Flow Like Waves

Tzuyu, since she graduated from high school, used to spend the morning in her pajamas playing video games, an activity that kept her busy even at night and that never tired her.

The advantage of living with her sister and Nayeon was that she had all the freedom she needed, as they both always had things to do. Having the chance to be alone whenever she needed it was like heaven for the little girl, who, like every day, had a mischievous smile on her face.

"That's what you deserve" she said to the player she had just eliminated "can't you do better? I bet I could beat you even if I played with my hands tied and a blindfold"

Those who knew her well knew how much her angelic appearance did not coincide with her rebellious and spiteful character, but there was an even smaller circle of people who had got to know the mature and calm part of her. 

Among these there was Dahyun, who distracted her from the TV screen after ringing the doorbell "would you like to be together for a while? I bought breakfast"

"You know you don't have to ask, take a seat while I go to change"

"You don't need to, I don't mind seeing you in pajamas" she was running her hands through her hair that had taken on a particular shade of gray, annoyed by the knots that prevented her fingers from running along its length.

"So come with me and take one of my pajamas, I seem to be a patient during visiting hours" she tugged at her without waiting for an answer, placing her in pajamas with kittens which she had also paired with socks.

After those frantic and mentally tiring moments they sat down in the dining room to enjoy breakfast, all in silence as usual. Not that they didn't have topics to discuss, they simply preferred to keep quiet during meals.

Tzuyu took advantage of that precious time to observe her best friend "you seem pretty down in the dumps, is there something you need to tell me?"

"It's just your impression, I'm fine"

"Now repeat it without looking at me with those beaten dog eyes. I'll believe you only in that case"

The sigh that escaped from Dahyun's lips was long and full of frustration "it's because of Sharon, but I didn't come here to complain and vent. I'm here because I wanted to spend a few hours with you, since only you can entertain me in spite of everything"

The taller girl took the liberty of hugging her, squeezing tight but not hurting her "you know I would never force you to talk if you don't feel like it, but I would like you to remember that, as your best friend, I am always ready to console you in the moments of despair. Let's not forget all the times you stood by me when my parents left"

"Tzu, the two things cannot be compared and you know it very well" she was still sorry for what the two sisters had to go through because of their parents, for that very reason she clung to her more strongly "and I know I can count on you, but for once I would like us both to have fun because we deserve it" 

"Okay, it means that I will have to arm myself with a lot of patience and teach you how to play video games. Trust me: there is nothing better than a shooter to chase away the frustration" she winked at her, getting up to take the controller of her beloved PlayStation and doing everything possible to memorize the keys to the lowest "it's pretty easy when you get the hang of it, let's try to see how you do"

The inevitable happened: Dahyun got nervous after losing ten times in a row and Tzuyu, as moral support, had done nothing but laugh and roll on the carpet, giving a slap to the one who would have wanted to throw anything at her in order to make her stop teasing. 

When the gray-haired girl had decided to start a fight the doorbell rang again and, from the guilty expression of the other girl, it was immediately clear who had arrived.

Sharon made her triumphal entrance, throwing her shoes after leaving footprints on the immaculate floor "I'm sorry, I always forget to have to walk barefoot"

"And yet you never forget to take off her clothes" Tzuyu rolled her eyes, ready to clean up so as not to have to put up with her sister's reproaches.

The brunette, in response, just gave her a mischievous smile "you're just jealous. Hi Hyun, that pajamas look good on you"

Dahyun's cheeks caught fire soon after, but they were easily hidden by her long hair "how come around here? I thought you wanted to sleep as much as possible today"

"It was our best friend who asked me to join you for a morning sleepover, how could I have refused?" she took off the T-shirt without having any problems, ing her jeans in front of Tzuyu's horrified gaze and Dahyun's shocked look.

"Go undress in my room and grab some pajamas instead of instigating us to throw up even the Christmas dinner" Tzuyu pushed her towards the corridor, glancing at Dahyun to make sure she was okay and finding her with a dreamy look "it will be a long one morning, maybe I should have minded my own business"





"So, according to what your stupid expression gives me, I guess you like Mina a lot" Katarina was lying in bed with her twin next to her, who couldn't help but smile every time she got a message from the blonde.

"She is undeniably beautiful and I find her nice, talking to her is never boring and even topics that don't interest me become interesting if she's the one talking"

The other girl used the green tips of her hair to tickle Chaeyoung's cheek "so could she be a good candidate to make you forget that of your ex?"

The shorter one had taken a few seconds to formulate a meaningful answer "don't misunderstand what I'm about to say, but I'm not sure. I like Mina a lot, but my feelings are still directed elsewhere and it would be risky to even think of to be able to direct them to her"

"Chae, that left you months ago and I can't stand your morbid attachment to her anymore. You have to go on and live your life, that's how it works and the sooner you understand, the sooner you'll stop suffering"

"I need time, I don't think you could get past Jeongyeon in case you break up"

Katarina had to breathe deeply in order not to get angry "you know perfectly well that our relationships have nothing to do with each other. You have loved a toxic person who has only hurt you, I am with someone who manages to make me happy every day. Open your eyes and take an example from all the healthy relationships in the world, it would help you understand how it should feel to love and be loved"

Chaeyoung's pink hair looked discolored due to her sad look "you really like to make me feel stupid" 

"It's not like that at all, I just want to see you happy. You are my twin, my other half, and I will no longer allow anyone to hurt you, not even yourself" she pointed her finger on her forehead "put my words in your head and give yourself a wake up call or I'll be the one to slap you"

They hugged immediately after, getting a little embarrassed because they weren't used to exchanging affectionate gestures other than words. Leaning against the door jamb was Jeongyeon, who had taken the opportunity to take a picture in secret, knowing full well how much her girlfriend wanted to have one.

Then, without any warning and screaming as if there was no tomorrow, she threw herself at them "enough with the fuss, I'm bored to death if no one pays attention to me"

"What a bummer, you could have taken your car keys and go for a ride" Katarina was laughing heartily "I hate it when you don't leave us alone"

"You don't really hate it, you love everything about your girlfriend" Chaeyoung got out of bed and was stretching "and, as nice as you may be in my eyes, I'd say it's time to go to my house. I really need to rest"

"Aren't you going to stop for lunch? I was thinking of ordering something from your favorite restaurant" the brunette knew the twins perfectly and loved to spoil both of them, even if for different reasons: Katarina was the love of her life, Chaeyoung was like a sister.

The pink-haired girl was scratching her arm to contain the overwhelming emotion that just the thought of food could make her feel "I guess I can rest in the guest room, it would be too tiring to leave and walk all that way. See you later, don't make too much noise! ​" she left, closing the door behind her and throwing herself on the bed she used to use when she slept at their house.

"Thank you for persuading her to stay, she needs to have someone by her side so as not to make bad decisions" Katarina reached out to kiss her girlfriend on her lips "you deserve a reward"

"So I'll make myself comfortable, you already know what to do" Jeongyeon and mischief became one when the brunette had the opportunity to have fun with the person she loved.





The last day of the week, for Momo, had to be dedicated to unbridled shopping in the best shops of her favorite mall. She needed to be on her own for a while and to enjoy the beauty of the clothes and shoes she would buy shortly thereafter.

She liked being surrounded by people who could give her the satisfaction of feeling the most beautiful and elegant because, she was sure, no one could ever beat her in either.

She did not think she was a vain person, but simply endowed with a marked sincerity "this dress would suit me perfectly, but this would also apply to the ugliest garment in the world. After all, it is I who value what I wear and not the other way around"

She loved talking to herself, as she herself was the only person who could understand her highly intelligent speeches, and she didn't care to keep quiet even in public places. She did not care to look like a madwoman who spoke to the void, the real madmen were those who could not understand her.

Her mood plummeted the moment one hand grabbed the same shirt she wanted to take "this is the last one and I'm sure I saw it first, so I would ask you to leave it immediately"

The other person interested was Jihyo, who immediately left the shirt and gave a radiant smile to the brunette "it's all yours, I'll try something else"

"Wise decision, it would certainly look better on me"

"I do not doubt it" her smile did not waver even a little, but her eyes did not reflect the same cheerfulness "would you like to have a coffee with me? I offer" having met her by chance seemed to her a sign of destiny and wanted to take advantage of it. 

Momo had raised both eyebrows "do I look like a poor girl who can't afford a miserable coffee?"

The other girl felt almost guilty "I didn't mean that, I'm sorry I gave you this impression. I would like to offer you something and be in your company, that's all"

"I don't feel like it, I'm very busy" there was not the slightest hint of displeasure in her voice, there was only the urge to get rid of the one who had upset her mood.

"Okay, I apologize for bothering you" Jihyo made a small bow before leaving at a brisk pace, feeling sad and pathetic "I should stop, I'm really making a fool of myself"

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