Flow Like Waves

Tzuyu, proud of the furniture she had moved upon her arrival in the dormitory, was showing the room to her sister via a video call "by doing so we obtained a double bed and an area dedicated only to studying, what do you think? Personally I I find it really good"

"It seems functional to me, although I bet Sana was a tough nut to crack" Sally was still on vacation and was lying on the bed, her head resting on two pillows and the arm holding the phone raised upwards.

"It was enough for me to let her know the benefits of sharing a bed, but initially she was quite against it" she was continuing to spin in her chair, risking falling over a couple of times "you finally left, as far as I can see"

The blonde nodded slowly "I had already booked and there was no refund, so I preferred not to waste the money"

"Who are you with? I bet that bed is hosting a different girl every night" her mischievous look was so exaggerated as to be annoying "you can tell me if you're having a good time"

By then the phone was no longer in its owner's hand, showing the face of the last person Tzuyu would have expected to see "I'm sorry to interrupt this moment of small talk, but I can't let you think your sister is having fun with another people other than me"

"Momo?! I feel like I could faint at any moment" the younger had brought a hand to her heart, breathing heavily to demonstrate her dismay as best as she could "it's a joke, right?"

"It's not, little freak" Sally was back in the frame, thanks to the proximity to the brunette, and she was smiling "let's say life is unpredictable"

Tzuyu didn't know what to say and had a lost look "you are in the same bed and you are not insulting each other"

Sana had also approached, curious to know what was happening and having the same reaction as her girlfriend "I would never have expected this.. It's really true that those who despise buy. Now I know I haven't been who knows how incoherent with myself"

The youngest of them, after the initial shock, had approached the screen with a serious look "just to know: did you have ?"

"No" Momo replied with a little embarrassment.

"Absolutely yes" Sally's answer had overwhelmed that of the brunette "don't be shy, we had fun and there's no reason to be ashamed"

"But she's your sister, you imbecile!" she had thrown a pillow in her face, blushing more every second "this time you will not go unpunished, just know that"

Sally was laughing heartily, so much that she couldn't parry the next blows and dropping a tear of joy down Tzuyu's face, who was feeling an indescribable emotion hearing her laugh for the first time.

They'd been through so much that they'd assumed her sister was surrounded by impenetrable walls, but for a variety of reasons had finally been brought down by a colossal giant.

After wiping her cheek with the sleeve of her sweatshirt she gave an excited smile to both of them "you're cute together, I would never have thought about that"

"Do we have your approval?" if there was one thing the blonde needed it was the support of her little sister.

"Yes, I just need to look at you to understand that it could be one of the best choices for your happiness" that declaration was followed by a disturbing look "Hirai Momo, make my sister cry and the next tease I'll make you won't be that of a simple insect on the shoulder"

"How disgusting, I had forgotten that story" she shivered at the memory "and in any case it is much more probable that she could be the one making me cry, you have no idea how much she enjoys bothering me in any way"

"You deserve it given your way of being, but my sister is no less and that's why you're made for each other" she made a heart with her fingers, smiling cheerfully "now I have to go, my girl hates not following the schedule and we absolutely have to study"

Once the call ended Sana looked at her girlfriend "did you really put an insect on her shoulder to spite her?"

"She deserved it, I assure you"






"Hyun, do you know where I put my notebook? I can't find it anywhere and I need it urgently" Sharon was turning the room upside down, throwing the objects behind her to quickly get them out of the way and ignoring the visible annoyance in the eyes of her girlfriend.

"Have you tried checking your backpack?"

The girl with the messy bangs stopped suddenly, trembling slightly with fear "to tell the truth, I hadn't even thought about it"

The moment of truth had arrived and, predictably, it was Dahyun who was right "now fix the mess you've made and I want everything to go back to its place"

"But I don't have time, I have a deadline to meet and that's why I need my notes. Can I fix it later? It won't take long and I'm even willing to dust the furniture"

"Okay, I don't want to have your pout on my conscience" she was hugging the pillow, her eyes sleepy after spending the previous night studying "try not to make too much noise, I'm taking this opportunity to catch up on some lost sleep"

Sharon paid close attention to her movements, doing her best to finish quickly and reach her girlfriend. She loved hugging her and falling asleep in that position, but there wasn't a single thing that didn't make her feel euphoric about their relationship.

She finally felt complete, so much so that she abandoned even the most insignificant old habit she had about girls and didn't even feel the need to get their attention.

Or rather, the only eyes she wanted to have on were only and exclusively those of Dahyun, she cared little about other people.

However, to achieve her current goal, she had to finish her daily dose of study quickly or she wouldn't have time to pamper her girlfriend. She absolutely couldn't afford it, she needed it as much as oxygen.

Luckily for her, Dahyun was so tired that she didn't even wake up when she dropped a book on the floor, allowing her to finish studying every single page and throw herself next to her right after.

"You are beautiful even while you sleep, so much that I would stay looking at you for hours"

"Sometimes you're downright creepy" Dahyun murmured before automatically snuggling against her, as if before she was born she was programmed for her body.

"But you like it, admit it" she had removed the pillow to occupy her place, enjoying the warmth of her girlfriend's embrace "I'm sorry for waking you up"

"It doesn't matter, I know it wasn't your intention" she was massaging her back with her fingertips, knowing of her bad posture during study hours "did you manage to learn everything?"

Sharon looked pretty sure of herself "I think so" she kissed her forehead, getting a little lost in thoughts "Mina texted me just now, she said we were invited to Chae's house for the end week"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, they were impressed by my sister and I think they understood that we don't have a good relationship with our parents because, according to what that idiot said, they want us to feel at home"

Dahyun had opened her eyes, looking at her with all the sweetness in the world "it's wonderful news and I'm sure Chae's parents will be able to give you all the love that has been denied you. How do you feel about it?"

"I'm a little scared, but I'm no longer the type of person who runs away if there's a chance to be happy"





One of the best aspects of Nayeon's house was the small terrace that allowed a fantastic view of the night sky and, to celebrate her girlfriend's permanent move, she had organized something quiet to officially start their life as a couple.

To remedy the biting cold she had bought soft but heavy blankets, which would have been supported by hot water bottles, and had also brought the necessary to make chocolate or any other drink that could help warm them.

Once in position, their gazes were directed towards the myriad of stars above them "looking at the sky in the company of a special person has a completely different impact" Jihyo was so excited that she started playing with the older's fingers "what do I have to worry so much?"

"It is our first night of official cohabitation and it seemed only right to organize something simple but which we will remember for a long time"

"You had a wonderful idea, I couldn't have done better"

"For you this and more, I told you that I intend to make up for all the time we wasted keeping us apart" she was squeezing her in a hug, suddenly needing to keep her even closer.

Jihyo couldn't have asked for anything better because she felt lucky enough to have received everything she ever wanted "do you ever think about our first meeting?"

"If you're referring to the day of the excursion, unfortunately I remember little about you, but as far as that time at the club is concerned, I have to admit that I too felt something at that moment, it just took me a while to figure it out"

"I would do it all again, maybe without crying all the time"

"Me too, at this point I have no regrets. I'm happy"






Life is made up of encounters, joys and disappointments. These three things have always been present in the girls' lives, so much so that they have given them the awareness that one must fight for what one wants to achieve, that it is permissible to stumble along one's path and that the important thing is always to get up again.

With these teachings imprinted in their minds, they continued to live their days in their own way, without allowing anyone to stand in their way to happiness and fulfilment.

The first couple to have given an example of this combination was the one formed by Jeongyeon and Katarina, who after a year from the proposal had crowned their love thanks to a splendid marriage which, contrary to the experience of many people, had only strengthened their bond already indissoluble in itself.

Another great goal achieved with difficulty was that of Tzuyu and Sana, namely that of having managed to graduate in the same period and to have earned the esteem of some famous art critics, giving them a springboard to be able to live thanks to the their works.

In the end, Sharon too had managed to put her head in order and, thanks to the help of the people she loved, she had gathered the necessary courage to buy some couple rings together with Dahyun. But they had not limited themselves only to that symbolic gesture, in fact they had gone to live together immediately after being sure of having stable jobs.

Mina and Chaeyoung, motivated by the latter's parents, had inherited the Son family shop, which was directly related to Katarina's business and gave them the opportunity to interact with many people. No wedding in sight, but only for the one who was unaware of the proposal that would come to her.

Sally had continued to go to the psychologist and her true personality made her shine in the eyes of those who looked at her, infecting Momo to the point of eliminating her crabby character. Their relationship had turned into a love-hate one, but their friends were willing to bet everything that was the first thing to be dominant.

The last couple was the very essence of true and pure love and no definition could be associated with that bond based on respect and trust. Nayeon had learned to take what she wanted without delay and the same was for Jihyo, in fact there was no obstacle in front of their feelings which, they were sure, would last for their whole life.






We have reached the end! There should have been another chapter, but I preferred to combine the last two and end the story with number 29 as it is symbolic.

I loved writing this story which, honestly speaking, came to me out of nowhere and I had it organized in a short time, so I've always been a little afraid of making silly mistakes, but all in all I'm satisfied despite it not being who knows what.

I will miss these characters and I already know that I will feel the emptiness that Sally and Katarina will leave, so much so that I am thinking of including them in at least one of the many stories I am organizing. As for Sharon you will see her often, she will be in almost every story.

As usual I hope you enjoyed this trip and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, it means a lot to me.💚


Ps. Would you like to read a continuation of this story? I already have ideas in mind, so let me know👀

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