One Snowy Night

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One snowy night, you went far away

you melted away and i was left frozen

- one snowy night by Giriboy

certain part of this fanfic insipired by that song, i recommended u guys to listen before reading. 

i'm bad at describing , it an arrange marriage fanfic between seulgi and irene where a lot of angst happen.

warning : heavy angst 



Hello - i'm back after a few months. while being away i realize how important is it to be healthy. physical and mental. 

this fanfic is not yet complete, it supposed to be complete but i lost the file, now i am re write everything. sorry about that.

i want to say thank you to everyone who still read my fanfic. 

Kindly upvote if u like thw story. Thank you


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Chapter 38: Came here from the advertisement
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Chapter 40: me waaantt
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Chapter 39: thankyou lilac nim, domestic seulrene please
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Chapter 39: One of my favorite authors :) , keep up the amazing work!
Chapter 39: Thank you for always writing such great stories author. I've always enjoyed them. I hope my comments could at least bring some encouragement to you to continue writing such great stories in the future. You have my support!