Flow Like Waves

It was the umpteenth day of the umpteenth week of sadness for Jihyo and the girl was planning to drink until she passed out to enjoy a few hours of sleep without the slightest dream, away from everything and everyone to avoid to feel ridiculous.

She had never liked alcohol, with the exception of mostly fruity flavours, but since Sana had gotten drunk with her she had understood that would be the only way to shut her brain down for a while.

For the occasion she had bought some bottles of wine and some beers, perfectly aware that one bottle would be enough for her to reach a state of tranquility mixed with euphoria. Yet she had decided not to limit herself, she wanted to overcome her limits even though she knew she was wrong.

She was about to uncork the wine when the ringing of the bell had scared her until she almost dropped the glass bottle "always at the least opportune moments, what bad timing"

She went to open the door with an annoyed look, so as to make it clear to her annoying neighbor that she had no desire to have dinner with him as she felt absolutely no attraction for the male gender, but the rude speech that had come to her mind would have served to little against the one who was about to ring the bell again.

Nayeon was beautiful as usual and seemed to shine with her own light, a clear sign that she was finally well "first of all good afternoon, I hope I didn't wake you up or interrupt something, unless you were about to drink like a fool because in that case I'd be glad to have disturbed you"

"Katarina should learn to keep shut, Jeongyeon is right to call her a gossipy person" she covered her face with both hands, rubbing her cheeks until they were even redder "I don't need your scolding, it would make the situation worse"

"To tell the truth, Jeong also revealed something to me without the consent of the person concerned" she almost felt like laughing, but the hands she was keeping hidden behind her back were a bit sweaty "and I didn't come here to reproach you about something you are aware"

Jihyo was staring at her a little confused "do you have back pain? You are holding your hands back like the elderly do in front of a construction site"

"If you let me in, I'll tell you right away, I promise" she wasn't smiling anymore, she was very serious. And tense.

The other girl, curious as she was, immediately made room for her, after which she closed the front door "I'm listening.. Why are you here?"

Nayeon had cleared before removing her hands from behind her back to place a bouquet of roses of different colors in front of her "as much as Tzuyu tried to teach me the meanings of the flowers I can't memorize them and I preferred to take every kind of rose, I hope there isn't one with a bad message"

Jihyo had tilted her head to one side, visibly confused and moderately excited "why did you bring me flowers? I'm not sick"

"They're roses, don't they tell you anything? There are even three red ones, see?" she had pointed to them with her finger "red roses are not given to anyone"

"Tell me what that means because I'd rather not be deluded for the millionth time, I'd rather save myself the umpteenth disappointment" she was scratching her arm, her eyes still fixed on the bouquet.

The memory of the night before had immediately plunged into the Nayeon's head: Jeongyeon and Katarina had told her to be charming and romantic, Tzuyu had exulted in explaining the flowers and Sally, the only one who had managed to understand what her ex really needed, had simply advised her to be herself and be honest, without making it blatant.

She took the deepest breath of her entire life, handing the brunette flowers and smiling unfiltered, allowing her gaze to soften "I bought you some flowers to ask you out, I want to take you out on a date"

At that point Jihyo hadn't been able to hold back at all and had grabbed her jacket with her free hand, drawing her closer to her to give her a quick kiss "I accept, as long as you don't regret this choice"

"I could never regret it, but I don't deny that I am angry with myself for wasting all this time. I hope I have the opportunity to make up" finally being able to kiss her had chased away all the fears she had until a few moments before, igniting in her the desire to be able to do it every single day.

"Where would you like to go? At least I dress appropriately, I don't think I can make a good impression in pajamas" they were still kissing and they were getting closer and closer to each other "Nay, at this rate our date will take place here"

"It would be worth it, but I'd like to do things right and I'm forced to leave you" she did immediately, trying very hard not to approach again "I haven't planned anything demanding, I was thinking of a dinner and a romantic walk"

"It's perfect, I'm going to get ready" the speed with which Jihyo disappeared in the corridor was a bit too much, but she didn't want to be seen during her tears of happiness. After she sniffed her she was held from behind "you followed me"

Nayeon was just as happy as she was and wasn't trying hard to hide that mix of feelings and emotions "I know you by now and I knew you would cry. I honestly feel the same way and even though my date proposal was terrible, I can assure you that I will improve"

"I've waited for you so long that you could have asked me with a text and still made me feel the luckiest in the world, I wouldn't change a thing" she still had the bouquet in her hands and a stupid smile lighting up her face.





Mina was intent on sipping a hot chocolate in front of an old film to relax, too tired to even think about anticipating a bit of the work she was supposed to do the next day.

She was bored and too much silence disturbed her because her sister was physically unable not to make a mess, especially in the evening "hellish beast? Are you in the bathroom?"

She'd asked out loud, too lazy to even get off the couch to go find her, but luckily it wasn't long before the youngest darted beside her.

"Why did you call me?"

"You're too quiet and it's not like you, are you planning on a robbery or are you just tired?"

"I'm just a little down, nothing alarming or abnormal" she was busy playing with a stress ball, totally unaware of her older sister's concern.

The blonde gently took the object away from her hands, replacing it with her still steaming cup and waiting to be able to look into her eyes before talking "would you like to talk about it with me?"

Sharon didn't seem to want to make conversation, but the hot chocolate that was offered to her convinced her to do so "I've been feeling very lonely lately and I'm not used to having all this time to spend in my room"

"Explain yourself better" Mina had leaned her cheek against the back of the couch, dedicating her complete attention to her. 

"Dahyun is more than two hours away and doesn't have enough free time, you are always with Chae and the two idiots who love each other, since they were both chosen by the director of a very good art university, they are not very nice to have around because all they do is flirt and make plans for the future"

"I'll tell you how things really are: you are envious of the happiness of others, more precisely of people who have found a way forward together with someone they love"

The brunette puffed out her cheeks to hide her embarrassment, denying with all her strength "I can't feel envy for those who are content to be with only one person and give up having fun"

"So go out and have a good time, no one is stopping you from doing it"

"I would, but it's too cold outside and I don't want to have my frozen"

Mina's smile was amused "your problem isn't the season we're in, it's the love you feel for Dahyun that destabilizes you"

The brunette took a pillow to press it against her face and start screaming "I know I'm ridiculous, there's no need to make fun of me"

"I'm just trying to make you understand that for every problem there is a solution and that the discomfort you feel is given by the fact that you feel you are firm compared to others. Dig inside yourself, find the chest that contains your desires and leave it open"

"You're making a speech that is too boring and complicated to understand, a bit like your personality"

"Start running, you stupid baby"

Despite that insult Sharon had cuddled up to her, making herself small in her arms "I would like to make you proud, but I really don't know how"

Mina's heart had weighed down a lot, but she didn't let herself go to the sadness of those words and held her little sister tightly "I'm already proud of you, the only thing I want is to see you happy and satisfied and I know you'll be able to achieve this wish"





"Why did you come here on Sunday morning? At least on your free days you should sleep late and avoid annoying yourself" Momo was embarrassed to show up in a simple tracksuit, but she didn't expect that sudden visit and was exercising.

Sally paid no attention to it, too busy looking for something on her cell phone "I have a proposal for you because I have absolutely no intention of wasting my money"

"What is it about? You are so serious that you are frightening me with your immense ugliness"

"A few weeks ago I had booked a vacation for me and Tzuyu to surprise her, but Sana proposed to move to their university dormitories in those days and I don't want to be the spoiljoy sister"

"I am still unaware of the reason for your presence in my home"

The blonde pointed her serious eyes into those of the other girl "you will come with me, you are the only er I know that could spend the holidays at home alone"

Fluttering butterflies had taken over Momo's stomach, even though her expression remained the same "why on earth should I waste my precious time with a chick I can't stand? Ask for a refund and find something else to do"

"It's non-refundable, imbecile with glitter instead of a brain" she was rubbing her temple "no Sally, the psychologist said you have to be nice even to her"

"Do you talk to yourself now? You're crazier than I thought"

"Mad or not you will come with me, you cannot refuse a fully paid holiday. There is even the possibility to use the SPA at will"

The brunette was pretending to think about every possibility, even though in her heart she knew very well that she wanted to accept "you almost convinced me"

At that point Sally had gotten quite close to her, so much so that their noses touched "you could even win at least one night of dreams with me" she said in a low voice, resulting more fascinating than she had hoped "judging by the tomato you have instead of your face, I'd say I managed to convince you. Get ready, we'll leave in a few days"

"Wait" since the blonde had her back turned it was easier for her to speak "in the unlikely event that I accept.."

"I won't repeat what I said, but neither am I going to take it back"

The blush had reached her neck and ears, making Momo totally vulnerable "it's ok, I accept your proposal"

"I knew you would, not even a snob like you could resist my charms. You should wear the clothes I bought you, I'd like to see them again"

Sally was gone, leaving the brunette in a storm of emotion and, though she wasn't used to it yet, excitement. She began counting the days, hoping to be able to leave soon.

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