair from the next table to sit with them "I know I'm an ethereal beauty, but I don't want to be consumed because of you"

"What did you come here for?" Katarina, as usual, had no problem showing her dislike "don't tell me you missed us because no one is willing to put up with you, poor princess"

"Imagine if someone like me could ever even notice the absence of a fool with half-green hair"

"So why did you sit here? Nobody invited you" Mina was also proving hostile towards the newcomer.

Momo shrugged, finishing drinking the drink that had so disgusted her "I was bored and compared to the chickens around me you are the lesser evil"

"I'm going to dance a little, I don't want to stay here a second longer" Nayeon was visibly bothered by that unwanted presence and she stood up without saying anything else.

Jihyo had also mobilized, following her friend to not leave her alone and with the intention of cheering her up. She had started to move her head like a fool to make her laugh, ending up laughing before her.

The way the blonde was looking at her was somewhere between amused and something else indecipherable, a look she gave her often and on all occasions. She had approached her to be able to dance close to the rhythm of the new song that the DJ was playing, ending up making their bodies adhere in increasingly sensual movements.

Momo was looking at them in the distance, her fingers whitened from her strong grip that she was exerting on her electronic cigarette "I see she didn't take long to forget Sally"

"You have no idea what she's been through because of your best friend and you'd better shut up" Jeongyeon was pleased with how the situation was evolving between those two and she was looking at them fondly.

"I want to join them, I'm getting bored of doing nothing" she started to get up, but Mina's hand tightened around her wrist "you've already hurt enough both Nayeon and Jihyo"

"I'm just going to dance, it looks fun"

"I know you enough to be able to say that you just want to put discord between two people who like each other" the blonde's grip had strengthened to the point of being annoying "just try to get close to them and I assure you that tonight we will find out how much anger I am holding in the comparisons"

Seeing the almost murderous gaze of her non-friend, along with that of Jeongyeon and Katarina, made Momo sit with her clenched jaw in annoyance. However she promised not to remain idle, starting to write something on the cell phone.






Tzuyu was convinced that if someone told her she would fall in love enough to appreciate the smallest things, that person would get punched in the nose, but she was perfectly aware that she was over the moon about the walk in the park she was taking with her girlfriend.

She loved holding her hand and kissing her on the head from time to time, enjoying to see how much those little gestures were appreciated by the person she was sure she loved.

"I was thinking we could go to dinner at my house, mom said she wanted to prepare some typical Japanese dishes for you to taste them" Sana was really happy with the relationship that had been created between Tzuyu and her mother and always did everything possible to give a mother figure to girl. 

"This is an impossible proposal to refuse, I'm already hungry" she scratched her belly with her free hand, whistling to the rhythm of their footsteps and stopping when they reached a bench occupied by two girls, one of whom was obviously a friend of her "Sharon?"

The brunette had moved her face away from that of the one with whom she was spending time "Tzutzu and carrot pel, how nice to see you" she smiled at both "why in these parts?"

"We were taking a romantic walk. Who are you?" Tzuyu was looking at the stranger with curiosity.

"It's Samantha and she's from England"

The girl narrowed her eyes "you see that my name is Clarissa and I'm not British"

"It's the same, one name is as good as another and it's not nice of you to feel indignation at having been mistaken for an English person" she stretched against the wooden back, not caring about the arrogance she spoke with "can I join you two? I'm free" 

"But didn't you say we were going to your house?" Clarissa was more and more confused by that sudden change of attitude.

"I don't like girls who talk too much, sorry but you're not really my type" she stood up nimbly, stopping on the spot with her eyes fixed on a point not too far from where they were.

Tzuyu also noticed the same person "Hyun, come here!" her eyes sparkled: it seemed centuries ago that she had been able to reunite with both of her best friends.

She was still unaware of what had happened since neither of them had had the desire, or the courage, to tell her what had happened, so the brunette had reached them without batting an eye.

"Am I wrong or have you lost weight? Are you sure you're okay?" Sana was watching her worriedly.

"I'm fine, it's just a bit of a stressful time" Dahyun's smile wasn't entirely false, as the affection she wanted to convey was genuine, but it couldn't be called truthful either.

Tzuyu decided to move away a little to propose to her girlfriend to invite her best friends to her house, all in great secret so as not to ruin the possible surprise. The only one who had to agree was Mrs. Minatozaki, who had held them on the phone to decide exactly what to cook.

At that point Sharon had decided to open "We haven't seen each other in a long time, how are you?"

"Not bad" she didn't want to show the annoyance she was feeling, but Dahyun's sharp gaze was on the girl still sitting on the bench.

Clarissa had looked at her the same way "lower your eyes when I'm in front of you, little girl"

"What are you still doing here? I told you we're done" Sharon made the gesture to disappear, visibly annoyed by the way she had addressed the only girl for whom she felt respect.

"Now I understand why you never want to finish what you start, the rumors go around and you are the pathetic one" she really went away, so angry that she gave a shoulder to Tzuyu, who had not turned around to beat her thanks to Sana's grip. 

Dahyun had felt her heart do somersaults knowing that she wasn't the only one unable to get close to someone other than the person she was in love with, but the anger and shame that still hung over her kept her from feeling tenderness towards her.

"You are officially invited to my house for dinner and no, my mother does not accept a refusal as an answer" Sana took Dahyun and Tzuyu arm in arm, imitated by her girlfriend who had hurried to grab Sharon's arm "we have a nice banquet and, if my parent gives us the consent, we can also do some karaoke"

The redhead's enthusiasm had infected everyone, making it possible for all negative emotions to disappear for a few hours. Tzuyu's joy also served as an amplifier, she was delighted to be able to spend time with the people she loved most in the world.

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