Flow Like Waves

Talking to Jihyo had caused Dahyun to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, which was to meet Sharon to discuss what had happened between them and to decide what to do with their friendship that lasted so many years.

All that silence was crushing her with such force that it seemed to be under the rubble of an entire city, leaving her alive but depriving her of the space necessary to free herself from that bad situation.

Initially they had not even been able to look into each others eyes, a gesture that until recently had always been natural and full of affection on the part of both. They hadn't gone to the park to take a walk in the trees or to play, however, and Dahyun had made up her mind to take the lead.

She had taken a seat on a bench, carefully choosing the words to say and throwing the speech she had prepared in her head in an imaginary basket "I know you are very busy looking for a job, I'm willing to hurry"

"I have no interview today, we can talk as calmly as you want" Sharon had imitated the shorter girl, looking around to keep herself occupied as much as possible "what did you have to tell me? I'm listening"

"I know we stopped talking in the worst way and I would like to fix this. I don't know if we will ever be able to be who we used to be and it will probably take a long time to regain the confidence we had with each other, but I can't stand this situation anymore"

The brunette had gone from observing the surrounding area to staring at the person who was sitting a few inches away "it's the same for me, but how do you think we could do?"

"I have no idea, I called you with the hope of being able to reach a meeting point that would suit both of us. Do you have any ideas?"

"We could take small steps, like when you start getting to know someone. I'm not saying to start over, but to behave, in terms of attitude, as if we had just met. I hope I have explained myself"

Dahyun was reflecting, her eyes closed to allow her to imagine possible scenarios "let's see if I understand: we two know each other very well, so we don't have to delete the save data, but what is now a habit must reset itself in such a way as to allow us to be at ease"

"Yuck, you talked like Tzuyu" Sharon's expression was halfway between disgusted and amused.

"It is not my fault that in the last period she has been teaching me the terms that every player should know" she was massaging her temples, her lips curled into a small smile "I don't even realize the words I say"

"It will be very difficult to manage two nerds, I already feel stressed and cut off from your incomprehensible speeches"

"You could learn something too instead of always complaining, lazy" Dahyun's proposal, followed by that simple insult, was accompanied by a shrug "it would be nice to be all together again, I miss my best friends and I know for sure that Tzuyu thinks like me"

Sharon had dared to place a hand on her head, making a slight pressure before caressing her with all the delicacy of the world "I am of your opinion and I will wait until you are ready to have me back in your life before reconstituting our fantastic trio"

"Thank you for understanding" she didn't like having red cheeks, it made her feel weak, but at that moment she had decided to show the effect that the brunette's gesture and words had had on her "I hope to be able to settle"

Seeing her in that way had made the other girl lose a heartbeat, who had to turn her face in another direction so as not to show the same blush and embarrassment "I'm sure that together we will be able to find a solution"






"What color did you have in mind to do? Do you want to get advice from the hairdresser?" Nayeon loved being in the car, and when she wasn't driving she would spend the whole time staring out of it. That gesture helped her to reflect and relax even though she was suffering from motion sickness.

Jeongyeon was posing, showing a posture that showed her confidence "this time I want to have gray hair, it's been a long time since I last dyed and I want something special. Kat is not in the skin with the idea of see me return to the teenager she fell in love with, even though I have already told her that I will not go beyond shortening the tips"

"There is no color or cut that cannot suit you, but I must say that, even if a gamble, I am sure that your beauty will be enhanced to perfection. Gray can be majestic if worn with the right elegance"

"Since when do you speak in such a sophisticated way? You almost scared me to the point of risking hitting me" the brunette had her eyes wide open, which were turned in the direction of her friend.

"I'm sorry, lately I'm watching a TV series with Jihyo and being set in high society I let myself be influenced a little" Nayeon was giggling, totally unaware of the other girl's smile "you should try to watch it too, I'm sure Kat would like it very much"

"Trust me, my gorgeous woman and I can never complete the vision of anything"

"Do you get bored that easily?"

"Nah, we just like to have whenever we get the chance. Sometimes we are really tireless" they both laughed, one for the embarrassment caused by that information and the other for making fun of her friend. 

Arrived at their destination Jeongyeon, without any kind of warning, had directed one of the hairdressers to the blonde "take care of her, we must get rid of that yellow hair as soon as possible"

"Why do you want me to take it off? The blond hair doesn't look so bad" she pouted in front of one of the many mirrors, suddenly unsure of her appearance.

"You are undoubtedly beautiful, but if you want to go on you have to get rid of this weight too, however small it may be you know very well that it is not good for you" she was her arms "trust me: you will feel much better after making this change"

Nayeon was staring down "I hardly think about Sally anymore, but I must confess that I see her image every time I am in front of a reflective surface, it reminds me of the day we dyed each other"

"And this hurts you, as well as making you ignore your surroundings. I don't want to force you if you don't feel like it, but I firmly believe that a change like this will be good for the course of your days"

"You convinced me, I think I'll choose a nice shade of red"

"The color of passion, huh? Is there anything you would like to tell me? Don't be shy, I'll gladly listen to you" Jeongyeon lowered her voice, showing her mischievous gaze. She was eager to know how things were between her and Jihyo, she and her girlfriend were talking about nothing else in the last few days because they absolutely wanted to see them together as a couple.

The older hadn't answered, leaving her there with the benefit of the doubt and showing a feigned tranquility not to listen to her maddened heart. Her friend was right, there really was something Nayeon was keeping hidden from everyone, even herself, but the fear of making a mistake that would cost her dearly was even stronger than her will. In the end she had chosen to have brown hair. 






At the same time, as planned, Katarina had dragged Jihyo to the mall thanks to the moral support of her twin and Mina "well girls, I want to buy something nice for each of us, you never know what could happen and we must always be ready for any eventuality"

"What a pity, today I didn't bring my wallet" Chaeyoung pretended to be very sorry "it will mean that my beautiful little sister will take care of paying for me"

"It is okay for me, but don't you dare complain if I take advantage of my equally splendid bank account to make Mina fall in love with me" she had made her tongue out.

"But look, it was in my purse" said the pink-haired girl after taking the object containing her money and her credit card "I'm really careless, I didn't really see it"

Mina was amused by that childish skit "it seems to be in the company of two elementary school children"

Jihyo was also enjoying the moment, bursting into laughter when the twins had resumed arguing about the types of sweatshirts: the blonde preferred those without the zipper, while the other was not of the same opinion.

After the heavy quarrel they had had some time before, as was to be expected given their special bond, the love they felt for each other had increased and, to make it even more beautiful, Chaeyoung showed every day to care very much for her sister and to be proud of her every achievement.

"Jih, look how beautiful this suit is! With the body that you have, I'm sure you would love it" Katarina was excited to see it on her "I think even those who do not feel attraction for women would look at you, I don't have evidence but not even doubts about it"

The brunette didn't seem convinced "I don't know, I'm used to wearing a tracksuit and I never dare to go beyond jeans to be a bit elegant"

"This suit looks pretty comfortable to me, you know?" Mina intervened, her hands busy feeling the black garments the other two were talking about "and I think Kat is right in saying it would fit you divinely. Before you refuse why don't you try it? You can avoid to buy it if you really don't feel like it"

"I agree with them, your would look fabulous in that pants" Chaeyoung had raised both thumbs up, smiling mischievously.

Her sister and her almost girlfriend had looked at her in a grim way, especially the first "never let yourself say these things about her again, only one person can do that"

"I agree, make compliments on whoever you want with the exception of Park Jihyo"

It was at that moment that the blonde remembered the reason for their presence in that clothing store "you are right, but in my defense I can say that I just wanted to help"

"Girls, I don't understand what you are talking about" Jihyo was missing the droplet on her head and she would have been perfect for an anime scene.

"You don't have to worry about the nonsense that comes out of our mouth, now hurry up and go try on this suit while we look for a pair of suitable shoes" Katarina was pushing her towards the dressing rooms "Minari, you stay here in case she needs help"

Having said that she had dragged her twin away, a toothy smile "Jeongyeon and I want to invite her and Nayeon to dinner tomorrow and we are willing to give them the push they need"

"They are clearly in love with each other and I approve of this initiative, but do not overdo it or they will feel uncomfortable" they were walking arm in arm in the direction of the shoes department.

"We will be very careful, by now we have implemented our plan" she smiled after reading the message from Jeongyeon in which she had informed her that everything was going well "our task is only to act as moral support, nothing more"

Chaeyoung was scanning the shoes on display with her attentive eyes "they will be grateful to you when they realize the reciprocity of their feelings"

"I'm sure of it, as I'm pretty sure of the understanding that exists between you and Mina. How are things going between you?"

"Very well I would say, we go out often and talk for hours without ever getting tired. Now I just can't take my attention away from her, even if I try and this makes my heart beat flutter every time she smiles at me because she makes me feel at home"

Katarina had softened her gaze, happy to finally hear her say those words "this is the love I've always told you about, it's beautiful right?"

"It's wonderful and I'm happy to be able to try it thanks to her, I feel that Mina is the right person for me and I'm not going to lose her a second time" she grabbed a shoe with a not too high heel, turning it over in her hands "but now we have to think about Nayeon and Jihyo, how about these shoes?"

"They are horrible, you have bad tastes"

"Said the one who sometimes seems to have dressed with her eyes closed" she had rolled her eyes "I already know it will take forever"

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