Flow Like Waves

The first date, for all couples, was always the most important: during the time spent in the company of the person in whom one was interested it was possible to understand whether or not to carry on the possible relationship.

For this purpose Mina had chosen, after doing a search lasting a couple of hours, a simple restaurant that, according to customer reviews, would have fully satisfied the requirements for a first outing.

The area in which it was located was nothing short of perfect, as you could walk in the middle of nature immediately after eating, giving the opportunity to have a more direct and, why not, romantic approach with the other person.

Unfortunately for the blonde, as if the anxiety of not making a good impression wasn't enough, the pink-haired girl was late "I beg your pardon, I had a problem at the last minute. I would have liked to wear pants other than that, but my toothpaste decided to ruin my plans. Forgive me"

"It doesn't matter, even if I'm sorry for your mishap" Mina smiled, she was relieved not to have been left in the lurch "you'll wear them next time, if you want to go out with me again"

They entered the restaurant and, having the possibility to choose between the various tables for two, they opted for one of those near the window. They didn't know how to break the ice and Chaeyoung, even if in good faith, did it in the worst way "you know, I used to come here often with my ex"

The water that the blonde was pouring into the glass almost ended up straight on the table "ah, I understand"

"The last time we were here it was a beautiful day, even if the day before we had fought heavily and we weren't exactly in a good mood, but in the end it went well" she was looking outside and this prevented her from seeing the disappointment in the other girl's eyes "eating good food and talking always helps in times of crisis"

"I agree" she thought back to the time wasted looking for the right place to surprise her, giving herself stupid and sighing "what would you like to eat?"

Chaeyoung had not even spent half a minute on the sheet with the various dishes written on it "I always take the meat, the cook knows his stuff regarding the perfect cooking. I recommend it, indeed we could take the couple menu, it is better both for the price and for the amount of food"

"Let's take that, it seems like a good idea" Mina gave her a gentle smile, hoping she could do something new to both of them.

At least until the other girl had opened again "it is, my ex and I have taken it many times. They bring a rather large oval plate with various types of meat and some vegetables to say the least spectacular. You will love every single bite, my word"

At that point, even if reluctantly, no words came out of the blonde's mouth, a gesture that Chaeyoung had interpreted as a green light to continue the discussion about the things she had eaten with her ex.

To further spoil Mina's mood was the arrival of a woman of good looks and, apparently, with the power to attract anyone's attention, who had turned out to be the famous ex. As if having a date in a place already filled with memories weren't terrible, the girl she was with had done nothing but exchange glances with her old flame.

"I'm going to pay the bill, wait for me outside if you want" Mina's eyes had lost all trace of cheerfulness and she was gone with her head down, insulting herself heavily at the thought of her for being deluded.

Chaeyoung hadn't even realized the gravity of her actions and seemed happier than ever, especially for showing her ex that she found someone else to go out with "I feel invigorated, would you like to take a walk? It is the perfect way to digest and talk about serious matters"

"Maybe next time, while I was standing in line to pay I got a message from my sister and I really have to go" lying was easy when she wanted to save herself from a situation that would only embarrass her.

"It's a shame, but we'll make it up. Go ahead, I had a great time today"

Mina had returned the smile that the shorter had given her, albeit falsely, and she had left with a boulder in her chest, deciding to take refuge in her bed until she felt better.





There were few things that could bring calm to Sana's restless soul and the best combo was only one: sitting on the grass and listening to music. Taken individually they could make her feel better, but only by joining them she was able to recover her energy lost during a long day of interactions.

That afternoon she had decided to stand under a tree and enjoy the view of the Han River, taking advantage of the tranquility of the place to the point of keeping only one earphone. Meanwhile, to keep her hands occupied, she was convincing herself to make a small list in a notebook that she used to carry everywhere.

However, although her head was always full of ideas, the tip of her pen remained firm on the paper, making her sigh loudly "you are incredible and not in a good way, you can not do even a simple thing"

"Interesting to meet you here, but seeing you talking to yourself is even more interesting"

The auburn whirled in the direction of the voice, finding herself throwing her head back to be able to look at the face of the girl it belonged to "again you, you're a persecution"

Tzuyu sat down next to her, giving her a sly smile "I'm happy to see you too, carrot-hair"

"Look, I didn't say I'm happy"

"I know you are, no use pretending otherwise" the younger seemed not to know what personal space was and she had taken the liberty of resting her chin on her shoulder "what are you writing?"

"Nothing, as you can see, the page is empty" she moved slightly to the side, doing it with studied slowness because, although it annoyed her to have someone close, she didn't want to offend their feelings "and I certainly wouldn't talk to you about my private things"

The blue-haired girl, realizing she was not liked, had moved away a little "it may seem strange to you, but I know how to keep secrets better than anyone else in the world. I'm practically a tomb and I don't reveal things even under torture, trust me"

Sana closed the notebook with both hands "I don't care to know how reliable you are if we don't know each other enough to have the right confidence"

"It seems like a right thought, even if I don't agree with it. What are you listening to?" she took the earphone that was not inserted in the redhead's ear and brought it close to her own, being silent for a while "wow, but this song is very sad! Come on with life, my friend, listening to such depressing music will not help yours smile"

"I don't like to smile so I don't see the problem. Could you give me back what's mine?"

"Absolutely not, give me here" she took the cell phone from her pocket, using her owner's finger to unlock it, and choosing a more rhythmic song than the previous one "listen to the songs of this artist and let me know what you think. I memorize my number" she didn't give the older time to protest, saving her number in the phone and sending herself a message "that's it, now we're officially friends! We can talk about anything, even late at night"

Sana's expression was a mixture of annoyance and despair "I won't write to you, we two are not friends and I certainly don't want to be forced by you to be"

"We will be, I always get what I want" she was looking at her seriously, showing another side of herself. She was fascinating, but there was something that made the redhead shiver "joke, did I scare you?" she smiled again and gave her a pinch on the nose, getting up with momentum "it was nice to see you, but tonight I have a nice chat with my sister-in-law and my best friends and I just can't be late"

The redhead was rubbing her red nose "what a pity, I don't know how I'm going to get through the day without you" she spoke with sarcasm. 

Tzuyu smiled again "don't worry about this, I'll write to you at any free moment. See you, carrot peel"

Watching her go was the only thing Sana managed to do "I just can't stand that girl"






"Look at that moron, she invites us to her house and then she's not there" Sharon had thrown herself on the couch, more precisely on Nayeon, and had turned her gaze to the TV "what a movie, I saw it the other day"

"It's not that bad, I like it very much" replied the older, who had a concentrated look.

The brunette made a face, showing herself bored "she eventually dies because the sheriff accidentally shoots her in the head. Her boyfriend will jump off a cliff and be eaten by a shark"

Dahyun covered her face with one hand "I don't want to believe it"

Nayeon also seemed quite annoyed "I won't make you the desserts you like so much anymore"

"Take everything away from me but not the pistachio sweets, I beg you!" Sharon was on her knees with her hands folded in front of her face "I love your sweets more than I love my family, it would be worse than mourning for me"

"I absolutely have to tell Mina as soon as I see her" muttered Dahyun, busy playing on her cell phone "she won't be happy at all"

"You won't dare, I know things about you that could ruin your reputation"

"What reputation? I haven't had one since you became my friend"

Tzuyu, who arrived at that moment, had shamelessly ignored the discussion between her best friends and ran into her sister-in-law's arms "I'm home, I missed you so much"

The older, also heedless of the two young women who were starting to raise their voices, smiled "did you find what you were looking for?"

"Yes, I took several brochures from the most disparate universities" she showed her bag proudly "would you like to help us make a selection? We are all very undecided"

“Sure, I'll take some snacks and I'll join you!” Nayeon ran into the kitchen, while the three girls cleared the table.

Dahyun seemed particularly interested in universities where the students studied economics, but her high school performance made her immediately desist from putting them as an option "do you have any ideas?"

"I would like to do something that can bring me closer to the art world, even if I don't know exactly what" Tzuyu had grabbed one of the cupcakes that had brought her sister-in-law, taking a good bite "you?"

"What types of jobs could I aspire to without having to go to university? I hate studying and I'd rather get to work right away" Sharon preferred to eat pistachio biscuits.

Nayeon decided to step in at that time "there are many jobs that don't require a degree, but don't expect a salary like a college graduate might have. Take me and Sally: I'm a pastry chef and she runs a major business. Each work is more than decent, but you have to find the one that suits you best or you will be unhappy with or without a certificate"

The brunette was left open-mouthed "did you just make a sensible speech?"

"Look, Nayeon knows how to use her brain, just think that sometimes she is the one who takes care of my sister's documents" Tzuyu was proud of her family and never missed an opportunity to brag about it "she is just a little clumsy, but that doesn't take away that she is a genius"

"May I ask you why you didn't continue your studies?" Dahyun had just put a brochure aside, resigned.

"I didn't think it was necessary and then Sally took care of making both our dreams come true" she smiled kindly, turning back to Sharon "coming back to you, a job in which you wouldn't get in too much trouble could be the street sweeper"

Two out of three girls burst into laughter, while the third had turned up her nose "I would never stoop to clean the streets, what a boring and lousy job"

"Then think about what you would like to do or you will get a job like the one I recommended" Nayeon ruffled her hair gently "you have grown a lot and I wonder what kind of people you will become once you take off, I will be proud of you in any case"

Despite those serious words, they started an argument out of nowhere, which resulted in a speech that included cow droppings.

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