Flow Like Waves

Waking up in her best friend's bed, completely and with an excruciating headache, was almost traumatic for Dahyun, who, after realizing the situation and remembering the events of the previous night, had left the blankets as gently as possible. 

Sharon was still asleep, her face relaxed enough to make her look younger and the disheveled bangs on her forehead. She was beautiful, probably the best sight Dahyun had ever witnessed in her entire life, but the knowledge that she had to leave quickly prevented her from enjoying that daydream.

She was used to getting dressed as quickly as possible and on that occasion she was no different, but a sleepy voice had called her just as she was leaving "Hyun, are you leaving already?"

"I have no reason to stay" she tried to speak in a neutral tone, but her trembling voice had betrayed her. She was ashamed, of herself and of the situation, and she absolutely did not want to face the person she had spent the night with.

Sharon sighed before putting on her pajama shirt and getting out of bed "I'm fine if you don't feel like talking about what we've done, but you know very well I can't stand it when you avoid my gaze"

"How can you be so unbothered? Did it mean so little to you?"

"For me, is an end in itself, no matter who I do it with. Don't blame me, you have always been aware of my way of doing it and, to get that snout off your face, I confess that I loved it. We could evolve our friendship to include that too, we have a lot of harmony under the covers" she gave her a cheerful smile.

"We won't do it anymore, I will make the memory suffice"

The brunette had leaned forward to take her face in her hands and look into her eyes "Hyun, don't act as if I had deluded you and then throw you away. I had warned you and trust that having asked you to continue to see us to have fun in this way is a lot on my part"

"I'm not angry with you, but with myself. Don't touch me" she freed herself from that contact by taking two steps back "as you said it was for its own sake and that's okay, you don't need to reply or keep talking about it. You will go your own way and I will go my own way"

"Just to confirm.. Are we still friends as before?"

"At the moment I don't know how to answer, but I'm sure things will go back to the way they used to be if you give me some time to get over what happened"

"How long do you need?"

"I have no idea. Listen, I want to go home to take a shower and sleep until tonight"

In Sharon's eyes it was not possible to see even the slightest emotion "okay, I hope it helps you to get rid of that hurt look. Before you go, can I know how you feel? Physically I mean"

"I'm fine, there's no reason to worry" she opened the bedroom door, blushing like a tomato at the sight of Mina ""

The blonde, to avoid making Dahyun feel worse, just smiled and pretended she hadn't overheard their conversation, acting like she used to do until the girl left.

Then she turned to her little sister "I hope you realize what you have done"

"Explain to me why you are throwing all the blame on me, certain things are done in two"

"You have always been aware of her feelings for you and, despite the affection that you have said many times that you have for her, you have preferred to spoil everything to have the satisfaction of adding a person to your cursed list of achievements"

Sharon had opened her eyes wide "I was convinced that I pretended well, not even Tzuyu knows"

"I'm your sister and I know you perfectly. I've always turned a blind eye to your attempts to because it's none of my business, but those empty bottles" she pointed to the glass table in front of the couch "they make me think it was all planned"

"Even if that were the case, you have no right to judge me, I simply followed my wish"

Mina had to refrain from slapping her on the cheek "I'll tell you the reason for the bull you did: you like to have Dahyun's attention, but you prefer to be free and the only way to have her all to yourself is with . I say one thing, little sister" she had deliberately lowered her voice "people get tired of being treated like pawns and, when Dahyun is tired of the push and pull that you are going to start with her, I assure you that the only thing you will see is her back in the distance"






"I don't know what you've been up to this time, but you should apologize to Nayeon" Tzuyu was playing on her cell phone, oblivious to the fact that she might have a sudden bout of motion sickness.

Sally, focused on driving from her expensive black car, had tightened her grip on the wheel "did she tell you something?"

"You know very well that your girlfriend doesn't usually let off steam, I just noticed that she no longer sings while she cooks and that she doesn't seek your help when she makes a mess"

"I understand"

"I don't think a selfish person like you can really understand the problems of others" she had spoken with evident detachment.

The blonde stopped the car in front of the drawing school "may I know why you despise me so much?"

"It's too heavy a word for our case, let's say you're as indifferent to me as I am to you. After all, no matter how good a person you may be, you've never been there for me"

"I had to study and work at the same time to support you, you can't blame me"

"The only culprits are those s of mom and dad, I know very well, but this awareness can never overlap with your shortcomings as an older sister. When you were sick I was always by your side, but you know who was there in the moment where was I in need? Not mom, not dad and not even you, Nayeon was there to take care of me, a complete stranger who could have left me to myself at any moment"

"I'm sorry I neglected you, I'm serious, but now things seem to have changed and you are still hostile to me"

Tzuyu had put away her cell phone, smiling without joy "you have a lot of free time, but you never spend it with me. I know I've been a burden to you, but I think I deserve a better treatment than this"

The older was torturing her hands "I know I am selfish, but I don't lie when I say that you have never been a burden to me. You are my sister and I love you, nothing can make me stop loving you"

"They are just clichés, you are like mom and dad and if you can't keep the others under control you eliminate them from your life" she took the backpack and opened the car door "sooner or later Nayeon too will open her eyes and you will be left with leaves dry in your hands, wake up before it's too late. I'm going to have a lesson with Sana, bye" having said that, she got out of the car with elegance and left without looking back.

Her little sister's words had made Sally shiver, causing her to turn the car back on instantly. She was headed home, even though she had made commitments with her friends, intent on making peace with her girlfriend.

The first thing she saw after entering the house was the bookcase in the living room completely empty and most of the books scattered on the floor. Nayeon sat next to them, sorting them out before she had to put them away.

"What happened?"

"The bookcase fell on me while I was dusting, don't worry because the books are all intact"

"Did you get hurt?" she joined her on the floor, checking her arms and then her face "you have a bruise on your cheekbone, let's put some ice on it" she ran into the kitchen to get it, offering to hold it down for her girlfriend "leave the books alone, I'll fix them later"

Nayeon had surrendered to those concerns "Tzuyu was so excited to start drawing school with one of her friends, I hope she's having fun"

"I'm sure and you should think about you now" she helped her up, hugging her "I missed hugging you"

"I'm still mad at you, I didn't like your behavior last night"

"How can I be forgiven? I'm really sorry"

The other girl didn't think about it half a second before replying "apologizing to Jihyo and our friends for your bad behavior could be a good start, you and Momo have ruined everyone's night"

Sally nodded, albeit feeling a strong annoyance at the thought "if that's what my gorgeous girlfriend wants, I'll do it. Now can you give me a smile?" she kissed her on , smiling immediately after feeling Nayeon's lips curl into a smile. She knew she could get anything she wanted when it came to her.





Mina would never have expected to find herself in the bed of the one who made her feel like nothing, not after seeing Dahyun's face after her sister hurt her, yet she lay making circles on her lower back with the fingers.

Chaeyoung could have fallen asleep at any moment, but she was struggling not to put an end to that moment of pure relaxation "I don't know about you, but I'm really exhausted"

"I'm tired too, we really exaggerated" she smiled amused, continuing to caress her back "I had never reached my limit"

"I did, I often did it with my ex" she sat up, letting her long pink hair cover her back "but I must admit that this time it was different, I had a lot of fun"

The blonde had remained silent, feeling so uncomfortable that she wanted to run away at the speed of light. She had limited herself to looking away and covering herself as much as possible with the sheet, suddenly embarrassed even by her own body.

"Would you like to eat something? I feel like I could bite you from how hungry" Chaeyoung's laugh had lasted very little as the girl realized she had said something wrong "I did it again, right?"

"Yeah, you just can't help but remember your ex, no matter what we're doing because it'll make you think of her" there was fatigue in her voice, she didn't even have the strength to get angry or offended.

"I tend to be very honest about the things I think, but maybe I should learn to keep them to myself"

Mina managed to find the courage to look into her eyes "you're wrong, you should learn to stop thinking about a person that doesn't consider you and who treated you as if you were worth nothing"

"What do you want to know about my relationship with my ex? I won't let you downplay it like that, she loved me and maybe she still loves me" she was getting nervous, to the point of clenching her fists.

"You're right to say I don't know anything about it, but at least I can have your company when it comes to being pathetic. We are both ridiculous" she got out of bed, dressing quickly and understanding Dahyun's mood to perfection "now I know what not to do, thank you"

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going home, away from stupid and ridiculous people like me. I want to avoid feeling embarrassed about your situation, I just have to deal with my mistakes"

She left slamming the door, suddenly angry with the whole world and determined to stay away from that possible toxic and painful relationship.

She called herself stupid, going so far as to repeatedly bang her head against the steering wheel of her car to give herself a punishment, without acting too hard not to be stunned "I never learn and then I have the courage to scold my sister, as well as stupid I am also hypocritical"

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