Sometimes a blink of an eye is enough to witness a change capable of turning the world upside down, but how would one react to a zombie apocalypse?


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Chapter 15: this was a fun, exciting, and thrilling read. kudos!
Wivern #2
Chapter 15: πŸ™†‍β™€οΈπŸ˜‡β˜οΈ
phuenjoy #3
Chapter 14: OMG Jeongyeon too crying😭 pray for no more dying
Minari-bear_ #4
Chapter 13: if they kill MINA or SANA I I'm dying
phuenjoy #5
Chapter 12: What can I do with this? first Chaeyoung to Nayeon and now Dahyun, I can't take it. I hope it might be a dream just a dream when I wake up they all can come backπŸ₯²
Chapter 12: And now my heart breaks. These zombies getting rid of the strongest ones. πŸ’” my poor Dahyunnie!
Whitehorn #7
Chapter 12: First its Chaeyoung then Nayeon now Dahyun πŸ’”
the strong ones are dying every new chapter
who' gonna be next? is it Mina? πŸ’”
Wivern #8
Chapter 12: More πŸ’”
Wivern #9
Chapter 11: 😫
Chapter 11: Noooo!! They're losing one by one