Flow Like Waves

Jihyo's second job, the one that kept her busy for most of the day, was as a waitress in a restaurant renowned throughout South Korea. The pay was fantastic enough to give her a chance to save up a tidy sum and the working hours were not as heavy as she initially expected.

She loved working with people, she found it stimulating to interact with different and interesting personalities, so much so that she earned regular customers with her sunny and friendly attitude.

The owner of the restaurant was very proud of every single employee and that day he had them all together before it opened for lunch "so guys, I checked the reservations and today we will have three rather important families, so I felt it necessary to divide you in zones" he explained the situation carefully, making sure everyone understood.

Sejeong, another waitress and Jihyo's acquaintance, couldn't stop hopping from foot to foot because of the nervousness "I hate having to manage a whole area by myself, just the thought makes me sweat"

"You can do it, you have improved a lot and I am sure that thanks to you we will make a great impression with the family that has been assigned to you" Jihyo had given her an encouraging smile, her hands were busy gathering her long hair in a ponytail "let's do our best!"

The brunette's enthusiasm waned only half an hour after the opening, making her stand still like a pole in the middle of the room "tell me it's not true"

A couple of apparently powerful people had crossed the glass door, but it was not those two who made Jihyo's blood freeze: behind them was Momo, who had her usual bored and haughty look.

The brunette ran for cover, hiding behind the alcohol counter. To look at her frowning was Minjun, the stupidest boy that could exist on the face of the earth "may I know why you came here? People are coming and you have to accompany all those snobs to their tables"

"Would you like to take over for a while? I can take care of it here, I manage pretty well"

"Forget it, I won't leave my quiet corner to go to work in your place"

At that point Jihyo had to deal with resignation and approach the family she didn't want to have anything to do with, showing off a smile that could be credible "welcome, may I know the name under which the reservation was made?"

"Hirai, thank you for your kindness" despite his austere appearance, the man replied calmly, even lifting one corner of his mouth up in a half smile.

Obviously Momo's eyes were on the waitress and the girl could not keep shut "if you are there to serve us I bet this will be a really terrible lunch, as well as of poor quality"

"Honey, don't be rude to whoever is working" the woman intervened, who did not hesitate even a second before giving her a reproachful look "please excuse this rude, we totally rely on you"

"Thank you very much, I was told by my boss that you would like to try the menu of the day and, if you still like this idea, I would immediately go and take your order to the kitchen" despite wanting to escape as far as possible, Jihyo's professionalism had no equal.

Things did not go badly, in fact she was sure she had earned the sympathy of the Hirai parents, but this until she was tripped by Momo's feet, making her fall on her face and causing everything to fall to the floor.

She had taken a sprain and her ankle hurt, but what hurt her most was the weight of the strong humiliation "I'm desolate.. I'm going to ask to prepare another one" she had her head lowered as a sign of apology and her smile was disappeared.

She could feel the tears pressing to come out of her eyes, but she could not hold them back due to the poisonous words uttered by the girl who had attracted her total attention a short time before.

"You're pathetic, you don't even know how to bring a couple of plates" she was gazing at her nails, a satisfied smile stamped on her face "what a shame, if I were in your boss's place I would fire you immediately"

"I don't know what I did to you, but whatever it is you have no right to act like a " Jihyo grabbed the glass full of wine the other girl had in front of her, spilling it on her expensive dress. She felt guilty for making a gesture that was not her way of being, but at the same time she was satisfied with having taken a little revenge "get off the pedestal because you are worth zero just as much as me"

The Hirai parente left shortly thereafter, not bothering to keep their voices low during their discussion with their daughter. They were deeply angry with her and, to be forgiven, they had left an excellent review and a generous tip to Jihyo, who however wanted to disappear from the face of the earth.






An hour later the woman who had ruined her family's lunch was sitting on the couch in the Chou house, complaining to her friends about what happened "that dress cost me a lot of money and I am demanding compensation, I don't care if that fool can't even afford a manicure"

"So she tripped and in the fall she spilled everything on you?" had asked Sally to try to understand the situation.

"Exactly, or so she made it seem. It was a premeditated action and the satisfied smile she had confirmed my theory, but as if that weren't enough she pretended it was my fault and threw the wine at me. That girl is a real witch, she made my parents take my credit card away for a whole month"

At that point Nayeon intervened, who had just finished talking on the cell phone with Jihyo "you're talking a lot of bull, as usual"

The other two girls looked at her with obvious surprise, as she didn't usually swear "love, why are you talking in such a foul way?"

"I do this because Jihyo was crying in despair over this spoiled child and because I know she would never behave like that"

"Nay, I understand that you want to defend her because you are friends and because you too are clumsy to unspeakable levels, but Momo has no reason to lie here" Sally got up from her chair to join her girlfriend "I know you love her, but she made a mistake and there is no excuse for it"

"She should have thrown that glass at her head, she  really deserved it" Nayeon's gaze was hostile and uniquely aimed at the brunette "when will you decide to behave like a normal person? It's not just you in the world"

Momo had rolled her eyes, showing herself bored as usual "how many stories for a stupid woman, you should be on my side as my friend"

"We are not friends, you just insult me ​​and make fun of me all the time"

"She does not insult you, it is true that you are clumsy and a bit dumb" Sally had become serious, annoyed by the excessive opinion of her girlfriend "you and that one are the same, you do not have a bit of dignity"

Those words, together with the look of the one who believed could never hurt her, had made Nayeon shiver "is this what you think of me? That I am stupid, clumsy and without dignity? Is this the value you give to the person you affirm every day of loving? I congratulate you for having faked beautifully all this time"

Seeing her on the verge of tears made the other girl understand that she had made a huge mistake "obviously no, I spoke without thinking and I'm so sorry. Forgive me, you know I love you so much" she started to take her hands, but was rejected abruptly.

"I'm going to keep company with Jihyo, at least among stupid people and without dignity we will surely be able to understand each other" she turned her heel and left without ever looking back, leaving the other two in complete silence.

Momo was the first to resume the conversation "I think someone has been in trouble, you just can't hold your tongue when things don't go your way"

"Shut up, I will just have to wait for her to pass for a while and then I can be forgiven. I know Nayeon well and she can't live without me"

"Are you really sure? She just rebelled despite your constant manipulations"

"You'll see, she and I are meant to be together" Sally had her fists clenched against her hips.





Dahyun had gone to the library to find some peace in the books that had been recommended to her by Sana, following the advice of the redhead and letting the smell of the books envelop her completely. She had pulled a small list from her jeans pocket, in which some titles were written in elegant handwriting.

She had explicitly requested different genres, with a prevalence of fantasy, and smiled to see how much her friend had worked hard to please her "next time I will offer her snacks, she deserves it considering the help she is giving me"

She began to search in that large and quiet space, doing her best to fully enjoy both the solitude and the multitude of volumes placed on the shelves.

The first ward she had gone to look for was in her beloved fictional books, getting excited enough to take more than there were marked on the sheet of paper she had in her fingers. Nothing could cure a disappointment like a good book and she, even if she didn't want to admit it, she really needed to focus on something other than the disastrous decision she had made a few days ago.

Her heart was pounding at the memory of that night, every single thing she did with her best friend was etched in her mind and on her body. She remembered every sensation, shivering as if Sharon's hands were touching her right now.

Instead of going to look for the other books in her list she had opted for another department, intrigued by the fact that there were colored sofas, arranged in such a way as to allow a minimum of privacy for those who sat there to read.

It was a mistake that, she was sure, she would regret for a long time: sitting on one of those sofas, clinging to a girl she did not know, there was Sharon, who seemed totally unaware that she was in a public place and that someone would could see them.

The brunette was perfectly at ease with running her hands over the other girl's body, as well as kissing her first on the neck and then on her lips.

"Take it easy, someone might see us"

"What do you want me to care? It's okay for me to put on a show if it keeps me busy"

The blonde-haired girl prevented yet another kiss "it matters to me, if we have to have let's go to my house"

Sharon looked at her without emotion, immediately moving away from her "I don't feel like it, I just wanted to have some fun. I'm leaving, you became boring the moment you started talking"

She didn't know the reason for the annoyance she was feeling, just as she wasn't aware that Dahyun had seen that exchange of affection and she was gone before she could see that she had been treated differently from all the countless girls of her best friend.

She was calling herself a gullible fool again, not forgetting to add more articulate and, in her opinion, appropriate insults. She knew very well that Sharon did not love her and that the sweetness of the night they had spent together was fictitious, but in her heart she had believed it. She had hoped she could have the happy ending she had often read about in her books.




I have two questions: who is your favorite character? And who you like the least? If you feel like let me know the motivation, I'm really curious.👉🏼👈🏼

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