At The Mercy Of Cruel Fate (Winrina Version)

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Despite not believing in love, they both fall in love, and when they break up, their love beliefs are validated.

There is no love in this world for a person like them or someone like her. Minjeong has accepted her fate.

A box full of fragments of their past, Minjeong place it at the farthest place underneath her bed. Years have passed, yet she still hasn’t found the courage to let it go.

Minjeong wonders, will they still be together if she meets Jimin when she is more mature, would they have dated like a mature couple.

The endless fight, how each of them starts to raise their voice because of her being immature,

Now, Minjeong regrets it. What destroys her is not what they left behind, but rather what they could have if she had stayed.

If she hasn’t said all those hurtful words to Jimin.


How did it come to this? Jimin and Minjeong, why did they break up when there is a remaining feeling in them?

Both still vividly remember how the promise was made, to face all the odds together. Both didn’t realise the weight of their words back then.

They cannot keep the promise anymore… they broke up.

Jimin curled up in bed, it was one of those nights where she couldn’t fall asleep because she saw her again.

It’s been almost a decade, yet Jimin recognises Minjeong with a single glance. She still looks the same, and even her scent remains the same.

Why did fate decide to reunite them? Isn't it enough that Minjeong already tore a hole in her heart?


The story will take turns showing the present and past winrina to unveil the layers of their journey that brought them to their state of presence.

How teenage Minjeong and Karina fall into a forbidden love and what makes them choose to go their separate ways

Fate brings them back together; will they seize the opportunity for another chance?

Will they make a different choice now that they meet again, where both are more mature and more stable in life.


I decided to convert for winrina version based on poll result.

nothing change from the original version other than name. 


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Aeri_chan #1
Chapter 10: Moreeee🥹 huhu
Aeri_chan #2
Chapter 8: Fk, this hurts.. it got me bawling my eyes out. But deym its so perfectly made, it all makes senseeee.. huhuhu i love ittttt
Chapter 10: Finally i've catch up all chapters, one word to describe this story is intense.. Too intense, I can feel anger, hurt, love, longing between minjeong and jimin..
I hope after this minjeong will open up to Jimin, they should talk about everything, about minjeong struggles, jimin's mind she was a burden to minjeong, and and their recent relationship..
It will be difficult, especially with ahn miyeon appear, i think she will knew what happen between minjeong and jimin, and the last about ryujin, ryujin has hatred to minjeong, if she knew about minjeong and jimin relationship, i think it will more dangerous for them..
Please give they time to resolve their problem first before you give the more intense drama
Chapter 10: let me handle judge ahn 😠😠😠👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 i will fight for their love
kariselleheart #5
Chapter 10: i need you to write me in so i can fight minjeong's mom 👊
monsalaimx #6
Chapter 10: finally they got back together im soo happy and let me handle miyeon i can fix her
Oh gosh she's had such a terrible life and she's told no one about it T_T
icantreact #8
Chapter 9: Poor Minjeong.. Everything that is happening is too suffocating for her..
Jinja_ninja #9
Chapter 9: Minjeongs mother is a disgusting woman.