Flow Like Waves

"Come on Jihyo, try to stand" Jeongyeon was exhausted after dragging her from side to side and breathed a loud sigh of relief after finally setting foot in the house "be careful Kat, this woman weighs a ton"

They made her sit on her couch, giving her water and trying to communicate with her, but it wasn't an easy task given the disjointed way the brunette spoke. As if that weren't enough, she even spilled the contents of the glass on herself, bursting into tears again.

"I'm a complete mess, you should lock me up and feed the key to the sharks"

The two lovers looked at each other with raised eyebrows and a little embarrassment, but Katarina absolutely wanted to do something to resolve that situation "what should one do in moments like this?"

"I think it's time to call Nayeon, seeing how Jihyo is reduced, only she would be able to calm her crying fits"

"Are you perhaps crazy? Do you have a vague idea of ​​the psychological damage that seeing each other in a moment of discomfort like this would do to both?"

Jeongyeon was looking at her in confusion "I can't understand what's the matter, if this idiot has turned like this it's because of the other idiot"

The blonde wanted to slap her better half, but she loved her face too much to hit it "Jihyo would feel even more ridiculous if Nayeon were to see her, Nay instead would feel a huge sense of guilt because she knows very well that our Jih is suffering for her. Do you understand now or do you want me to give you a detailed outline of how bad your idea is?"

"Are you being sarcastic with me Kat? You know I don't like it when you try to make me look stupid" she had narrowed her eyes and was looking down at her.

"What if I am doing it? It's certainly not my fault if you can't understand such obvious things"

While those two were arguing animatedly, Jihyo's eyes lingered in the direction of the kitchen for a few seconds before her brain gave her the order to go there to get something to drink, prompting her to open the fridge.

There were some beers and a bottle of wine, so nothing too tempting for her, but she settled for what she found, clinging to the bottle of beer she'd managed to grab first.

Once back in the living room she started laughing out loud, throwing her head back and risking losing her balance "you're cute even when you argue, what a beautiful couple" she tried in vain to make a heart with her free hand, not remembering how to do it and demoralizing herself.

"Where did you get that beer? Wretch" Katarina snatched it from her hands without warning, looking at her as a mother would with her child "do you really think you can solve your problems by getting drunk? I have to give you some bad news: it doesn't work like that. You have to face the pain and not run away from it, only in this way you will be able to feel better"

"I think like her too, you need to take care of yourself and be lucid to face any situation. We want to help you, you just have to let us do it"

Jihyo nodded slowly so as not to make her dizziness worse, opening her arms immediately after and waiting  "hug me, nobody ever does and I need it"

They did, so much so that they treated her like a child and put her to sleep in bed with them. Katarina was brushing her hair away from her face, a little thoughtful "it's in moments like this that I can actually realize how lucky I've been with you, the two of us have never had to go through these painful phases"

"Our love is rare to find and keep, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to get and I think that's the case with these two idiots. When they realize they're meant for each other, they'll stop hurting themselves. And when that happens, I'll be ready to tease them till my death"

"Get to sleep instead, idiot"

"I don't let myself be insulted by a chick who has the ends of her hair colored green" despite what she had said the conversation was over and it didn't take long before they too ended up in the world of dreams.





The sunlight filtered faintly through a small gap unprotected by the heavy curtain, causing Sana to open her reddened eyes only after her back was turned from the window.

She had a headache and felt so weak that she didn't immediately notice that she wasn't in her bedroom. She only started looking around a few minutes later, having some vague memories of the previous night as a cue and not knowing how she got to her girlfriend's house.

She freed himself from the blankets and got out of bed, leaving the room with an uncertain and vaguely unsteady step. In the corridor there was Tzuyu, who had some clothes tight in one hand and a towel in the other "I'm going to take a shower, in the meantime you go to have breakfast"

Having said that, without giving her a look, she had closed herself in the bathroom without making the slightest noise. At that point the redhead had headed for the kitchen, embarrassed at the sight of Sally having her coffee.

"How are you feeling? Were you able to rest?" there wasn't even a shred of judgment in her voice, just pure concern "try to eat something, take your meds and then go take a hot shower. It will help you feel better"

"I mentioned something I shouldn't have, am I right?" she was shaking, weighed down by the fact that she was starting to remember something from the conversation that happened with Tzuyu "tell me I didn't really hurt her and that it was just a dream"

The blonde's sorry smile was enough of an answer, so she immediately ran to the bathroom "Tzu, can we talk?"

"I'm washing up, can't you wait another ten minutes?"

The detached tone with which she had spoken convinced Sana to enter the shower without even undressing "no, I can't wait to apologize to you"

For Tzuyu there was nothing in the world that could match the beauty of her girlfriend and no amount of discussion could change the way she saw her. She approached her enough to be able to remove her pajama shirt "I'm listening, but you wash yourself too. You stink like hell"

The blush on Sana's cheeks wasn't due to the temperature of the water that was sliding over her like a heavy rain, but to the fact that she was unpresentable from any point of view.

She decided to soaping up generously before opening again, avoiding the other girl's gaze so as not to lose the shred of courage she had managed to accumulate "I'm so sorry and I know this won't be enough to make it up to you, but I assure you I'll do the impossible to get your respect back. It's true that I envy you, I won't deny it, but I'm still happy with your progress and I can't wait to see you working to make all your dreams come true"

"What hurt me the most was knowing what you think about yourself, I already know that you don't want to see me fail and that you're rooting for me" they sat down and she was intent on gently soaping her hair "I definitely need time to get over it, even if the worst things you said weren't aimed at me, but that doesn't mean we're going to break up or that I don't want to be with you anymore"

Sana was silently crying, taking advantage of the fact that Tzuyu could only see her from behind "you are a wonderful person, so much so that you don't deserve someone like me next to you"

"I give up, when you understand that no one is better than the others give me a shout" she had stopped soaping her hair, standing up to finish washing and getting out of the shower in complete silence.

She hated arguing and didn't want to do it with the one she loved, so she went to what had become her safe place: Sally's hug "Sana doesn't understand and keeps putting herself down, I want to yell at her when she does but I know it would be unfair from me"

"Give yourself some time to ease the situation that has arisen and then you can talk about it more calmly" she was rubbing her wet hair with a towel, as she used to do when she was a child "you are both intelligent and I am sure that a day you'll laugh about it"

"I hope you're right, I don't want to lose her too"






Having just come out of the hospital came as a shock to Dahyun: she had forgotten how much a single day spent in bed could make her lazy, but to aggravate the situation there were her wounds and bruises that she had scattered all over her body.

Her best friends, together with Sana, had gone to pick her up for a walk in her park near her house and to chat a bit, but she had noticed right away that something was wrong. All three were dark-faced, had dark circles under their eyes and seemed ready to snap negatively at the slightest stimulus.

"Are you okay? You have scarier faces than mine and I fell off a cliff" she had asked very cautiously and with a touch of irony, not wanting to make the situation worse.

"Why don't you ask your dearest Haeun? It seems to me that you care a lot about her" Sharon, not intending to sit on the bench, was moving in a circle in front of it, too nervous to even stay still.

Dahyun had looked at her with an indecipherable expression "what does she have to do with the question I asked you?"

"I don't have to answer you"

"Then avoid shooting bull, if you want to argue just ask" she clenched her fists, ignoring the painful shocks that ran through her arms.

Sana was looking from one to the other, worried "girls, keep calm, we came here to relax all together"

"Let them alone, at least they don't mind talking openly about the things that upset them" Tzuyu was nibbling on the stem of a clover, a habit she had since she was a child and that she had no intention of giving up. It was helping her stay calm.

At that point had been the first two litigants to shut up and turn their eyes in their direction, both confused by that turn they could never have believed possible.

The redhead had fallen silent, her lips pressed into a thin line and her dirty conscience to call her silly. She knew her girlfriend hadn't used a teasing tone, but she couldn't help but feel directly touched by her words, feeling guilty.

"I'm going home, I don't want to bother anyone" she stood up slowly, took her shoulder bag and walked away with her head down.

Tzuyu turned to her best friends "why are you staring at me?"

"You should follow her, I don't know what happened between you but this is wrong" Dahyun was pointing at the girl in the distance "go to her and talk about it, you can't stay like this"

"I agree with Hyun, don't be stupid and go hug your girlfriend"

The youngest of the three had smiled without joy, looking a lot like her sister and almost frightening "these things, said by two hypocrites like you, make me turn my stomach. I'm leaving too, I don't feel like confronting anyone that understands less than me"

Once she too was gone Sharon had reached out to the girl still sitting "I'll take you home, it's not safe to send you alone"

"There's nothing between Haeun and me, we're just friends" Dahyun said during the walk.

"I know, but that imbecile does nothing but make indecent proposals to you and it annoys me"

They were holding hands as a couple, heedless of anything else "why? I'm a free person and I can do what I want"

Sharon's fringe was messy for the umpteenth time due to the wind and she was insistently arranging it "people like her are not reliable in any field, she also almost got you killed and after what I did to you I feel the need to protect you from unstable people like me"

Dahyun had remained silent at that statement, calling herself stupid for having hoped for a different answer.

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