Tragedy on Christmas Eve

One Snowy Night
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‘I didn’t notice this before, you guys share the same surname now.’ Seungwan dragged a selfless soul, Seulgi, into her office. ‘Since she married Kang. I want to keep my surname after marriage, though, a Son.’

Seungwan kept talking about how she felt so loved that Seulgi did the surprise visit. She pressed her lips against Seulgi who pulled back abruptly.

Seulgi face got no colour, brows were knitted.

'Babe, what’s wrong?’ Seungwan ran her hand up and down on Seulgi's upper arm.

Seulgi's eyes quivered, she couldn’t focus. All her mind is occupied with the last sight of Joohyun walking away. How Joohyun's shoulder fell and looked heavy

Why is Joohyun here? Her eyes darted around, and she saw the file, Kang Joohyun, on Seungwan's desk.

‘Seulgi.’ Seungwan tried to get Seulgi's attention again, she cupped her girlfriend's face. 'Seulgi, what is it?’ Seungwan is worried, her girlfriend looks so lost.

One last look, one last look, before Seulgi takes a step back.

‘Seungwan I am so sorry.’ That was all Seulgi said before she dashed outside.

Seulgi runs like she has been chased by a ghost, almost trips with how fast she tries to get to her car. She needs to get to Joohyun fast. She needs to tell Joohyun, she needs to be clear.

Seulgi wishes she was not too late for all this.

She cares for Joohyun, and she is in fact in love with her more than anyone. She always cares about Joohyun deep down in her heart, it's just that her ego has been denying it this entire time.


Every single moment of her with Joohyun playing at the back of her head right now, and Seulgi hates her even more because no matter which memories pop into her mind. Joohyun never treated her the way she treated her wife.

Knocking on Joohyun's bedroom door, she opens it when Joohyun asks her to come in, ‘Are you busy?’ Seulgi asked, fidgeting a little as she hid half of her body behind the door.

Closing the book, Joohyun shook her head and asked, 'Why?’

‘I’m hungry…’ She pouted a little. ‘I want to make ramen but couldn’t find it.’ She doesn’t want to bother Joohyun at all, but she cannot find a single thing in the kitchen because she is rarely at home. She didn’t even know where the pot was, where the sauce was, or what was in the fridge.

Joohyun placed the ingredient on the kitchen counter, ‘will you be okay?’ She glanced at the taller one.

Seulgi nodded, muttering a thank you with a smile, and lowered her head when her stomach growled even louder than before.

‘Will ramen make you full? Want me to cook something else?’

That is how Seulgi ended up helping Joohyun in the kitchen while the clock had already hit midnight. Joohyun is cooking some kimchi stew and stir-fried beef.

Placing everything neatly on the dining table ‘Just put the dishes on the sink once you –

‘join me.’ Seulgi cut Joohyun sentence, pulling a chair and pointing her head towards it. ‘I'm pretty sure you’re hungry too with all the cooking.’

It was awkward at first, but they were able to converse smoothly soon after three bites of food. It was the best late night meal Seulgi had ever had.


‘Long day?’

Seulgi nodded, loosing up her tie, and sat on the couch in their living room. She didn’t expect Joohyun to stay awake at this time. It past eleven in the night already.

‘Want me to make some tea?’

Seulgi simply shook her head, her eyes staring at Joohyun, who sat not too far from her. those feelings where she felt peace whenever she with Joohyun now resurfaced, making Seulgi swallow hard as she was afraid of her own feelings she couldn’t control.

‘Why aren’t you asleep yet?’

Joohyun simply shrugged.

With that, they fall into a comfortable silence as Seulgi's eyes are glued to Joohyun until she scoots closer and rests her face on Joohyun's neck. Her wife at the back of her head, giving her the feeling of peace she desperately needed.


‘What’s wrong with your Santa??’ Seulgi chuckled as she saw Joohyun doodle of Santa.

‘You aren't that good either!’ She huffed, pushing Seulgi's shoulder away from her. She felt upset about Seulgi making fun of her Santa, and at the same time, her heart was racing because Seulgi's laughter filled the cabin.

Soon Seulgi's laughter became contagious as Joohyun's lips stretched, forming a very wide smile to the point where her eyes turned into a crescent.


Seulgi tears already fell on her cheeks as the smile of Joohyun popped into her head.

Please, please pick up the phone.

Seulgi prays with all her heart, she hopes Joohyun will hear her out for one last time. Just one last time. She needs to tell Joohyun. She loves Joohyun.


She was able to catch up with Joohyun on the road, it was reckless driving from both of them, switching lanes just like that, with Joohyun trying to get away from Seulgi and Seulgi desperately trying to surpass Joohyun's car.

She presses the honk. She wants Joohyun to stop it from becoming too dangerous now.

Luckily, there are rarely cars on the road at this time because it is still working hours. The accident is the last thing Seulgi wants to happen, so she presses the pedal and is able to overtake Joohyun's car.

It almost caused an accident when Seulgi's car stopped abruptly, she could hear the tyres screech, forcing Joohyun to pull over by the side of the road.

Wiping her tears, Joohyun doesn’t want Seulgi to notice her red eyes, something that sounds so impossible because she just cried and her tears still fall heavily on her cheeks. She doesn’t want to have this pathetic look when she is facing Seulgi.

Joohyun saw how Seulgi's face displayed a mix of some complicated emotions, regret is one of them. Joohyun opened the car door as Seulgi approached her.

‘Joohyun,’ Seulgi said, being careful and taking a step closer. How Joohyun looks so disoriented tells a lot. Seulgi doesn’t want Joohyun to run away. ‘Please, listen to me –

‘That is what I do,’ Joohyun cut her sharp and cold. ‘That is what I've been doing this entire time.’ She pressed her pointed forefinger on Seulgi's chest and said, 'Listen to you!’ She shrieked. Joohyun doesn’t want to be like this, crying over useless things, but she no longer has control over her mind. She is losing it. The contractions that happened in her heart seemed to grow tighter as time ticked.

She is wounded, Seulgi was just being nice to her … using her, playing with her feelings. She understood that Seulgi hates the marriage, but Seulgi shouldn’t play with her like this. Make Joohyun feel so pathetic, so … low.

‘I’m just a ing charity and a burden to you!!’

Seulgi is shocked, but she knows why Joohyun is like this, the cause is herself.

‘You’re neither a burden nor a charity to me’ Seulgi tries her best to hold Joohyun in place, but her wife jerks her hand away.

‘Yes, I am,’ she cried. ‘You don’t have to pretend anymore Seulgi!’

‘Joohyun, I plan on leaving her, but –

‘You don’t have to! You love her!’ Joohyun took a step away from Seulgi, the taller one continuously shaking her head, begging Joohyun to not move away and listen to her one last time. ‘We will divorce like we plan –

‘I don’t want a divorce!’ Now Seulgi is raising her voice too, begging Joohyun to let her speak. Both forget that they are standing at the side of the road, a car passing by fast. She took a sharp breath and let it out slowly, speaking with a low and calm voice again, ‘I no longer want a divorce –

'Oh, why -’ Joohyun's heart constricts, and her voice fades out at the end because everything is too much, the pain she feels in her heart right now, both physically and figuratively. ‘You just pity me!’

'It's not, that is not what –

‘yes you are pitying over me! I have no parents! Doesn’t know how to survive in this business world!’

Seulgi denied it, she tried to hold Joohyun's hand, but the woman swat away her touch. Seulgi is like moving lava that Joohyun desperately wants to get away from.

‘I’m just a burden to you! Now I know why you hate me!’

‘no’ Seulgi's tears fall on her cheeks, so does Joohyun, who is crying a few feet away from her. ‘You’re never a burden to me.’

‘Then what am I? What am I to you other than a burden!’

Seulgi's voice stuck in , and Joohyun was sobbing hard and hiccupping as she spoke. Seulgi's whole heart shattered into millions of pieces as she witnessed Joohyun's current state because of her actions. Because of her selfishness, she is a coward. Hiding the truth from everyone.

‘a burden that you want to get rid of!!!’

‘Joohyun!’ Seulgi screamed, shaking her head, too shocked by Joohyun's words.

‘Don’t worry, I will walk away on my own, you don’t have –

‘I don’t want you to leave!!’

‘Why?!! So you could play me longer!’

‘I know it's hard to believe -

Seulgi stopped her words when Joohyun gasped out loud. Her face grimaced as she clutched her left chest. Body slightly crouching, Joohyun desperately trying to catch a breath.

Seulgi panicked. The image of files where Joohyun named Seungwan desk flashed into her mind.

‘Joohyun!’ Seulgi once again urgently tried to hold Joohyun, but the woman stubbornly backed away until her leg gave away and fell to the earth.

Joohyun is gasping for air; she cannot bear it. the pain in her chest.

Joohyun lifted her face to look at Seulgi, struggling to breathe. one last look at the CEO's face before total darkness greets her. She heard Seulgi scream her name, she heard it faintly, and then the whole world went quiet.


Joohyun was in between conscious and unconscious as she

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