Flow Like Waves

If there was one thing that Nayeon could call herself good at was in preparing sweets, seeing them take shape always gave her reason to be proud of herself "that's it, some strawberries to decorate the surface and I'm done"

"It's a really great cake, can I taste a slice? I'm ten minutes early and I wouldn't mind spending it eating this beautiful thing" Tzuyu had her eyes sparkling and almost watering "I love chocolate cakes"

"I'm sorry to have to give you a disappointment, but I prepared it for a friend of mine and it wouldn't be nice to show up at her house with a missing slice" she smiled at her, feeling sorry "I can prepare another one when I return, so we can eat it together after having dined, what do you think?"

The blue-haired girl heard a wake-up call right in her brain, but she did her best not to show it, masking it all with her usual smile "it's for Momo, isn't it? I bet you put the laxative on it and said honestly, she really deserves it. I could decide not to go to art school and take you to her house, I don't want to miss such a moment"

"As much as I'd like to teach her a lesson my answer is no, I would never try to bake a cake for her" her mood changed rapidly, making her movements heavier than usual.

Tzuyu was watching her carefully, perfectly understanding that her sister was also guilty of Nayeon's anger "you're right, that jerk deserves only our indifference. Now I'm going, but don't forget to make another dessert for tonight!" she kissed her on her cheek before literally running away, hopping like a fool to make the older laugh.

The blonde imitated her immediately after putting the cake in safety, doing everything possible not to ruin it until she arrived at her friend's house, ringing the bell and showing off a radiant smile as soon as she saw her open the front door "surprise!"

Jihyo, who was not ready to receive visitors, was wearing an old faded jumpsuit and she had her hair in a messy ponytail "you should have warned me, I haven't even made coffee"

"No problem, I don't have to leave immediately and there is plenty of time to prepare it. This is for you" she handed her the cooler bag after setting foot in the apartment, torturing her fingers for the nervousness "you told me you like mint chocolate, but in the absence of the latter I had to limit myself. I hope you like it anyway"

"I have not eaten a cake in years and this looks fantastic, thank you" the smile that the brunette had not lost despite the last things that happened was more sincere than ever at that moment "would you like to share it? I could never eat it all, or maybe yes but I would like to avoid spending the whole day writhing in pain"

"My idea was just that, to tell the truth" they got into the kitchen, starting to chat about the things that went through their heads, becoming serious after eating a few bites of the dessert.

It was Jihyo who had wanted to address that speech and, before speaking, she had taken a second to swallow "I have not yet thanked you properly for what you have done for me"

"You don't have to, I love to prepare sweets for people who deserve it" she replied with her usual cheerfulness, unaware of the real reason for that thanks.

"When we were on the phone you forgot to hang up and before I could, I overheard you talking to Momo and I couldn't mind my own business. I'm sorry for the treatment they gave you, but I'm grateful for defending me and, if you need anything, you can count on me"

"I don't care what happened, it wasn't me who behaved badly and neither did you. If those two prefer to behave like the ignorant they are, go ahead, they are the only ones who lose out"

Jihyo's hand had sought Nayeon's "I know Sally's words hurt you, she's still your girlfriend"

"I'd be lying if I said otherwise, but her behavior only helped me open my eyes"

"What do you mean?"

"That I'm getting tired of her way of doing things, I'm starting to feel suffocated" Nayeon's gaze was fixed on the plate dirty because of chocolate "I don't know what's going on inside me, but I think something that I didn't know existed broke"





"Tzuyu, please, could you just be quiet for five minutes? You gave me a headache and we have to stay here for another two hours" Sana was exasperated by the constant chatter of the taller girl, who didn't want to shut up.

"Why should I deprive you of my splendid and melodious voice? I know you like it, stop looking at me with feigned hostility" she had blown her a kiss, returning to focus her gaze on the canvas in front of her "I don't like today's task very much"

Sana suddenly showed interest in her "why not? I find it cute"

"I don't even want to think about my family, let alone make a drawing that represents all of them. The only one I consider a family member is Nayeon but I have no desire to talk about my business in front of everyone" she pouted.

"Nobody will force you to talk in detail about everything you want to draw, the purpose of this task is to convey what we feel for those who will be depicted on our canvases. I want to make an abstract painting that represents the qualities I love the most about my mother"

Tzuyu leaned over to see how far the redhead had gotten, smiling mischievously "blue is my favorite color, are you sure you're not representing me? Look, there's no need to be shy, I know very well that you're crazy about me too"

The older's cheeks were flushed and her annoyed expression totally clashed with the whirlwind of emotions she was feeling "just imagine if I might like a pain in the like you"

Faced with that insult, as a spiteful person as she was, Tzuyu could not help but reach out with the hand with which she was holding the brush to rest the tip of it on her canvas, smiling satisfied "it just needed a touch of red, just like the one on your cheeks"

"You just ruined what I was painting"

"I wouldn't say so, red goes great with blue. Oh, now that I think about it, it's our hair colors, what a coincidence"

Tzuyu's arrogance had prompted Sana to spite her the same, with the difference that the redhead had drawn an oblique line across the canvas "don't you dare say a word or I will paint her face"

"I'm afraid I don't understand, do you mean that?" a chuckle preceded her gesture: she approached her to color her face "look how cute you are! I want to take a souvenir photo of this"

"I can't stand you" she got up from the stool, going to the bathroom at a brisk pace with the intention of washing the color off her cheek "why of so many people in the world I really like a fool with a mania to annoy me? She gets on my nerves"

She wiped her face with the sleeves of her shirt, cursing herself for forgetting the handkerchiefs in her backpack. After reopening her eyes she jumped at the reflection of the person behind her.

"So you like me, you admitted it" Tzuyu was no longer smiling as she used to do, showing a seriousness that didn't suit her "now say it by looking into my eyes"

"I have nothing to say to you, you heard wrong"

"I'm sure I have perfect hearing and I know I wasn't wrong. Repeat it, please" it seemed almost a plea, but not seeing any reaction from the redhead, she started talking again "okay, I'll be content to let your body talk instead"

She walked over slowly, knowing she didn't have to do it rashly, and she leaned forward to give her a short, simple kiss on the lips to see her reaction.

Sana was looking into her eyes, unable to do otherwise, and she was afraid that the accelerating beats of her heart could be heard "why are you acting this way?"

"I do it because we're just wasting time and because I'm tired of holding back. It's okay if you don't want to tell me you like me, but at least let me kiss you properly"

At that point, surprising herself first of all, the redhead had come forward and kissed her first, smiling at her after realizing that she was particularly awkward "sorry, it's my first kiss"

"Don't apologize, you were doing well" Tzuyu was also amused by the situation, but what prevailed was the tenderness with which she was holding her tight "I could teach you everything you need, the first day of class is free and without obligation, but I hope you have the desire to continue the course"

"I'll have to think carefully after having attested to my teacher's preparation" Sana would have liked to start immediately, but her common sense won against her desire "but let's go away, kissing in the bathroom of a school doesn't seem the best"

"I know where we could go" Tzuyu didn't wait even a second and took her hand to pull her away, taking both of their items before leaving school, warning their guardian that they had an unexpected event.





Sharon was sitting on a sidewalk, a cigarette between her lips and her eyes fixed on the cell phone screen. She was re-reading the last messages Dahyun had written to her, feeling a weight in her chest that she just couldn't ignore "just text me, it's been a lot of days and I miss you so much"

She hated all that silence, it made her suffer more than she liked to admit and pushed her to have something like a split personality "what do I care? I can have all the girls I want, I don't need a nice copy of Snow White to be happy, the world is full of them"

"Tell me why you are sitting on the dirt talking to yourself. You are also smoking when you know very well that it hurts" Sally was looking at her sternly, perfectly in line with the image that the younger had always had of her "get up, I'll take you home"

"I don't take orders from my sister, let alone from a tall girl that I do not respect like you"

Sharon let out a scream after two of her fingers clenched on her ear "get up or I'll forcefully pull you in my car. I won't repeat it"

"Okay, but don't say anything to Mina or she'll get even madder at me" she got off the ground and followed the older one into the car.

"Why is she mad at you?" Sally's gaze was no longer directed at her, but at the road in front of her "she never gets angry"

"I made a huge bull and my beloved sister thought of scolding me as she had never done before. I was almost afraid she might hit me" she was smiling amused "I can't really see her hurting anyone, she's too good for this infamous world"

The blonde had raised her eyebrows "what have you done that is so serious that Mina has been furious?"

"Do you really think I would tell someone like you? You would immediately go and tell anyone my business"

"I have many faults, but I'm not a gossip girl"

"I don't care, I won't talk about my problems with an adult"

Sally had stopped the car in front of a red light "you're an adult too, do you remember?"

"You know very well what I was referring to, you all look like old women except Nay, Kat and Jeong. I wouldn't be surprised if one day they leave your pathetic little group" Sharon didn't want to be more rude than her usual, but the need to vent and her frustration was getting the better of the little common sense she had left.

"Someone tell me why I wanted to take you home, I don't know why I did it anymore"

"Maybe because you need to clear your conscience a little, seeing how you behave with Tzuyu, you must have thought you could somehow make up for your mistakes by helping someone else's sister"

Those words struck Sally enough to make tighten all the way to the brunette's house.

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